Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Alex Jones: Donald Trump Is Being Drugged By the Deep State!

Ever since Donald Trump gave Mitch McConnell the cold shoulder and made a deal with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, Republicans have been in a state of total shock.

And to a slightly lesser extent so have the Democrats...

But while the Republicans scream betrayal, and wonder what Trump might do next...

Some political observers wonder why it took so long for them to feel betrayed. 

Trump gave succor to neo-Nazis, boasted of groping women, attacked the integrity of the judicial system, fired the FBI director to stymie the Russia probe, boasted about his genital size on national television, attacked racial and religious minorities and labeled women all manner of vulgarities. 

And, through it all, Republicans stuck with Trump. But this time, some Republicans say he went too far. 

He made a deal with Democrats.

When the list of Trump's atrocities stretches as far as the eye can see.

But of course, the reason the Republicans in Congress can't get too harsh with Trump, is because some of his rabid base still believe he is a living god...

Who can do no wrong.

And some like his uber supporter Alex Jones, believe that if Trump is acting strangely it's because he's been drugged.

And who can blame the Republicans for not wanting that maniac to come after them?

But sadly for them, the Republican Civil War has already begun.

It's going to last at least all the way to the 2018 mid term elections, and could get even worse after that when the blame game begins.

So bring plenty of popcorn.

Trump is of course not a Democrat or a real Republican. He's just his ugly self doing what he thinks is good for the Donald, and making it up as he goes along. 

But with a little bit of luck, and hopefully before blows up the planet, he just might blow up the Republican Party...


  1. Anonymous10:39 PM

    Trump is of course not a Democrat or a real Republican. He's just his ugly self doing what he thinks is good for the Donald, and making it up as he goes along.

    Sounds like a real Republican to me. The GOP's only real policy is to do whatever will piss off Democrats. That has always included plenty of lying, making things up, backstabbing and outrageously nasty behaviour. Why do you think Trump mopped the floor with the other GOP candidates? He best resembles party members.

    1. hi anon...It's true that Trump does sometimes acts like a Republican, and that he has done some awful things that only Republicans could do. But what I meant when I wrote that he was not a real Republican is that he lacks the ideology to provide a foundation for his presidency. His extreme narcissism doesn't allow him to see beyond his image in a mirror, and he is capable of going in any direction or do anything as long as he thinks it's good for Trump...

    2. Anonymous8:43 PM

      Simon, I agree that Trump lacks any coherent ideology and that he's narcissist. Beyond stroking his ego, he's only interested in enriching himself and those with him.

      But that in a nutshell is the GOP. The GOP claims to be for small government, but there's never been an increase in military or security spending it wouldn't approve. It claims to be for balanced budgets, but this never applies when the GOP's in power. It claims to be for "family values," but if that's true it must mean the most dysfunctional family ever. I mean what kind of asshole parent would deny a gay child the right to marry, or deny a daughter control over her own body? In short, the GOP is reactionary and has no real ideology beyond turning back the clock.

  2. Anonymous11:41 PM

    Jones is certifiable himself and so is Trump. He already lost custody of his kids in a divorce case because his wife got tired of his unstable behavior and gleeful profiteering from being a hatemongering kook. Trump isn't being drugged by some kind of modern-day MKULTRA. He is, and has always been, a delusional narcissist and a sexual predator. The only base supporter Donald cares about is Donald, a walking-talking solipsism if there ever was one. He is simultaneously pure ego and raw id.

    But speaking of doping up and disorienting people, I think a worthwhile angle for you to cover in one of your future posts very soon, since you do such a good job of reporting on the complicity of media in fostering this beast -- not to mention your own Quislings above the border who seek to court favor with Hair Dumpsterführer's and undermine his "new found friend," Justin from Canada -- is the new revelations about Facebook accepting money from Russia to unethically propagandize its 1.5 billion users with fake news and sow the seeds of doubt about Hillary Clinton and American democracy itself. Twitter, Google and other tech titans are basically guilty of the same, albeit (perhaps?) not to the extent that Facebook is/was simply because of its sheer dominance in social media (Google is #1 in search, only influential in the social media realm if you count YouTube as a "social media" website). Google also recently ejected a board member for daring to speak out about their business practices, and are behaving in an increasingly corrupt and totalitarian manner for a company that proclaims a motto of "don't be evil."

    I know this blog runs on Google's Blogger platform, and you don't want to bite the hand that feeds lest they take you offline on a whim, but I still think this is an important subject to point out for your readers. Especially since in Canada, the Trudeaus are often demonized as "Selfie & Sophie" because of their visibility on new-media channels. With an election of your own coming up, this should be of concern.

    Time Magazine has already run an article about Russia setting their sites on Germany next, after having failed in France (but preparing to exploit Macron's weaknesses in 2022 and finally get their czarina Le Pen installed at the Champs-Élysées). Canada, for all intents and purposes, now shares the world's longest undefended border with a de facto Russian oblast, and Putin has his enemies here too in Chrystia Freeland and the humanitarian "Pride Minister." Every country should be on alert after what happened in the USA: the madman from Moscow didn't even have to hack the actual voting booths. He hacked the voters themselves. He Made America Google-fu'd Again.

    1. Anonymous9:33 AM

      It will not be Le Pen, the French will never vote FN in. It will be left wing nutter JL Melenchon who once called the reunification of Germany "annexation of the east by the west." Revanchist puty poots will be more than happy to have such a person as President.

    2. hi anon...your suggestions are good ones, there is a reason I am not and have never been on Facebook, and Marky "I kill my own food" Zuckerburg does need to be held to account for having allowed the Russians to use fake news to damage Clinton's campaign. I am so obsessed with the failings of our hapless Con media, I sometimes miss the bigger picture. When I have the time and the energy *gasp* I'll try to do better...

    3. hi anon 9:33 am...I think you're right, the FN does seem to have gone down the toilet, at least for now. And I personally have very little time for Melenchon and his alt-leftists. I recognize that progressives come in many different colours, but we have to learn to unite and form coalitions, or the right will pick us apart...