Thursday, April 04, 2013

Justin Trudeau and the Con Attack Machine

Holy Voodoo Batman. I see Great Ugly Leader is getting ready to go after Justin Trudeau.

Hoping to pin his doll on the Trophy Board of Dead Liberal Leaders he keeps in his bedroom.

To inspire arouse him when he rises in the morning.

And so determined is the monster to add Justin to his collection, he has already announced plans to destroy him with his mighty Attack Machine !!! 

The Harper Conservatives have not bothered to wait for the apparent formality of Justin Trudeau’s election as the next leader of the Liberal Party – an attack ad campaign is in the can already, claiming that Mr. Trudeau is “not ready” to govern.

Sources say the Tory campaign will start almost immediately after the Liberal leadership results are announced on April 14, in an effort to define the new leader in the eyes of voters.

Which is a new record.

For the ghastly gang who brought us these grotesque attack ads...

So why am I laughing not trembling? Answer: because I don't think they will work this time.

Firstly, because we've seen them all before, and the Porky Action Plan ads have made any ads the Cons air look like propaganda or bullshit. So their impact will be blunted, or backfire on them. Especially since the many seniors who support Justin don't like that kind of stuff. 

Secondly, younger Canadians won't like the "not ready to govern" tag line because it sounds a lot like he's saying they're unfit to be in government. Or that it isn't time for a change.

Which coming from a burned out, morally corrupt, scandal ridden government like the Harper Cons probably won't work either....

And thirdly the Con attacks probably won't work, because Justin Trudeau has, at this point at least, the Teflon coating that Harper once had. Being a complex mixture of hope and nostalgia it will be hard to dent.

And as the Teflon peels off Harper, and the bandages fall off his mummified government, the Cons are the ones who should fear OUR attack ads.

For where will we start eh? With the way they are corrupting our democracy, and making a mockery out of our Parliament? With the way they lie all the time? Or the way they are raping our environment, and selling us out to foreign interests? With Duffy or Wallin or Brazeau? Or the way they are going after pensions, union rights, the poor, and the unemployed?

Or this being Thursday in Harperland, how about the horrifying story of a muzzled scientist? 

For there are so many horror stories. Never has a government given us so much ammunition to use against them. And we will use it all to hit them where it HURTS.

I mean, if we can't make the Con regime look like the Mummy Army, or the Creatures of the Black Oily Lagoon, there must be something wrong with us eh?

Oh sure, I realize that many progressives, including Justin, say they don't want to go negative. But like Warren Kinsella I believe that's a mistake.

It’s not “negative” to tell the truth about your opponent, as he or she is seeking high public office. Telling the truth about their public record — their votes, their quotes, their expenditures and missteps — isn’t “negative.” In a democracy, it’s the right and proper thing to do.

A mistake that will be corrected as the stakes become higher, and the Cons more ugly and desperate.

And in the meantime, I'm glad to see that some in The Great Canadian Resistance are already firing away...

Shit Harper Did. Isn't that a great name?

For goodness knows the Harper Cons have pooped a pile as high as Mount Everest.

So if the Con Attack Machine wants a war I say we give them one. Flood the internet with our ads, and bury them in their own garbage.

As for me, I'll try to play my humble part. Despite my limited equipment and even more depressing lack of talent #@!!!

But one thing is for sure eh? Never will I have more material.

Never will I have a better target.

And in the service of my beautiful Canada, the one I want back.

Never will I have so much FUN...

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  1. Anonymous4:12 AM

    Have you seen the murdoch mysteries where mulcair saves may from haper at the railway tracks . Or Justin cuts off the cons at the bar at the request of the women while Cullen tells toes he's gonna run his crap possy out of town

    1. Anonymous7:17 AM

      Have YOU seen the clip of how the americans treated Saddam's brother-in-law? Truly inspirational! I think fondly of how things should go for harper when we finally get rid of this regime here.

    2. hi anonymous...I've never watched Murdoch's Mysteries since I learned that it was Harper's favourite program, and he appeared on it. However, if the plot line is as good as you say it is I may have to rethink my position... ;)

    3. hi I have not seen the clip of how the Americans treated Saddam's brother-in-law, and I shudder to think what it could be. But I don't want anything violent to happen to Harper. I would be satisfied by him being defeated, put on trial, and if found guilty sentenced to running backwards around the Fraser Institute forty times a day... :)

  2. Anonymous4:33 AM

    Don't give up you make my day every day .
    I found this site 4 months ago it's changed my life
    Some commenters here I see elsewhere and there definitely smarter than me and I look forward to that to
    If you take a holiday I'm gonna check out the old stuff

    1. hi anonymous...thank you for that sweet comment. I certainly don't intend to give up at least until the Cons are removed from power. I'm interested in doing other things, and I'm trying to write a play. But until the Cons are gone I'm committed to this blog...

  3. Anonymous6:54 AM

    I know it's just another poll but it should have Liberals smiling.

    The numbers show 33% of respondents would vote for the Liberal Party under outgoing leader Bob Rae, compared to 29% for Stephen Harper’s Conservatives. The Official Opposition NDP garners 25% support, while the Greens trail far behind at 6%.

    While those figures would lead to an election that’s too close to call, the results change significantly when respondents are asked to picture Trudeau as the leader of the Liberals. Under such a (virtually certain) scenario, the Liberals win 40% support to the Conservatives 28%.

    The poll also found the Prime Minister’s personal popularity is anemic, with Harper measuring a dismal -30 favourable rating (approval rating minus disapproval.)

    Have a good one

    1. hi Ted...yes I saw that poll and I must say I'm surprised at how popular the Liberals seem to be. As you know I try to stay away from taking sides in the Liberal/NDP contest, so I can urge both sides to work together. But any poll that has Harper not leading is good news indeed...

  4. Anonymous8:02 AM

    Being honest isn't going negative. Us just plain folks who have been paying attention can fill the negativity gap against Harper. I will help and I am not even a liberal.

    1. hi my view it's impossible not to go negative against the Harper Cons. Even a dispassionate list of what they have done to Canada must by necessity be negative. Maybe it's too soon to launch an all-out offensive, but ruling attacks ads out altogether would be a serious mistake....

  5. stephen harper's twitter feed continues to try to humanize that towering burlap sack of rancid pork.

    The latest series of pictures feature harper masturbating as he gets up. Masturbating in the back of his limo while staring at pedestrians at a crosswalk. Masturbating in the House of Commons. Then him, Peter MacKay, Jimbo Flaherty, John Baird, Tony Clement and Jason Kenny in a circle jerk in the PMO.

    The thing is, they're all so consumed with self-loathing that neither harper or any of the others, are capable of an erection. The last picture is harper curled up and weeping, his tiny penis bright red from friction.

    That's what I've heard anyhow.

    1. hi thwap...well thanks for the warning, I think I can solemnly declare that I will not be going anywhere near Great Leader's twitter feed until this debauchery is over. I may actually have nightmares about what you just wrote. ;)
      But one thing is for sure, they are trying to humanize his image, and all I can say is good luck...

  6. Actually I look forward to the Tories revealing the real Justin Trudeau. I'm not a Tory, I'm a dipper, but I find Trudeaumania sicking, New Democracts work thier butts off being the best official opposition in generations and instead of fairly being rewarded for it, we have to deal with a celebrity obsession over an MP who has no qualifications, no ideas, has not once proposed a private members bill, who supported the Harper Government through the minority years, who flip flopped on gun registration, who insulted an intire province, who has come out in support of Chinese Sate nationizing our resources, who thinks pratt falls are fun at parties, who couldn't keep a serious job, who never watched the news because he figured if something important happened someone would tell him.

    This is like watching the Simpson Episode where Homer (Justin) gets elected the garbage commisioner over someone qualified (Mulcair) and they have have to move the town at the end.

    I mean seriously Mulcair's qualications and experience are pages long, he's been fighting for sustainable development, people on EI to be treated like human beings, students when he proposed increasing education transferes to the provinces, defended seniors penisions, and so much more.

    What was Justin doing during this? Lining his pockets! He was on a speaking tour making over 200,000 not including limo rides, while collecting a 157,000 dollar pay check that he wasn't going to aka being an MP. He drained thousands of dollars from education and charities for speaking which almost no other MP charges for. He's a corrupt, spoiled brat, who has never had to work at anything, because every door since day one has been opened for him by his money and family connections.

    This man leading the country would be as bad or worse then Harper.

    If Trudeau and Harper destroy each other our country will be the richer for it.

    I like your blog Simon, but if you insist on defending Justin I must remind you of the old adage, if you lie down with dogs, you wake up with flees.

    1. hi Ryan...I am not defending Justin Trudeau, if and when he becomes leader he will have to defend himself. I can also understand the frustration of the NDP, for all the reasons you mention. But again that will be fought out between Mulcair and Trudeau if Justin becomes leader. My only interest is seeing Harper defeated and removed from power. And the point of this post was simply to let the Cons know that if they think they can bully any of their opponents with their hideous attack ads, they should forget about it, because they are the ones who deserve to get hammered. For as you know, I loathe and despise bullies more than anything else in the world...

  7. I'm no fan of Trudeau, who really is an upper-class twit and not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but attack ads demean politics itself and reflect poorly on the attackers.

    By the way Simon, have you seen this medieval outrage from the Great Republic to the South?

    1. hi lagatta... I am not campaigning for Justin, just merely telling the Cons to go jump in the lake, because their crummy attack ads won't work this time. I am withholding my judgement of Justin until I see how he performs in the House of Commons, which I think is only fair. And if Olivia Chow runs again in my riding, I will vote for her again. But what I do want to see is both Liberals and NDPers focused on attacking the Harperites, and not themselves.
      And yes I have seen what's happening in Virginia, and it's almost unbelievable if it wasn't the U.S., where barbarity and religious fanaticism still rule. The good news is the trend is now irreversible and those bigots are fighting a losing battle...

  8. Anonymous11:03 AM

    The "Fight for the Cure: Trudeau vs Brazeau" turns out to be a fantastic advantage for Trudeau. How are the cons going to turn that one around? Brazeau underestimated Trudeau and ended up defeated, bloodied and bruised. Justin might be on the skinny side but he had the advantage of reach. That's all important in branding too. Justin inherited the "Trudeau" brand and he's put his own style on it too.

    Simon, you're a photoshop guy, put the bare knuckled MPP from Papineau in the halls of the House.

    Going negative? Hit 'em hard Justin. You can do it without hitting below the belt.


    ps Don't forget this debate performance by Justin's dad in 1967. "There's no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation."

    1. hi anonymous....I don't think I'll ever forget that boxing match, or the look on Ezra Levant's face. And I hope Justin can be just as aggressive if or when he becomes Liberal leader. For as I keep repeating at this stage I don't care who throws the knockout punch, as long as Harper and his Cons end up on the canvas, or are forced to throw in the towel...

  9. Anonymous12:44 PM

    I, at one time, had hoped that Justin Trudeau would have the substance to be a leader but sadly it is he himself who has provided the fodder for the Conservative attack ads which may be no more than mini documentaries about the immature Justin Trudeau. I am very disappointed in Justin. His ambivalence towards policy is either naive or arrogant. Justin seems to assume that most Canadians are shallow minded or just plain stupid. Stephen Harper has won the confidence of so many Canadians because his core message is 'it's all about the economy' which resonates among those who care enough about our country to vote. I do not feel confident that Justin Trudeau could engage in intimate talks with other world leaders about complex economic issues. Harper can. For a hopefully short period of time, the LPC has been hijacked by a group of people who have indulged in fantasies about what Justin Trudeau is, what he is capable of doing, and what Canadians expect from the leader of a major political party. So, if Justin wins the leadership next week, the LPC may nosedive into 4th place status in the House in 2015. I hope I'm wrong but like many former LPC members, I wait and watch and will put Justin as my 6th place choice on the ballot. He has made a fool of the party before the show has even started and it will get worse as we watch him stumble around in Parliament over the coming months. Can he debate Harper in the House? Shit no. I don't like the fact that airhead Liberals have hung the party out to dry but it's a phase that apparently is unavoidable - unless someone else surprisingly wins the leadership race.

    1. hi I mentioned above, I did not write this post to promote Justin Trudeau. I wrote it to let people know what I think about the Harper bullies. And point out that people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. I don't agree with quite a few things Justin has said, but I think it's only fair that he should be given a chance to show what he can do. I am to the left of the NDP, so I'm naturally more attracted to them. But as I said I'm willing to withhold my judgement of Justin until I see him in action in the House of Commons. I want to be as non-partisan as possible, so I can help focus attention on the crimes of the Harper Cons, and be of use to both parties if they decide to work together and eventually merge.
      For unless the NDP or the Liberals can defeat the Cons in the next election I consider that option all but inevitable...

  10. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Really? Where is Harper's Economic Action Plan then? Where is Harper's Job Action Plan? Harper's Economy Plan is, giving Canada and the resources to Communist China. Harper's Job Action is, giving the resource jobs to China as well. Harper may have plans, they are just not for Canadians.

    Harper does not govern, he dictates. Harper looks after Harper, and to hell with the people. How can anyone with, self respect, morals and ethics, support a monster such as Harper?

    The NDP, Liberals nor the Greens, would ever give this country to Communist China.

    My @$$ the core of Harper's message is the economy. Harper's economy is for, whatever benefits Harper.

    1. Anonymous12:48 PM

      all you guys are just a bunch of communists. why do you not admit it instead of pretending to be liberal or n.d.p.why not merge your parties and call it the communist party?