Friday, April 19, 2013

Stephen Harper's Attack Ads Backfire Badly

Oh dear. It looks as if Stephen Harper's attempt to screw Justin Trudeau has backfired badly.

He was hoping to stick a few pins into Justin's dolly.

But instead he finds himself pulling them out of his own
large behind.

A poll conducted by EKOS between Wednesday and Friday of this week found that 84 per cent of respondents found the ads were negative and 71 per cent said the ads didn’t affect their view of Trudeau.

Among those who said the ads did affect their view of the new Liberal leader, 16 per cent said it improved their view of him while only 9 per cent said it had the negative impact the Conservatives had intended.

So much for the Great Con Attack Machine. The one the eats itself.

“Moreover, the global emotional impact on most viewers was very harsh. The ads appear to have done far more damage to the authors of the ads (the Conservative party) than the intended target.”

Among the phrases respondents used the most often to describe the ads were “disgusting,” “vicious,” “unfair,” “amusing” and “stupid.”

For this must be a devastating blow for a party whose polls are heading south, and a leader who still doesn't get it eh?

When people really hate you, as so many hate Stephen Harper, it doesn't really matter what you say, it all sounds bad. And when you attack others, like so many others would like to attack you, it only makes them hate you more. Duh.

Or the shorter version: what worked when the Con regime was young and almost fresh, doesn't work when it's old and rotting. And so many are so tired of this neverending freak show.

And Great Ugly's pervert games.

Golly. I wonder what that ridiculous old flasher is saying now?

And what is Justin saying?

And what am I saying?

What Chantal Hebert said. 

At this juncture an overwhelming majority of Canadians — around 70 per cent — agree as to the prime minister that they do not want, even if it means replacing Harper with an untested Liberal leader or an untried federal NDP.

Canadians prefer the NDP, the Liberals or ANYONE but  Harper.

And this too...

Harper’s predicament is more akin to a multiplication of slow leaks than a major puncture. That could make it harder to fix.

The air is leaking out of the bully.


OMG. I think I can hear Great Ugly now: "Kenney !!!! Kenney !!!! Get down there and BLOW !!@#!!!"

And its so horrible, and yet so BEAUTIFUL. Especially since Harper was trying to soften his image, and he can forget about that now.

Oh well. If you want an even more profound comment, ask me later eh?

Just not on a Friday night.

And not when I'm laughing like old Bobby...

Although I think I can manage this. *Gasp*

When a government, like a fish, rots from the head down it's stinky.

But when it rots from both ends it's worse, and sooner or later it's OVER.

Yup. Enjoy the freak show. First we laugh at them. Then we hit them with OUR attack ads.

And then we DESTROY them...

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Anonymous said...

Simon, I took that poll and I made sure that the pollsters knew exactly what I thought about the Harper Government™ and their dirty disgusting attack ads.
I was so happy to actually voice my opinion about the Cons and Harper that I wish I could fill out a poll like this every day until we can say he is finally gone.

Scott in Montreal said...

Putting it all together: who says the next election will take place at the scheduled time? Since Peevey Stevie himself made that law setting election dates at prescribed times, he has done nothing but break it. Why do we all assume he will suddenly honour it THIS time? Look out. Justin is our Lion King. Cons be afraid. Be very afraid.

Simon said...

hi anonymous...Oh EXCELLENT good for you. Well done. Although of course, I'm extremely envious. Why don't these pollsters ever call me !#@!!
But seriously I'm surprised to see that so many progressives still tremble at the very mention of the Con Attack Machine. They say but... but... but know what they did to Dion and Ignatieff. But they forget that was before Canadians became really tired of Harper and his decaying government. Or that when someone scummy tries to slime somebody else, they only look more scummy. Justin may yet defeat himself, but the Cons can only hurt themselves...

Simon said...

hi Scott...I wouldn't be surprised if we have an election much earlier than most people expect. Harper knows that the more time moves on, the more tired his ghastly government will look. So I fully expect him to find some polarizing situation, and then declare he must go to the people. My guess it will be over Quebec or the death penalty. Which is why I believe that Harper and his gang of criminals and traitors must be attacked harder than they ever have been before....

Anonymous said...

Timely video you may want to post on your blog:

Anonymous said...

You always seem to relish in showing poor stevie harper in the most outre and grotesque images that you can get your mangy little mitts on. He always looks so anthropomorphic and subhuman and pathetic in your blog tidbits when you address his foibles.
MY COMPLIMENTS TO THE CHEF!!! :-) See if you can find a more natural one of him with his head poking out of his own asshole. That's always been a big favorite of the guys here at the lodge! Cheers!

Simon said...

hi anonymous...thanks very nice video. A reminder of what our country once was, and must become again...

Simon said...

hi anonymous... As a chef (short order cook) your wishes are my commands. I don't have a picture of Stephen Harper emerging from his own derriere. Only one of Jason Kenney emerging from that orifice. But I shall start working on one immediately... :)