Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Kathy Shittle's Stinky Homophobic Dump

I try to stay away from Kathy Shittle's blog as much as I can. Because my mum told me never to use a stinky public toilet unless I absolutely have to.

So I don't catch something nasty....like homophobic syphilis.

And my mum was right eh? Because after La Shittle blasted that one out of her piehole....or her asshole...they must have had to evacuate the neighbourhood. The stench is just so ghastly.The foamy hatred so TOXIC.

You know once I thought Shittle was just horrible.

But now I think she's REALLY going off the deep end.

And I'm tormented by this recurring nightmare. My car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. I check into this seedy dump....the
Bates Levant Motel.

And just when I'm having a shower, Shittle pops out of the toilet and comes running at me with a screwdriver !!!!

Screeching like Daffy Duck: " WIS IS WHY PWEOPLE HATE YOU!!!!!



Which of course is better than adding a screwdriver to her gun collection eh? Or trying to portray the gay community as homicidal maniacs.

But still totally SCARY.

Oh well. The good thing about homophobic shite is that it eventually finds its way into the sewer.

Where it BELONGS...

Gawd. What a stinky blogger.

What a poopy BIGOT...


h/t Enormous Thriving Plants.


  1. Anonymous2:23 AM

    I've decided to ignore her. It's not like the gay community gives a shit about some crazy control freak church lady anyway.

    She's a waste of time, and the more attention we pay to her, the more time is wasted. She's a sick, bitter little woman desperate for attention and I won't give it to her.

  2. Hi Bruce....yes you're probably right...as usual. On the other hand I found that post so bizarre and violent, and since she doesn't allow comments, I thought I'd let her know how I feel.
    Besides I never would have known what she had written if Enormous Thriving Plants hadn't dredged it up.
    So I blame Audrey.... :)

  3. She is unfortinately one of those turds that never flushes and always floats back to the surface,...

    It's no surprise that she doesn't even get along woth her own family because of political differences. Yup, for Kathy, the politics of polemic hatred is more important than family,... says a lot about her Rightwing Family Values, or complete lack there of,...

  4. Hi scubaq...as I told Bruce I don't follow her blog that closely.
    There's enough hate in this world without adding more to my diet.
    But from what I've seen she does have some talent as a blogger, it's too bad she has to be so nasty...

  5. Never heard of her until I read her comment...more bile-icious spew from what seems to be another whiny self congratulatory, self-adulating, self-called writer/blogger/author/artist/...ah, who gives a flying fig about this fucktard. She needs to spread her shit around so others will smell it...gives her the attention she needs or she wouldn't be posting it.

  6. Hi Erico...you haven't missed anything. As I explained to Bruce I never go to her blog. It's so racist and full of hate I think I would become ill if I read it too much.
    Sadly she is quite popular, but being popular for writing that kind of bitter violent shite is nothing to be proud of...