Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Deplorable Day of the Con Monkeys

Well one thing is for sure eh?

You can't let our Con monkeys run wild, or they WILL get into trouble.

Make absolute fools out of themselves, and embarrass us all.

Like Joe Oliver did today. 

Canadian Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver slammed a prominent United States climate scientist Wednesday for comments made about oil sands and the Keystone XL pipeline.

Oliver said former NASA climate scientist James Hansen “should be ashamed” for saying that developing oil sands would be “game over for the climate.” Oliver told reporters that Hansen’s comments on Keystone amounted to “crying wolf.”

Even though James Hansen is a distinguished scientist, and Joe Oliver is an absurd oil pimp and a climate change denier.

But then he's clearly desperate eh? Just like his monkey leader.

For look what HE was doing today.

The letter attached says that Tory MPs can sign off and allow the Conservative Research Group to handle mailing out the so-called “10 per center” on their behalf. The cost to send to 40,000 households is about $175 out of each MPs’ budget. (That is to say, $175 ultimately drawn on the taxpayer-funded exchequer. But, really, at this point, who’s counting?)

Handing out hate mail paid for with OUR money.

On a day when even Jonathan Kay was praising Justin Trudeau for getting the job done.

The Liberals have released their new Justin Trudeau ad. It’s not fancy or surprising. But it gets the job done.

And for standing up for teachers.

Canadian parents generally have positive associations with their teachers — both the ones they had as children, and the ones who now teach their children and grandchildren. Indeed, the most bone-headed aspect of last week’s failed Tory attack ads was the snide allusion to Trudeau’s having been a “drama teacher” — as if this were some bozo avocation, on par with rodeo clown or door-to-door mop salesman.

Who the Con bozos smeared, even though Great Buffoon Leader's only real job experience was working in the mail room of Imperial Oil. And the only reason he got that job was because his daddy worked there.

And as if that wasn't bad enough, then there was Peter MacKay. Flinging his poo at the NDP, only to be buried by the return fire.

The NDP turned the patriotic tables against Defence Minister Peter MacKay Wednesday by releasing details about the times while in opposition MacKay voted against increased military spending.

And then running for cover, without ever explaining why he doesn't support  our troops.

MacKay never did answer NDP questions about why Canadian soldiers in the northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif were receiving less danger pay than those soldiers in Kabul.

But not before invoking the spirit of Vimy Ridge.

Oh boy. And what more can I say about those Con apes eh?

Except that I understand that the other Justin's monkey is lonely in Germany.

And wouldn't it be nice if we could find him a furry friend?

Yup. Put a diaper on the Monkey-in-Chief.

Defeat them, cage them.

Send those Con apes back to the right-wing jungle, or the IKEA store, they escaped from.

Before they soil us further...

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Anonymous said...

If I receive one of those 10 per center mailings in my house, it will be a "Charmin" moment that will be mailed right back to them.