Friday, September 08, 2017

Why Andrew Scheer's Crusade Is Heading For Disaster

In my last post I wrote about how Andrew Scheer had set out on his crusade, to try to bring down the Great Satan Justin Trudeau.

Aided and abetted by a small army of religious fanatics, and the usual shabby posse of racists, misogynists, dirty old men, and anti-gay bigots.

And so shocking and depressing was the spectacle, I forgot to mention the good news.

I don't think Scheer and his Cons are going to make it to their New/Nouveau Jerusalem.

At least not judging by this latest Abacus poll. 

Our latest polling on the political mood of Canadians shows that if an election were held today the Liberal Party would garner 43% support, compared to 31% for the Conservatives and 17% for the NDP.

For these are serious numbers:

On a regional basis, we see the Liberals with an 23-point lead in Ontario, a 22-point lead in Quebec, and an 18-point lead in BC. The Liberals have a 12-point lead among men, and an 11-point lead among women. The Liberals have a substantial lead among all age groups except voters 45-59, where they are effectively tied with the Conservatives.

And Scheer has a problem...

A big problem...

He's out of synch with reality.

So few people know or care about him, they have to plaster his name all over the place just to try to get them to remember or pay attention...

All that hate mongering about Omar Khadr, or the phony flap about taxing the rich, doesn't seem to be working.

Attentiveness to the controversial Khadr settlement appear to be waning, and our results don’t (at least for the moment) pick up indications that the hotly debated individual corporation tax change proposals have created a backlash. Instead, economic confidence seems to be the prevailing sentiment affecting federal politics.

And when Canadians find out more about who Scheer really is, he's going to be even less popular.

And it's not hard to figure out why.

When he stops smiling, people start screaming...

In the age of Trump, nobody needs another one...

And to make matters ever worse, if that's possible.

Stephen Harper's spiritual legacy is hurting rather than helping him...

So sadly for Scheer, and his religious fanatics, racists, misogynists, dirty old men, and anti-gay bigots, it seems there will be no New Jerusalem.

And unless the NDP can also rise from the dead, which at this point seems unlikely.

Approval is the plurality view across all age groups, and in every region except the Prairies. Perhaps most important to the Liberal fortunes is the fact that by a margin of 47% to 24%, those who voted NDP in the last election approve of the job the Trudeau government is doing.

Justin Trudeau will probably be prime minister for a long, long, time...

As his father once said, "the universe is unfolding as it should."

And the future belongs to us...


  1. Anonymous4:41 PM

    I'm amazed how after two years of attacks by our biased Con media Justin Trudeau is not only still standing but more popular than ever. People like Paul Godfrey must be so frustrated.

    1. hi anon...I'm sure the whole Con media must be bitterly disappointed. And they still don't get that attacking a popular leader like a bunch of rabid hyenas only makes them less popular. So I wouldn't be surprised if they're not around to cover the next election...

  2. e.a.f.5:15 PM

    Trudeau made a smart move and that was the monthly cheques for children. They work, They help, people will continue to vote for some one who sends them and their kids a cheque each month.

    even if Trudeau didn't do another positive thing, that for me was enough. it helped improve the lives of children and reduce child poverty.

    recently was in a grocery store on Vancouver Island and noticed how busy it was. the cashier, advised it was because parents had received their cheques for their children. They buy groceries with the money. The Conservatives never did anything like this. Tax credits are only good if you pay tax or have money to begin with. Sending parents cheques every month, or the equivalent, direct deposit, helps families.

    Scheer may look better than Harper, but its still the same old party. With the economy improving what can Scheer actually offer Canadians? Not much. people will have the after taste of the Cons years with them for a long time. They don't want to see Harper 2.0 with a smile.

    1. Anonymous6:46 PM

      And that's why Trudeau's party is leading among the young'uns versus being tied with the Crappers among the olds (again, not all olds are haters, but at least half of them are mired in stale nostalgia for a Mayberry culture that never really existed). When those kids who got the child tax credit come of age they'll know whose policies gave them a better head start in life. Same with the refugee children, which is undoubtedly why the hateful Crappers don't want any more coming in. They'd rather these desperate people die or get deported back to their destroyed "homes" (like Haiti) by Trump than lose any seats. Everything is about personal gain with them. Personal gain and holding on to a steadily eroding "base."

      The Crappers are only going to keep doubling down on the same failed hate policies and devolve into a mutant clone of our American NSGOP. But as "gerrymandering" doesn't really exist in Canada to the best of my knowledge (or at least in the same manner as the U.S.), and the olds die off (the millennial Nazis are a mere fraction of the group), at some point the Crappers will dip so low in the polling they'll be lucky to have more seats than the Rhino Party. At which point, whatever, toothless skinhead idiot is their leader (perhaps a senile Scheer) will get jabbed in his "seat" by whoever is the Rhinos' nominee.

      The U.S. will be a failed apartheid state run by a corrupt Republican thugocracy, but at least Canada will pick up the beacon in their wake. And probably do things much better this time.

    2. hi e.a.f...Justin Trudeau's government may not be perfect, but I think it's done a pretty good job in the face of unrelenting hostility from the Cons, the Con media, and other pathetic Trudeau haters.
      It's made me and millions of others feel proud of their country again after the darkness of the Harper years. And while I don't think Andrew Scheer is going to win the next election, I fear him and his Cons could poison this country, by playing their same old filthy games, and ruining it for everybody...

  3. Anonymous5:20 PM

    I hope you Canadians realize how lucky you are. In the U.S. where I live the Republican Nazis are committing one atrocity after the other, Britain is a mess, and in France Emmanuel Macron is also in trouble. Canada and Trudeau are an example to those all over the world who believe in something better.

    1. Anonymous6:32 PM

      France is always a mess. As De Gaulle said, how can you reach consensus among a people who have 100 kinds of cheese (or something like that). The rest of Europe has no clout the way Mother England, France and Germany do, and the former Eastern bloc is politically aligned more with Putin than they ever will be with the Western part of the continent. At least Merkel seems to be holding steady for now, but she is 63 years old, and can't possibly hold office the rest of her life. Hopefully she can stick around long enough to at least ride out the, dare I say it, "storm front" that's gripping the rest of the world right now. But you know we've come full circle, when Germany and France are the Allies and the U.S. and Russia are the Axis Powers...

      Aside from Merkel, that leaves Trudeau as the de facto "deputy leader of the free world." He's going to have a crisis on his hands when his southern neighbor completely collapses into a "perfect storm" of civil war, natural disasters and a massive flood of American refugees. But I think he's proven himself pretty darn well when faced with challenges, and performs especially top-notch when people underestimate him. It's like the collapse of Western Rome leading to the Byzantine era. In this case, instead of the sun setting in the West and rising in the East, the "South rising again" makes the shining turd on a hill go dark... while the Northern Lights shine all that much brighter.

      Sunny ways, mes amis.

    2. Trudeau is an example on how to con people into thinking your a progressive. He's Trump deep down inside, minus the racism.

    3. hi anon 5:20...I do realize how lucky we are, even if many Canadians don't. I was in France and Britain this summer, and what I saw horrified me. It's like a Nazi revival meeting, and it's hard to believe it's happening on the same continent where so many brave soldiers died fighting the fascists. If I haven't seen it with my own eyes, I never would have believed it. And I will fight will all my strength to try to stop it from happening here...

    4. hi Gyor...what an absurd comment. Trudeau is a much better person, who reflects our Canadian values, and has rehabilitated our country's shabby image in the eyes of he world. And only a Con or a bitter NDPer would think any differently....

  4. Since Scheer has such a low shot at winning, maybe you should focus on holding Trudeau to account for all his broken promises and messes, like not increasing funding for FN education, leaving reserves without clean water, the disaster that has been the Missing and Murdered Women Inquiry, the broken promise on electoral reform while making MPs go through the motions in committee not knowing Trudeau had no intention of keeping his word, letting, Trump play Trudeau like a fidel, such as on getting Canada to up what it spends on the military, lying to the Canadian public on the nature of our mission in Iraq (none combat my ass), going back into Afghanistan (like I trust it's just to train people after he lied about Iraq), and the upcoming epic right wing disaster the infrastructure bank.

    But no you will obsess over Scheer like he matters right now.

    Heck you haven't even mentioned the NDP leadership race filled with ideas like Free, Tuition, Housing money for poor Canadians, new crown corporation, new categories of immigrant like climate change refugee, Basic Income which could end poverty, electoral reform, and so much more.

    1. Anonymous8:52 PM

      Hey, its a democracy, Trudeau can influence direction but he will not dictate it. For that you need a Kim Jong or at least a Putin.Even a softer authoritarian stance similar to his father's leaves wounds that takes ages to heal.

    2. hi I told you above I think Trudeau has done a magnificent job, and is without a doubt the best prime minister I have ever known. He has done a lot in a very short time, and will no doubt do even more in the next six years. But what I want to know is why you as an NDP supporter are always defending the Cons, when they are the only ones who could govern this country if the Liberals are defeated. It's true I haven't written about the NDP leadership race, and maybe I should have done so. But my guiding principle is that if I can't say anything nice about a progressive party, then I'd rather not say anything at all. And there is nothing nice I can say about the Mulcair Party these day. I voted for them in the last election, but when they hung on to Mulcair, and he treated my friends in the NDP Youth like shit, he lost me. And then when he went on to attack Trudeau like a hairy ape, or a Con, he disgusted me. I expect the NDP to inspire me with a shining vision of the future not act like Cons. So unless or until they get a new leader who can do that, I will do my best to ignore them...

  5. Anonymous10:50 PM

    I love Trudeau.

  6. The same person?!/fileImage/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/16x9_620/scheer.jpg

  7. John B.8:55 AM

    I have similar faith in the inattentiveness and stupidity of the electorate. Whenever I begin to question this faith, I volunteer to canvass.

    This Hate State stuff is a dangerous sideshow, but somebody must be finding it useful. I think the libertarians are probably laughing their heads off. Without any substantial expenditure on their part, the post-nationalists as well as the culture warriors, to the exclusion any other concern, are advancing the cult's fondest wet dream.