Thursday, May 09, 2019

Is This Andrew Scheer's Biggest and Most Disgusting Lie Ever?

As we all know, or should know, Andrew Scheer is a serial liar who mangles or mutilates the truth all the time.

He's a religious fanatic who can't even respect the Ninth Commandment: 


But cheerfully uses that steaming heap of lies to fuel his depraved propaganda machine, aimed at the total destruction of Justin Trudeau. 

Even as his nose grows longer in his hideous Con horror show. 

And this latest lie surely must be one of his biggest, and most disgusting.

For now he is claiming that he's an anti-fascist. 

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer portrayed himself on Tuesday as Canada's anti-fascist option in the next general election, prepared to challenge a prime minister who he described as weak in the face of anti-democratic regimes.

In a wide-ranging speech delivered on Tuesday at a Montreal hotel, Scheer laid out his foreign-policy platform, while portraying Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as someone who wasn't tough with authoritarian and communist regimes such as China. ​​​​​

Can you believe that? 

The far-right sympathizer who has just been called out for having a bigot problem.

The leader who couldn't wait to rush out to that rally on Parliament Hill, and address a crowd packed with yellow vested extremists...

The man who snuggled up to the ghastly white nationalist Faith Goldy, talked smack about Muslims, and then made plans to go duck hunting together.

The creepy Con who promoted a deranged conspiracy theory about Trudeau and the U.N. "erasing" our borders, and triggered a flood of death threats aimed at the prime minister...

The alt-right groupie who never told us that conspiracy theory came from the dark hearts of neo-Nazis like these in Eastern Europe...

But still wants us to believe that he's an anti-fascist?

Lordy. I know that many Canadians have come to normalize lying, like so many have in Trump's America. 

But are we really going to normalize that Big Lie too?

And what about Scheer's claim that Justin Trudeau, an infinitely more decent person that he is, is soft on China.

Scheer suggested Trudeau has taken a conciliatory approach to China for economic reasons, and that he would bring a “total reset” of that relationship, with any free trade deal “a long, long way off.

If this government isn’t willing to stand up to China when two Canadians are unlawfully imprisoned and billions of dollars in trade is under attack, it never will.

Which is not only absurd for suggesting that hurling insults at the Chinese will make things better rather than worse.

But also conceals a larger and uglier truth, as I pointed out on Twitter...

One that could lead this country to a very bad place.

And oh yeah, I almost forgot, where did that creepy religious fanatic and far-right supporter get the idea of accusing others of what he himself is guilty of doing?


I thought so.

So this is all I want to say to the ghastly Scheer:

These are the real anti-fascists...

You Schmearmonger would never have been one of them, and can't claim to be one of those who remember them and fight on in their name.

So stop debasing their memory.

Finally, I just want to say that since Justin Trudeau is the only leader who can defeat you and your far-right Cons...

I renew my vow to support him until the day you surrender.

And hopefully, for brutalizing The Truth, over and over again. 

Are finally sent to the place where I've always believed you belong... 



    Lo and behold, it was none other than his precious St. Jody who jumped the gun for Trump, and fucked up the Huawei case that incurred China's wrath. One in a series of idiotic, simplistic my-way-or-the-Huawei decisions by a myopic, autocratic and egotistical "truth teller" promoted to the level of her own incompetence who burned down the "big house" when it became apparent she wasn't up to the job. A toxic drama queen who spat in the face of the genuinely well-intentioned man who, with a sincere focus on Reconciliation, gave her the opportunity of a lifetime. Read this spot-on comment from the WaPo article by one Marc Hammer:

    I blame Jody "rule of law" Wilson-Raybould, the former A.G., who became a Conservative heroine on the SNC-Lavalin issue, decrying alleged "political interference."

    She was a lowly prosecutor before appointed to the highest legal post in the land. She did not have the good sense to see the political fallout from arresting the Huawei executive, just like she didn't see why a prosecution of SNC-Lavalin was a double-edged sword.

    In the Huawei case, all Canada had to do and say was, "Oh, heck, she just slipped through our hands" and let her go on her way.

    Let someone else arrest her, if it's such a big deal for the USA.

    It would have saved Canadians a boat load of trouble.

    If she hated "political interference" so much she would have recognized that Trump was using Meng as a pawn in his stupid trade war and let her go. Instead JWR was too preoccupied with forcing her radical 800-page Balkanization manifesto into the agenda, and playing pretend prime minister as belligerent overseer bullying everyone else in the PMO, in cabinet, and Trudeau himself, to do proper due diligence on every damn file she had. Then she gets absolved and celebrated by the Con media looking for any attack angle they can find -- including irrelevant but damaging bad-faith distractions about feminism and Indigenous issues -- to undermine and destroy the legitimate PM they irrationally hate so much.

    But tell us Andrew -- who, like Jody is another armchair-quarterback P.M. As you accuse Justin Trudeau of getting too cuddly with the panda bears, what would you or A.G. Levant have done differently? If your pal Jody was A.G., and went ahead with the arrest anyway, would you have "pressured" her not to intervene? Would you "get tough" on Saudi Arabia, or pretend they don't exist so as not to offend both your oily messiah and Koch masters and your Islamophobic base? Can you even locate China on a map of China or do you need it marked out in crayon? Do you seriously think the dragon is going to tremble before the moose when it's already "cucked" the American eagle? What kind of bamboo are you smoking?

    Small minds call for simple solutions. Unfortunately, the "SS" brigade and their Hamster Goebbels gerbils in the M$M are so afflicted with Trudeau Derangement Syndrome that populist-nationalist Trumping and chest-thumping of this nature ends up having an effect.

    1. Anonymous6:46 PM

      Well said, Jackie. If Scheer manages to win in October he can thank JWR and her sidekick Pisspot for letting their petty vindictiveness destroy a good man and then destroy a great country. History will not be kind to these treacherous, self-serving *#^!s.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Did you really say Mrs Clinton´±@£¢¤¬¦²³¼

    4. Hi Jackie....excellent comment. And yes we can thanks JWR for all the trouble with China. But I'm not surprised, as lawyers who have worked with her have said she is extremely punishment oriented and Conservative in her world outlook. Not when dealing with indigenous people, but with everyone else, which explains why she did such a poor job of scrapping Harper's politically motivated minimum sentence guidelines. The damage she has done to the decent Justin Trudeau, whose only mistake was to hire her, can never be forgiven or forgotten...

  2. China is not going to do any country any favors. However they are the default power of this century. The last power the US is constantly kicking sand in our face. Its not a easy place to live.

    1. I don't understand. Who is "our face"? Canada? But you are using US spelling so it sounds as if you are from there.

    2. Hi Steve...the Chinese are very sensitive to being pushed around by other countries, if you've ever seen the movie 55 Days in Peking you know why. Every power in the world thought they could own a piece of China and treat that ancient culture like dogs. I'm not defending the rulers of modern China but those who don't respect that country's history will do themselves no favours...

  3. Anonymous9:18 PM

    A lot of strange things are happening in this country, and the world. And in many places the enemy is the same. We progressives need to get ready to fight the biggest battle ever, or we will lose our Canada.


    2. Hi anon...yes the world we live in presently is a very threatening place, so it is essential that progressives stop fighting themselves and focus on destroying the real enemy, the fascist Cons. And Jackie is right, anyone but the Cons is a good slogan. With just over five months to go the Cons are better organized than we are, and that better change or we could lose this country....

  4. Anonymous9:51 PM

    Like his predecessor, Scheer has been infected by the Bolton virus. Gather round fellow countrymen, as your benevolent leader we need your unquestioning support in protecting our glorious country from the evil ( insert bogyman of your choice) heathens. Hey it worked for Hitler, seems to work for Kim so why would't it work for Opie. What a vision a glorious country with symbolic high walls and deep moats ruled by a wise benevolent Christian leader keeping his grateful but impoverished citizens safe from the external heathens. Sounds vaguely like the Trump formula except as an alpha capitalist his bogymen are those that are unable or unwilling to lavish him with money and political influence.


    1. Hi RT....Scheer is scary enough, but the thought of him posing as a diplomat should terrify every decent Canadian. For if his plan to move the Canadian embassy to Jerusalem is predictable and pathetic, and his plan to get tough on China absolutely ridiculous, there is no telling what he might do to the cause of women and gay people abroad. Like Harper when he became Con leader he has not travelled much, and the image I get of him and his very large family, is that of the Christian Griswalds travelling down the highway. And unlike the original movie family, it's not a comedy it's a horror show...

  5. Anonymous10:25 PM

    So Scheer is now an antifa?! I can't wait to see how the Rebel handles this.

    1. Conflating fascists with communists to court the cognitively dissonant who equate "National Socialism" with socialism. As he pays lip service to Trump, and won't say boo about the actual fascists like Orbán and his thugs in Harper's Kitty Kat Klan of the IDU. Orbán, as a reminder, kicked Iggy out of the country because he was dean of a Soros-sponsored university in Budapest. I notice he took care to make special mention of Fidel Castro. Gotta dust off the greatest hits collection and rethink space and time to rile up the conspiracy base. Because it's 2016?

    2. Anonymous5:19 AM

      Speaking of flirting with fascists, maybe you can explain why Justin and Chrystia are backing Trump's fascist coup attempts against the democratically-elected government of Venezuela. Does Justin really admire the work of Bolton and Abrams, or is this just more sucking up to Canada's resource extraction companies?

      Do you think Scheer should just declare himself PM and get his buddy Trump to hand over Canada's foreign assets to him? Seems a whole lot simpler than winning a free and fair election. What do you think?

    3. Hippie Dipper disinfo. They're sending peacekeeper units to try and diffuse things if shit hits the fan. Seems isolationism isn't the sole domain of the RW nationalists. But I guess we're gonna go with the "Hillary is a warmonger" line of attack against Trudeau (and Freeland) too? "Both sides are the same!" "Neoliberal shills!" "Worse than Trump!" Yeah, that didn't age well, did it. Purity ponies think he's a fascist and fascists think he's Fidel Jr. In which case maybe he's a centrist and never said he wasn't? Again we're back to petulant populism and "the center cannot hold"...

      Actually, I'd love it if someone would declare the Cons an illegitimate government (it's not a free and fair election now that the Koch Kleptokrat Klan has tainted it) and the Kremlin-occupied WH too. I've been a sedevacantist since 2016. Far as I'm concerned, Barack Obama remains president in exile until further notice.

      As for Freeland, she will make a fine PM someday and Trudeau a great ambassador to whatever's left of the shell of the United States. Assuming he would even want to bother with the political arena after all the unappreciative, irrational, derangement-syndrome crap that's been flung at him from "both sides." He and Freeland should record a video: "Dippers to the left of me, Nazis to the right, here I am stuck in the middle with you."

    4. Anonymous1:46 PM

      Hi 10:25

      "So Scheer is now an antifa?"

      You seem to confuse fascism with communism. Fascists convince you to turn over individual rights and freedoms for the good of the state with the "good" defined by the leader but usually nationalist inspired by an exclusive club of participants and wannabe hangers on. Although the Cons are a big tent party a portion fits into the fascist movement if ranked against the following criteria. Scheer embraces them rather than boot them to the curb.

      1) The primacy of the group. Supporting the group feels more important than maintaining either individual or universal rights.
      2) Believing that one's group is a victim. This justifies any behavior against the group's enemies.
      3) The belief that individualism and liberalism enable dangerous decadence and have a negative effect on the group.
      4) A strong sense of community or brotherhood. This brotherhood's "unity and purity are forged by common conviction, if possible, or by exclusionary violence if necessary."
      5) Individual self-esteem is tied up in the grandeur of the group. Paxton called this an "enhanced sense of identity and belonging."
      6) Extreme support of a "natural" leader, who is always male. This results in one man taking on the role of national savior.
      7) "The beauty of violence and of will, when they are devoted to the group's success in a Darwinian struggle," Paxton wrote. The idea of a naturally superior group or, especially in Hitler's case, biological racism, fits....


    5. I dont really believe in the circle theory, but if you do socialism and communism meet at the top.

    6. Hi anon @5:19 AM.....Canada has so far at least acted as a moderating influence in the Venezuelan crisis. I am opposed to any foreign intervention, except for Red Cross efforts to supply food and medicine to the suffering people of that country. So stop spreading stories...

  6. best job numbers ever and Dougie and the Virgin Queen take credit. The Queen has not even passed a single bill and big Doug has been in power less than 6 months.

  7. I meant fascism and socialism

  8. The 9th commandment, yes that is one they may be considered to be having trouble with. However, truth is in my opinion, much like beauty, its in the eye of the beholder.

    These days many have their own facts and hence their own version of the truth. alternative facts, I believe is the term Kelly Ann Conway used.

    In my opinion, the Conservatives frequently make statement based on facts not in evidence. I'm still big on evidence. rendering an opinion is fine, but presenting that opinion as fact, not a good thing for law, politics, or a civilized society.

    My take on when truth became a game, a thing to be negotiated was when they started talk radio. It was opinion aired as truth and facts.