Monday, May 06, 2019

Why Andrew Scheer Will Never Have A Climate Plan

It's been about a week since Andrew Scheer shocked many Canadians by announcing that he now believes that climate change is a real problem.

For obvious reasons. 

A few more inches of rain and he might have been floating down a river with so many others in Ontario and Quebec.

But if you remember, he never said what he might do to fight climate change.

But the Con climate change deniers have no reason to worry, for as Matt Gurney points out, Scheer almost certainly believes that he doesn't have to do ANYTHING. 

This may put me offside with some of my learned columnist colleagues, but I’m not convinced Andrew Scheer has to do anything more on the issue of climate change than say, “It is bad, and we’ll find a way to do our part.”

He won’t win many friends on op-ed pages or on social media with that kind of attitude, but he doesn’t need them in order to win this fall. He just needs to win over, you know, voters.

For according to at least one recent poll those voters have other priorities:

Abacus recently published numbers showing that 27 per cent of voters are “extremely” worried about climate change. Another 56 per cent of Canadians are “very” or “quite” worried. This is a super-majority of voters: 83 per cent. But only 12 per cent of Canadians identified it as their top issue—more than half of the people who are “extremely” worried are still more worried about something else.

Stop and think about that for a moment: Four out of five Canadians are worried about something that could radically alter life as we know it, but seven in 10 still pick something else as their number one issue!

That's why we can't have nice things like more electric cars, or a climate emergency plan. In Canada too many of us are too greedy, and love our monster trucks.

And worse, Gurney believes there are enough of those kind of Canadians to win Scheer a majority.

If the Tories can beat the weakened Liberals on concern over a rising cost of living, on housing affordability, on income inequality, they don’t need much of a carbon plan to start assembling a workable voter coalition that delivers a majority government—which polls show they’re already in striking distance of, anyway.

And all I can say is, let's hope those Con supporters who in the name of short term greed would sacrifice the future of their own children, will wake up before it's too late.

Humans are transforming Earth’s natural landscapes so dramatically that as many as one million plant and animal species are now at risk of extinction, posing a dire threat to ecosystems that people all over the world depend on for their survival, a sweeping new United Nations assessment has concluded.

And thank goodness for Justin Trudeau...

The Liberals will have to hit the Cons a lot harder than they do in that video if they are to make an impression. But it's a start.

I still believe that climate change will be the main issue of the election.

And that Trudeau is the only leader who can defeat Scheer and his ghastly gang of planet burners, help save our country, our future.

And our precious planet... 


  1. Anonymous11:40 AM

    What is the Liberal plan? Oh right, adopt the next to useless targets of the Harper government that they criticized when in Opposition, be nowhere on track to meet them, all the while lying about how it's no longer free to pollute in Canada.

    Liberal/Tory same old story. Voting Green in October.

    1. Hi anon....the Greens are a mostly nice group of people, apart from their very conservative economic policies, and the fact that according to a recent Abacus poll they are considerably more racist than the Liberals. I bet you didn't know that, but then I'm not surprised when you think they have done and are doing so much more to fight climate change than the Harper Cons. And then of course there's that other big problem, in our present configuration a vote for the Greens amounts to a vote for the Cons. But then since the Cons have been spreading the same message you have word for word, you are almost certainly a Con yourself, trying to split the progressive vote. Tell Hamish Marshall to give you an extra quarter...

  2. And therefore the dilemma for JT as the 30% that put Climate Change as the number one priority see no difference between the Cons and the Libs.
    Harper didn't buy a 4.5 Billion, bitumen pipeline with plans to double the output, JT did.
    Which to this day makes no sense. There was no potential for more Lib seats in Alberta and certainly more seats to loose in BC.
    It will take a lot more than "we have a plan" to get votes for either party if they continue to support the Tar Sands.

    1. Helping Notley was one reason. PTSD, Pierre Trudeau Stress Disorder over the NEP is the bigger one. He felt he had to distinguish himself from his father, to "govern for all of Canada" and "make nice with Alberta." And then the bastard Kenney brings up the old wounds anyway just to spite him. Canada and the US are held hostage by the extraction industries. Look what happened to Clinton with the coal miners. He can't just pump the accelerator and go full AOC with a New Green Deal or there'd be riots. Justin tries so hard to thread the needle and reach a compromise -- one that's endorsed by Nobel-winning scientists ("elitist eggheads" in the Ford/Trump populist parlance) as the most politically palatable -- but ends up being battered for it by absolutists no matter what. Once again we're back to Yeats' axiom about things falling apart when the center cannot hold.

    2. Hi ffibs....Trudeau bought the existing pipeline to try to get Alberta to do it's part to reduce emissions as part of a plan to green the whole of Canada, and try to douse the separatist fires that a prime minister must do. Trudeau has done a lot of things to reduce this country's carbon footprint which is something Harper didn't do. The twinned pipeline may never be built now that Kenney has taken over, and in the meantime the existing pipeline is making about a million dollars a day for the government so it's worth considerably less than 4.5 billion it cost to buy. The Liberals stand for a lot more than the fight against climate change, racism,misogyny, and homophobia are problems that they have done more to fight than any other government in Canadian history. Finally, you are free to vote for any other party you like, but be under no illusions that at a time when fascism is sweeping across the world, you will be voting for the Cons and allowing them to torch the planet and our values with impunity...

    3. Mr. Trudeau bought the existing pipeline because he believes what he preaches. There is an unbreakable link between economics and the environment. The key to fighting climate change is to find the balance between the two. Go too far in either direction and things will go off the rails.

      The beauty of the approach is the balance point will shift towards fighting climate change as time goes on. All a government has to do is stay on the balance point and the fight against climate change will gain its own momentum.

      Go off balance in either direction and that momentum will stall.

  3. Trudeau derangement syndrome is a helluva drug that supersedes concern for the planet. So much so that, I went to Instagram just to look at some of Sophie's cute family pictures and there was some asshole in the comments who called Hadrien a homophobic slur. A reminder: he is FIVE YEARS OLD. Others were calling for Sophie and Ella-Grace to be raped. There's some photos of Xavier at his hockey games and the abusers were saying they hope he gets a concussion. What does this have to do with DPAs or carbon taxes? Nothing. It's pure hate. The more I see of people these days, the more I'm convinced we are a virus that Mother Nature would do well to expel. Yet the hatemongers have the nerve to complain that Justin is wasting money on extra security, and victim-blame him for why their vile reactions are all his fault.

    This man has been an absolute obsession of the Cons and their tabloid-stalker media operatives for more than a decade. They and their Kochtopus financiers never got over the fact that he defeated the oily fat cat Herrball Harper fair and square. His family arouses ire like no other political family in Canada. Not the Mulroneys, the truly criminal Fords or Paul Martin père et fils. Besides the irrational wrath that he, personally, through no fault of his own incurs among his most envious of foes, Justin Trudeau has the unfortunate burden of being unable to get out of his father's shadow, especially in lunatic-fringe Oilbertastan where Kenney opened up the wound that hurts him most: the specter of the National Energy Program. This Disney meme pretty much sums it all up. Harper is Scar the Lyin' King, and the Oil Can Cons are a pack of rabid hyenas.

    Carbon taxes brought down Stéphane Dion in 2008, but this campaign is about more than that. Again, a reminder: Michael Coren told Wendy Mesley in January that "there is a visceral hatred of this man that goes beyond politics... more than any other Liberal leader." In a Star article he called it "psychotic... a horrific zoo of attacks, even including death threats." In 2015 Trudeau's campaign mirrored Obama's. Now it can't help but be compared to Clinton's, with the daunting prospect of meeting the fate of Jimmy Carter. Note that the first thing Reagan did was to remove the solar panels from the roof of the White House. Those climate scientists acknowledged that they were up against "rich people... well invested in maintaining the status quo." They have plenty of help in doing so from a mob of selfish rubes whipped up into a frenzy by agitprop on social media and the corrupt, well-financed M$M.

    The U.S. is on fire and Trump is planning to go to war or do wherever the hell he can to cling to power. But why is he in there in the first place? Clinton derangement syndrome, at the tail end of Obama derangement syndrome. (Both aided and abetted by the fascism-enabling NYT.) If the Liberals get illegitimately cheated by the lying usurpers in October, I hope the first thing Trudeau does is get in touch with people in the Clinton camp to start comparing notes for his own version of What Happened. The next thing I hope he does (after a much-needed vacation for his own, and his family's, well-being) is skip the country, reunite with Gerry and go work on some climate-related project with Al Gore. Or just write his book and say to hell with everything, and go hang-gliding on Branson's yacht with Barack and Michelle. The pox populi would cite it as evidence that he's spoiled and out of touch but I wouldn't begrudge him in the least. He's sacrificed so much as it is, because he truly loves his country. If Canadians can't or won't see that, then it's no reflection on him, but a diagnosis of TrumpCon prion disease among the body politic. A "heated climate" of fear, which leads to hate and is the path to the dark side. Knuckle down, Canada, and may the Force be with you. And with Justin as well.

    1. Hi Jackie...Cons who smear kids like Hadrien with homophobic slurs are one of the main reasons I have dedicated my life to do everything I can to help destroy them. And Justin Trudeau must do the same. There is no escape for him either. He must work to make a better world or die trying...

  4. Its not that they are greedy or love their monster trucks, its that for most, they haven't been flooded out yet. Its something in the future, hence it can be put off for a while, in their minds.

    people are worried about a roof over their heads and food on the table. Trudeau has taken care of that nicely by increasing the Child Benefit rate 3 months prior to the election. Smart move. This will appeal to most Canadians and as long as Canadians understand this money will be taken back by the Cons and replaced with tax credits, they'll vote Liberal, or Green, or NDP. The Liberals, come election time need to advertise the hell out of this one. As some one who does have kids, I still like this because it reduces child poverty in Canada. Don't care what it costs, it helps kids and those without kids might try to remember a kid who grows up above the poverty line is going to be healthier and in better position to pay taxes to take care of you in your old age. Its growing the next generation of tax payers,

    1. That is true, but the most dire poverty is among single households. People should not be punished for not having children either; it isn't as if there is a baby shortage in the world.

      I do think there is a daunting lack of environmental consciousness. People have actually been buying more and larger cars, or worse, those fooking SUVs - I mean in cities and their toxic suburban sprawl, not in remote areas. Sure, more electric cars, but above all, more and better public transport - including innovative solutions for smaller towns. Rail rather than trucking for goods transport. And of course making walking and cycling more comfortable and safer for people of all ages.

    2. e.a.f., I'm not remotely anti-Jewish, on the contrary! But Israel has treated the original population like ... well, like other settler states have also treated Indigenous peoples. It isn't anti-Canadian to say that Canada's treatment of Indigenous people has ranged from poor to horrific.

      I certainly understand why many Jews in the postwar period supported the creation of Israel as a haven for Nazi genocide survivors, as their conditions were most precarious. (Before the war, Zionism was a minority current, and many Jews were in the forefront of progressive movements everywhere). But the horrors endured not only under the Nazis but also the Russian empire's pogroms (of Jews as well as Roma people) are not a licence to treat another people unfairly or dispossess them.

      I don't actually think Israel is going anywhere, but an equitable solution must be found.

      Yes, I know that a lot of racist scum use Israel as code for Jews everywhere. They must be denied a platform

    3. e.a.f.3:29 PM

      lagatta, rest assured I wouldn't consider people anti Jewish if they are anti benni and his policies. Don't like them one bit and was very disappointed he was re elected. I do also understand that some who are anti Jewish also took a different tact when promoting anti Jewish sentiment.

      Israel has the right to exist and so do the Palestinians. My take on benni is he's really, really a racist, besides being a thug.

    4. e.a.f.3:41 PM

      My concern regarding children, of which I have non and neither do the siblings (typing mistake earlier on) is that they are well taken care of. They can't do anything about their situation. Now that may also be true about adults, but some kids are at the mercy of every one.

      A few years ago I read a stat. about seniors in Ontario" the fastest growing group going bankrupt. Certainly its evident in B.C. the cost of housing is out stripping income for seniors. I'M SURE ITs the same in Ontario. IF seniors do not have additional income they simply can not survive on what they receive from the government. Trudeau has made changes to CPP, but seniors need help now.

      People buying big SUVs, my take on it is: people feel vulnerable and big vehicles make them feel safe. The ads for the SUVs push that. Gives the sense, you drive an SUV, you can escape natural disaster, urban issues, etc. People want to feel safe and that is what an SUV gives them. Not true, but its a good advertising strategy. Car companies don't really build "cars" as we knew them at one time. they build trucks, vans, cross overs, SUVs, and very small cars. New vehicles are much more fuel efficient than they once were, but still, the number of them keep growing and without better public transit, they actually keep people poor. If you need a vehicle to get to work, you not only have the cost of the vehicle, but repairs, car insurance, parking, etc. if you could save that money, you'd be further ahead.

  5. Anonymous5:28 PM

    Trudeau deserves to be re-elected on the basis of his battle against climate change alone. In a different country provincial leaders would be supporting him, but he is pushing forward with or without them. The Greens and the NDP have no chance of stopping Scheer so nobody should bother voting for them.

  6. Was watching a CBC or CTV panel discussion and their take on it was, Trudeau will come back with a minority government. Given when push comes to shove, the NDP has supported a minority Liberal governments, we might want to ensure those NDP MPs who are currently in office, stay there. Trudeau is going to need them. They aren't interested in a Con government either.

    As to the Greens, they have a nice Green policy, but the rest don't really think they're up to running a country yet. Don't have the experience. The official party platform isn't that "nice" when it comes to Israel. Personally not being enthralled with Benni's actions towards Palestinians, I still support Israel. My take on it is, anti Jewish groups have used the pro Palestinian groups to advance an anti Jewish platform. Its not considered PC to say anti Jewish things, but you can cloak it in anti Israeli clothing.

    1. After all the damage they've done to him, I hope they're right, and that they have enough buyer's remorse to start properly focusing on Scheer's absolute unfitness for the job. Now, the hornet's nest of Middle East foreign policy notwithstanding, as to that poll reflecting racism among the Greens, there does exist a stealth bigotry among some factions of the environmental movement masquerading as concern-trolling about "overpopulation." It's not all the small and/or big-G greens, mind you, but a measurable cohort nonetheless. They don't really care about overpopulation. They're just bothered that the "wrong types" are populating and/or emigrating to the West. Which, if that was really their concern, they would support women's advancement initiatives (like the Liberals do). Melinda Gates gave praise to Trudeau's feminist foreign policy on a recent interview with Oprah Winfrey. Family planning decreases population load overall while improving the lives of everyone in their countries -- thus making conditions livable enough that they actually tend to stay there. Some in the movement do support this, obviously, but there does exist a nasty band that just wants the "others" to dry up and go away.

  7. Anonymous6:06 PM

    Simon is right, that first comment is popping up word for word all over the Internet. So it clearly is a Con campaign to try to split the progressive vote.

  8. LOL. There is a reason why journalists are journalists and not professional political operatives. They suck at the latter job!

    So, Mr. Gurney's argument is over 80% of Canadians think climate change is a problem but only 30% believe it is their number one issue. As a result, Mr. Scheer can ignore climate change and focus on other issues.

    Right, Mr. Scheer can ignore a problem that over 80% of Canadians are concerned about and still win the next election. That would mean that a significant number of Conservative supporters would be included in that percentage but Mr. Scheer could still ignore it. OK, the opinion should not surprise anyone. Afterall, pot is now legal.

    1. Hi Ottlib....Gurney is a Postmedia drone so it's hard to determine whether he is truly shocked or was trying to excuse the Con's climate change denial. When of course there is no excusing that behaviour and if the media had more of a social conscience the Cons would never be able to get away with it. Our media has let us down in every possible way...

  9. Anonymous7:00 PM

    With exception of a few ridings on Vancouver island any vote for Green or NDP is a vote for Con and it is the Con’s plan to get the Green stronger and the NDP for split votes. It’s how they play this all — they strategically are planning how to divide progressives and you need look no further than prog bloggers to see the hate directed to Trudeau! It’s making me feel a bit hostile towards the NDP who have no plan and no traction. The Greens will sit back and get the protest vote but to be for real they need a new leader to take it to the next stage. May has been good but she has no fresh ideas or any meaningful plan — easy to sit on the sidelines taking the ‘moral highground’ when nothing you do is that consequential. Simon your points are always bang on! Thank you.

    1. e.a.f.3:53 PM

      The results for last night's federal election in ladysmith Nanaimo, are: the Greens won in a riding held by the NDP for about the past 40 years. second--Cons, NDP third, Liberals fourth. I'm not surprised the greens won. they won the sign war in neighbourhoods. What I find shocking is the Cons came in second! makes me nervous.

      Yes, there are some in the green party who aren't too keen on other groups of people, who aren't WASPs.

      As to people who pass them selves off as progressive, while espousing hate for others, that never ends well for any one. hate doesn't build anything. it simply destroys.

      We are a democracy so people get to vote for whom the wish. If after 7 months of Kenny and more of Ford, people still vote Conservative, that is their choice. It will be foolish, in my opinion, but that is their choice.

      I think what we may be seeing are a lot of trolls out there bashing Trudeau and they aren't actually members of progressive groups. it would hardly be reasonable to conclude that China, Russian, N.K. or Saudi are not going to be "playing" in our election. We saw what they did in the U.S.A., Britain, France, and Germany. We might start by not bashing other progressives, even if we don't agree with them on any number of things. After the election, we may all have to work together.

      If the Greens gain seats after the next federal election it will be interesting to see if Elizabeth May will be able to hang on to her leadership position. That will be the first real test of whether the Green Party has been hijacked by people who don't play well with others.

    2. Cons second, Liberals FOURTH???

      OK, time to panic. You guys look like you've got an asteroid coming for you.

      This really is giving me Hillary '16 PTSD all over again.

    3. Jackie Blue, I live in the riding. Now take a deep breath, go for a walk along the ocean and look at the eagles and trees. All will be well. O.K. that is what I'm telling myself. If that doesn't work you might want to visit Canada and enjoy B.C.'s finest product which isn't wine. I have faith in Canada, Not to worry about the federal liberals coming in fourth, too much because they didn't do as well as they do in other ridings. Yes, it is concerning that the Conservatives came in second, but I attribute that to the influx of people from the mainland--Greater Vancouver and Alberta. We have had a huge influx of Albertans in Nanaimo. Many are people who left here over 20 years ago to work in Alberta and have come home, but we have people from Sask. also moving here. There is work, hand over fist work. Nanaimo/Ladysmith is booming as is the Comox Valley. Its a very nice place to live, trees, wild life, ocean, lakes, not a lot of cold weather.

  10. Anonymous10:55 PM

    Please encourage this whenever you can:

    Those who don't participate have NO right to lead.

    1. e.a.f.3:55 PM

      excuse me, but this is a democracy and just because we don't agree with others doesn't mean they can't lead. I'd agree the Green New Deal, as described over at Empty Wheel, an American blog has merit, but to suggest those who don't participate don't have the right to lead, is not a democratic statement, in my opinion. Your way is not the only way and neither is mine.

  11. A very HOT summer with more major fires may change a few people's minds....but, then again they may take up the mantra "live for today, for tomorrow we may die"!

    1. e.a.f.3:58 PM

      it is doubtful people who experience forest fires will take up the "mantra" as you suggested. Having spoken to people who went through the forest fires last summer. in B.C., that isn't the message I got. Living in an area where we could be struck with forest fires, its not how our community feels.

    2. e.a.f.
      Re: "it is doubtful people who experience forest fires will take up the "mantra" as you suggested."
      Why is that? What's the 'thinking'? How do they rationalize it? i don't get it.

    3. The people who live in the areas which had huge forest fires last summer are normal people with children, who go to work, go to church, the mosque, shopping, etc. they live in rural areas and they are for the most part pretty grounded to their land. Many stayed to fight the fires when told to get out. Most truly did not understand what would happen, even though we had the Kelowna fire and the Fort McMurray fire. Not many expected it, any more than those being flooded in the east expected it. If any one had expected it, the governments would have prepared for it. many of the fires were the result of lightening. Trust me, the majority of people in this province don't go around thinking, live for today, for tomorrow we will die. Rural people have a lot of kids, that's why they frequently move to rural areas, to give their children a better life. It maybe reasonable to conclude you don't live in a rural area.

      In a matter of a few years the climate has changed. We see it in Asia, India, U.S.A., Canada, South America. People understand things need to change, but not many really know how to do it. On Vancouver Island, people are starting to prepare district wide emergency plans for forest fires. We've never had to do that, but people now understand, what happened on the mainland could be happening here. Many of these communities on the island have one way in and out. No one plans on being burnt to death or having their kids burnt to death. We don't plan to die.

      Many who live in rural areas are farmers and ranchers. they need oil and they drive trucks. how else do they get around? on horses? there is no public transit.

  12. There's no time left! We need climate action now! I love that these kids are fighting for their futures and protesting government inaction on the subject. I remember when I was in school and we warned we had twelve years left in 1988.

    1. e.a.f.4:07 PM

      its great those kids fight for climate change, but what are they doing in their personal lives to make changes? Almost every body wants climate change to stop. no one wants to burn to death, drown, or loose their homes, etc.

      People, in my opinion, need to change how they shop and acquire goods. Stop buying imports, buy local. People are in favour of changes, but live in 4 bathroom homes, with 2 people. We got to this place in time because we westerners consume, consume, consume. It needs to stop. Building family homes at 3000 sq. ft. is not environmental. Most of us aging baby boomers grew up in homes less than 1800 sq. ft. with 2 bathrooms, most of us with one. Ever notice how small closets are in homes built in the 50s and 60's. Its because people had fewer cloths. these huge box stores are there because people keep replacing their floors, appliances, etc. We are a consumer driven economy. It might be best for the environment if that stopped. i.e. People a few years, many wanted Bosch dishwashers. they didn't like the price, so the company started making them in China. they're sold in big box stores for about the same price as a 'regular' brand. In my opinion, they break a lot. The ones manufactured in Georgia, U.S.A. are way more expensive, but the last for years. You can purchase a $6 o 700 dollar washer and it will break every two or 3 years and you'll need a new one. You can purchase one for $1600 and it will last much longer. These days it seems people buy crap because they will want some thing else in a couple of years. Its bad for the enviorment. If you buy things which will last at least 10 years you'll save money and the environment.

    2. The typical Montréal triplexes that make up our housing co-op are about 100 years old - early 20th century. The closets are a joke. One tiny hall cupboard would scarcely hold the winter coats of a working-class family of the day, and there'd be kids sleeping in the kitchen as well as every other room. There is also a strange closet in my bedroom with a very narrow door but that extends to the hot-water heater, unfortunately creating a favourable climate for clothes moths. Beautiful hardwood floors though. One wee bathroom.

      There simply shouldn't be any new single-family houses in cities. Soundproofing (essential) has greatly improved. Mid-rise housing (with balconies!) is a sensible way to achieve densification while retaining convivial neighbourhoods and a population basin for frequent public transport. Extreme high-rise buiding can also cause environmental problems.

      I feel horribly bullied by SUVs as it is impossible for a short person on foot or on a bicycle to see over them. Their touted safety comes at the expense of those polluting less. In particular, there has been a rise in pedestrian deaths of late. I suppose that in part, this is due to the generalised increase in constant portable phone and texting use by drivers, pedestrians, cycists and surfboarders (!) alike, but there is also a sorry rise in deaths of elderly pedestrians, the group least likely to indulge in that lethal behaviour.

      Yes, I did see a guy texting on a rollerboard yesterday. It is illegal for motorists, motorcyclists and cyclists to do so, but I don't know if the legislator thought of rollerbladers and boarders.

  13. e.a.f.3:21 PM

    Watched Scheer's foreign policy speech in Montreal. OMG! He wants to move the Canadian embassy to Jerusalam, buy more jets and submarines, go head to head with Russia over the Ukraine and Iran. He must have forgotten to calculate how much all this "defense" stuff costs. Oh, right he can eliminate the Liberal's Child Benefit. It would of course put over 250K children below the poverty line, but hey, they'll get their reward in heaven or some such shit. Speaking of b.s., he wants to revive Harper's Ministry of Religious Freedom. he wants to play tough guy with China. good luck there kid. They have almost 2 billion people. if China doesn't want to move on something, they won't. Trump is find that out the hard way this morning. The last time I looked at the t.v., the DOW had fallen over 500 points. Now that maybe because of tariffs but it could just as well be the result of Bolton's sabre rattling yesterday in regards to Iran.

    Scheer seemed to take the position Iran, with Russian's backing, was the great satan. Not a good idea. Europe has done well with trade with Iran. We could also. They have a high grade of oil and ours is tar. We have products they will want. We could trade with them. They aren't interested in making inroads into our political system the way China is.

    Canada is a small country. We can have an influence, but not by riding on trump's coat tails.

    1. e.a.f., where did you see that panel discussion that suggested Trudeau still has a chance of winning a minority government? Because I'm getting really scared. Scheer is nutcase and a puppet of bigger forces. All that bluster and belligerence is pure populist rage and it's been proven to have results. Pompeo just rattled his saber about a U.S. claim to the Northwest Passage. If Canada doesn't get its shit together and keep the Cons out of Ottawa, they will sell out entirely to the Americans and let Russia waltz right in.

      Trust me, I know my country and what they're capable of. Harper sold the wheat board to the Saudis, and that Uranium One business that the GOP tagged on Hillary happened on his watch. Your Cons are just Republicans dipped in maple syrup. Look at what they and their media apparatus have already done to Trudeau. They swiftboated him just like ours did to Hillary, and John Kerry before that. Brexit and Trump were the two dry runs. They're coming for Canada next.

      If Trudeau does have the election stolen from him like Hillary did here, I don't believe he will go away quietly. He's not going to let these bastards get away with murder. If anything he will probably elevate Freeland further as a future challenger. Russia hates her and has a vested interest in throwing the Liberals out. Whatever the outcome in October, I have no illusions that the good guys won't keep up the fight.

  14. e.a.f.1:28 AM

    Hi Jackie Blue, I saw the comment while flipping channels between CBC and CTV. Its also something others have mentioned from time to time. they think Trudeau will return but with a minority government. Trudeau will pick up votes in Quebec and keep most of B.C.'s. The Maritimes most likely won't vote Conservative because there is poverty there and if you have kids you have the Trudeau Child Benefit cheque. I know people with young children who receive that money and they need it. If they didn't receive it they'd be fucked, especially in Vancouver and Toronto. One of the radio stations had a speaker who explained, a single Mom with 2 kids, making $35K a year receives a $1000 per month, clear. That's an extra $12K a year. its the difference between going to the food bank and not having to. A lot of parents are going to be thinking about that when they vote. Conservatives only do tax credits, which only benefit people who can use a tax credit. A tax credit is not something you can do the grocery shopping with once a month.
    that thousand a month is the difference between having to live with two children in a one bedroom or studio suite and a 2 bedroom suite.

    Six months is some time to go and my take on things will be, people will have seen what Ford has done to Ontario and by then Kenney ought to have run off the rails. Alberta, Sask, may be a desert for the Liberals but Manitoba may provide some seats and then there is the North and Indigenous communities. They are unlikely to vote Conservative, but they may also choose to sit on the hands, a great Canadian tradition, if you're not happy with your party.

    1. Yours and the panel participants' statements to St. Pierre's ears.

      Hail Maggie, and Ella-Grace. The Lord is with thee. Send us a miracle.