Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Rehtaeh Parsons and the Ghastly Bully Cons

It looks as if poor Rehtaeh Parsons is about to do what no dead bullied Canadian kid has ever managed to do before.

Get Stephen Harper and his Con regime to do something about bullying.

The federal government wants to expedite a review of “gaps” in the Criminal Code and introduce legislative reforms to address cyber-bullying, as the grieving parents of Rehtaeh Parsons told the prime minister Tuesday they felt “helpless” to save their daughter.

And I wish I could celebrate, for I have waited so long for somebody to do something. And there have been so many dead kids. But I can't. Because this Con plan is not just flawed it's MONSTROUS.

Flawed because simply criminalizing cyber-bullying isn't enough to solve the problem. And monstrous because the Cons are deliberately ignoring all other forms of bullying. And trivializing them by calling it youthful " misbehaving."

“The prime minister made it clear (to the family) there is a point where bullying goes beyond youth misbehaving and becomes criminal activity,” Nicholson told reporters in Ottawa. “We need to put a stop to cyber-bullying.”

Even though that "misbehaving" has killed so many kids.

Like Mitchell Wilson...

Who was bullied to death the old fashioned way.

But then why should we be surprised eh? When the Cons are bullies themselves.

Negative messaging attacks character and in that sense, it’s pure bullying. Nobody reading this needs to be reminded how bullying has become a toxic factor in society or how well it works in media. And it isn’t just for kids.

I’d argue that political attack ads, like those launched by the Conservatives against Trudeau, constitute a form of cyber-bullying. They’re aimed at a visible target like Trudeau, but they go way beyond that. The real target, or victim if you will, is the broader audience.

They recently killed plans for a National Anti-Bullying Strategy. They won't help bullied kids with national programs and ads like the Quebec government is doing.

And why? Because they don't want to offend their rabid religious base, who reserve the right to keep bullying gay kids.

And the Cons can't do enough to pleasure those Christianist bigots.

The Harper government has awarded over $20 million of its infrastructure funding to Christian colleges and universities since the launch of the Knowledge Infrastructure Program in 2009. Some of the schools receiving federal infrastructure funds prohibit things like homosexual relationships, based on the educational institution's moral code or religious teachings.

Great eh? They have all that money for all kinds of religious groups, but not a dollar to help their victims. They're spending millions on an Office of Religious Freedom, but doing nothing to protect us from the religious fanatics.

Is this still a government or some kind of weird religious cult?

And is this the Bully-in-Chief or what?

Because if you really want to get an idea of how little Harper cares about bullying, and how sensitive the subject is, you just have to notice what he DIDN'T do today.

The meeting with Rehtaeh's parents was private. There were no pictures. There was no mention of the meeting on the Prime Minister's web page. No mention of the word bullying, even on his chirpy Twitter feed.

He'd rather keep this one under the radar raincoat eh?

Rather his rabid base didn't know...

But of course we do know. What he did, and what he didn't do. And we will remember.

For Rehtaeh and all the other dead kids.

And all the others him and his bully Cons forgot...

Or are letting die from despair...

My God. They are ANIMALS.

Defeat those cruel Cons, and their crazed leader.

For the sake of Canada. For the sake of human decency.

Get those ghastly bullies out of here...

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thebanana said...

I also find it sad that Rehtaeh's parents are being used for political purposes by the Harpercons.

Anonymous said...

There will be no end to "bullying". Canadians need to be tougher and this type of thing just helps cut the wheat from the chaff. Now if we could only get the new version of the bible in which jesus is portrayed as a tough, warrior type guy that the 'murkans have just re-written we'd be able to compete on the world stage with other democracies like mexico where law and order abides and india where gang raping women to death is the new national pastime and get some fucking good semi-auto pistols up here like the Smith & Wesson/Walther 10 mm or the Sig-Sauer 9 mm like they have down south! Just ask tough guys like harper and baird and brazeau! They'll set your sniveling ass straight!

Anonymous said...

Hand out the guns and let the beggettin begin. No wait innocent non religious people will get caught in the crossfire. Time for these religious toughs to get a grip on something other than a gun or a bible.