Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Stephen Harper and the Foreign Workers Scam

The other day I wrote that the foreign workers scandal had given us a mighty weapon to use to destroy the Con regime.

For as you know Stephen Harper likes to boast about the number of jobs he has created.

But from now on he'll have to tell that one to his pet pig eh?

For now we know who got those jobs and it's just a SCAM...

And as more people become aware of how many jobs the Harper gang have created for FOREIGNERS, in a country full of unemployed CANADIANS, nothing will save the Con regime.

And Great Economist Buffoon Leader knows that. Because now he's trying to blame the NDP.

And so is his flunkey monkey Jason Kenney.

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney’s office has released half a dozen letters New Democrats have sent the department on behalf of constituents who appear to have been rejected for visas under the temporary foreign worker program, ranging from asking Kenney to grant a work permit that was rejected to seeking clarity on the visa granting process.

But it only makes the Cons look even more desperate, and it won't work.

Because the list of foreign workers they brought in is just too long...

The reason it's so long is because the Cons allowed our sellout businesses to pay them 15% less than Canadians.

And when they claim the only reason they expanded the program was because of labour shortages, now we can call them liars. Again.

The case for job shortages in Canada became thinner Tuesday with the most recent data showing vacancies actually fell to 200,000 at the start of the year, meaning there were 6.5 unemployed workers chasing each opening.

The fresh data is just the latest indicator that seems to undercut government and business arguments that Canada is facing a serious skills and labour shortage.

Now they'll have to explain why they destroyed so many good jobs with the Dutch Disease. Why they are killing tens of thousands of other good jobs in government, and why they gave so many jobs to foreigners.

While trying to portray more than a MILLION unemployed Canadians as too stupid and too lazy to work. Making them feel useless in their own country. Forced to look on helplessly, as they allowed others to steal the food off their tables...

And for what? So the Cons could drive down wages, bust unions, and sell us out to foreign interests.

Oh boy. If that doesn't cause Canadians to rise up and demand an end to the Con regime, nothing will.

But of course if it's going to have maximum effect, the campaign to hang this anchor around the necks of the drowning Cons, must begin right away.

The parties must put out attack ads, but we must ALL help spread the message.

We must talk to our neighbours. We must start internet campaigns. We must put up posters. We must make videos. We must sow the wind, and make the Con regime reap the whirlwind...

For we will never have a better chance to make so many Canadians hate the Cons, with every bone in their bodies.

Can't you just hear them now eh?

They posed as patriots while selling us out to foreign interests.

They betrayed our country and its suffering people.

Save our jobs for Canadians.

Outsource the Cons...

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Anonymous said...

CSIS did warn of China's huge invasion into Canada. BC was specifically mentioned, Gordon Campbell had already given, our resources to Communist China. Campbell worked for Harper and, still does to this very day. Harper rewarded Campbell the post of, High Commissioner to England, for doing his dirty work for him. Harper was drooling at the mouth for the HST, from BC. Even though the BC citizens said no to the HST, Campbell forced it on the BC citizens anyway.

Harper's Omnibull-S-Bill, gave Red Chins the right to sue any Canadians, blocking China's invasion into Canada. Therefore, China sued in BC to take the BC mining jobs. 300 BC miners applied for, the 200 mine jobs, Harper outsourced to Red China. Rumor has it? There are 2000 more Chinese miners, on their way. There are nine mines and, mine expansions, going into Northern BC. Wonder who, Harper will outsource those jobs to? Chinese resource workers earn, $800 per month.

Same at the tar sands. Harper is outsourcing those jobs, also to Communist China. Harper is planning China, in the rich resources of the High Arctic. Wonder who Harper, will outsource those jobs to.

IT jobs have been outsourced to cheap foreign workers. RBC fired Canadians to hire, cheap East Indian bank workers.

More and more corrupt outsourcing of jobs by Harper's permission, are showing up.

How can anyone with, decency, morals and ethics, support a monster such as Harper? It beats the hell out of me.

Anonymous said...

It's become a cultural thing about how much you make for how little and how quickly. Nobody wants to stand there and serve somebody feeling like shit with no respect. And when we won't even pick our own food. Don't get me started.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget in some cases these people's wages are garnished by the company that recruited them and all the banks are shareholders in them. There having at it from both ends. Time to cut them off and stare them in the face.