Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Andrew Scheer and Canada's Monstrous Trump Party

In a world where the 24 hour news cycle rules, it's easy to forget how Andrew Scheer became Con leader, after one of the most disgusting leadership campaigns in modern Canadian history.

A campaign right out of the Night of the Living Dead...

Where the Con zombies stumbled about gnawing on our Canadian values, and trying to out Trump each other.

And since the creepy religious fanatic Scheer became leader, the situation has only grown worse. 

For the Con zombies are now a Canadian political party in name only.

And the latest example of that is their ever changing position on the NAFTA negotiations.

For after first trying to sabotage them by stabbing Canada in the back...

As only traitors could.

Now they claim they will support the Liberals, but only on certain conditions. 

Conservative MP Erin O'Toole says his party is willing to offer non-partisan support to the Liberal government during the continuing NAFTA renegotiation, which entered its second round this weekend in Mexico City.

But only as long as the Liberals keep the focus on job creation, securing market access and levelling a playing field that he says has given Mexican labour an unfair advantage.

O'Toole said the Tories have no time for the "virtue signalling" on gender, Indigenous and environmental issues that the government has also raised as bargaining priorities.

And yes, it would have to be the Con clown Erin O'Toole speaking the language of Trump and betraying our Canadian values.

Just as he did when he so faithfully served his depraved leader Stephen Harper...

The grotesque Con whose assault on Canadian values almost destroyed this country, and shamed us in the eyes of the world.

So who can blame Environment Minister Catherine McKenna for losing her patience with that pathetic Con tool? 

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna launched an angry missive at Conservative Foreign Affairs critic Erin O’Toole on Sunday, for suggesting the environment was a mere “trinket” better left to the sidelines in order to protect Canada’s economic well-being. 

She was responding to comments O’Toole made to The Canadian Press in which he accused the government’s push for environmental protections, Indigenous rights and gender equality as “virtue signalling” as part of the image-building machinery around Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. 

Reminding O'Toole that it was Brian Mulroney's Con government that first included the environment in the original NAFTA deal. Reminding him why that's so important.

The biggest forest fire in BC history, the Atlantic Ocean breaking record temperatures, the second 100 year flood in 12 months in Windsor. And the Conservatives still say the environment and the economy can be separated. Climate change is real, and protecting the environment is essential. It's time the Conservatives‎ got the message.

And vowing to keep fighting for Canadian values, like gender equality and indigenous rights.

While her colleague Gerald Butts also took aim at the language of Trump's alt-right...

As well as pointing out that the creepy Andrew Scheer can't seem to make up his mind about ANYTHING.

And sure enough, what do you think Scheer's first order of business will be when Parliament resumes?

Answer: going after the Omar Khadr deal. Again. 

Thanks to the Conservatives, we already know at least one item of potentially headline-making business that will be on the agenda on — or shortly after — Day One: namely, the $10.5 million that the government reportedly paid out to former Guantanamo detainee and accused terrorist Omar Khadr as part of an overall settlement that also included a public apology.

So that he can stir up hatred against Muslims again, and poison our country with Trump-like bigotry...

And really what more can anyone say?

They are racists, they are homophobes, they are sexist swine, they are religious fanatics, they are climate change deniers, they are fascists, and the scum of the earth.

They are Donald Trump's little stooges.

And they must be destroyed by whatever democratic means necessary.

Before they destroy this country...


  1. Anonymous10:13 AM

    "The grotesque Con whose assault on Canadian values almost destroyed this country, and shamed us in the eyes of the world."

    You're such a drama queen. Life went along as usual. The mail was delivered, the aisles in grocery stores were packed with food, moms took their kids to soccer practice... the country wasn't "almost destroyed".

    Also what's with this term "climate change denier"? Almost sounds like Holocaust denier. What if I don't believe in the carbon tax? Am I a carbon tax denier? Ridiculous.

    1. Anonymous12:51 PM

      I agree anon 10:13. You are ridiculous.

      So you don't believe in climate change despite the overwhelming number of scientists who have studied the subject all agreeing. That would include scientists working for Exxon Mobil who, as leaks have suggested have been studying CC and have known its effects for decades. Kudos to you for learning so much with your head stuck in the sand on your very own Dodo Island for not noticing the increase of extreme weather events over the last decade and more. I guess in your world it's ok to continually foul your back yard as no harm will come from it.

      Harper's majority government was illegitimate from the get go, with robocalls coordinated by RackNine coming from the USA interfering in the election. I won't go into all of Harper's transgressions during his reign of error, you can google "Shit Harper Did" and find out for yourself. It would not have been good for Canada had he achieved a second majority government. I remind you our economy went into recession thanks to Harper's policies just before the 2015 election, so the end result with SH in charge might have resulted in shortages of food in grocery store aisles. Right now Canada's economy is doing well and the Canadian dollar is climbing on the international currency markets. I don't we could say the same if the Closet Commander were still around.

      mr perfect

    2. Anonymous12:53 PM

      If you refuse to acknowledge that carbon taxes exist as a concept, are levied by some governments and have a measurable effect on the real world then, yes, you would be as much a carbon tax denier as some are climate change deniers.

    3. Anonymous2:03 PM

      Might want to have a look at the New Atlantises in Houston, Nepal and Bangladesh before you deny science. Or, you can be like the American congressman (himself in hock to big oil) who threw a snowball on the congressional floor to prove, once and for all, that climate change was nothing more than a "lie from the pits of hell." Reality: Climate change is happening, it's speeding up exponentially, and it is caused by human greed. Actions do need to be taken to mitigate those circumstances, and some of them might be uncomfortable to those who are used to a certain way of life. But it's a way of life that will kill us all, and destroy the planet we live on.

      It incorporates more than warming, too. Overdevelopment, overpopulation, deforestation, pollution, and poaching are leading to the sixth mass extinction of thousands upon thousands of species. "Better living through chemistry" has permanently damaged ecosystems, particularly in the oceans where the coral reefs are dying and the fish rendered sterile by so much flushing away of everything from plastic trash to endocrine-disrupting pharmaceuticals.

      We've poisoned the livestock with steroids and hormones so they'll produce more meat for less money. Canada doesn't want America's garbage milk, so Trump slapped a 25% importation tariff on his "new found friend."

      Your economy collapsed because Harper did destroy the country putting all his rotten eggs in the petroleum basket. He also jumped aboard the highly unpopular and arguably criminal bandwagon of the Bush oil crusades as soon as he could.

      Anyone who denies that any of this is either living in a cave, living in a coma, or living in a bubble consuming nothing but fake news. The junk food of the media.

    4. Anonymous3:00 PM

      Anon@10:13 Only a Con could deny that the Harper government was a shitty government, or that it didn't disgrace us in the view of the world. Where did you spend those years with your head buried in the ground or up your ass? How dumb are you if you still have to ask what climate change denier means. It means somebody who still denies the reality of climate change you dumbass. If you don't understand that, trying to explain why we need a carbon tax would be like trying to explain the Theory of Relativity to a farm animal. As Simon says you are the scum of the earth, so just fuck off.

    5. Hi anon 10:13....I don't want to be rude, but I've got to be frank. I know Cons aren't the smartest people in the world, but if you lose another IQ point or two we're going to have to water you like a plant. Are you seriously trying to defend the depraved Stephen Harper the most hated politician in modern Canadian history? Are you really trying to claim that everything was just fine because among other things "the mail was delivered?" Why don't you go the extra mile and claim like Benito Mussolini did, that the trains ran on time? And what don't you get about the words "climate change denier?" When they mean exactly as they are written: a person so dumb or so evil they would deny that climate change is real. And as for being opposed to a carbon tax, you can call yourself a "carbon tax denier" but all you are is a really dumb Con who doesn't understand that a carbon tax is a simple way of encouraging our economy to transition to a greener future, which we are all going to have to do sooner or later if we are going to survive. Oh boy, hang on to those precious IQ points dummy, while I go fetch the watering can...

    6. Hi Mr Perfect....thank you for trying to explain things to Mr Dummy. I had a few minutes to spare this morning to try to answer his comment, but after looking at it again I gave up. I can't handle that level of stupidity, nor can I understand how anyone can still deny climate change. So thank you for taking the time to try to educate that dummy, and for reminding me of that great website Shit Harper Did. I sometimes feel like I lost ten years of my life, and I will never feel completely at ease in this country again. But I will fight the Cons until the day I die...

    7. Hi anon 12:53...thank you for trying to explain the really hard concept of climate change denial to our really dumb Con. But I fear your logic may have been too much for that dummy to handle. I hope the fire department didn't have to be called after smoke was seen pouring out of its ears...;)

    8. Hi anon 2:03 pm...Did a congressman really throw a snowball on the floor and declare that climate change was a "lie from hell?" How absolutely insane, and if there was any justice he should have been taken to a mental hospital. But of course they're not insane, they know what they are doing and they should really be jailed. You know in addition to all the damage to our planet that you list, I saw a documentary about how greedy corporate interests are stripping our world of sand to build more and more buildings for the rich. I'd never even heard of that and it left me stunned and depressed. Those who are killing our planet must be put on trial, and shown no mercy...

    9. Anonymous6:58 AM

      Wow for a group of "progressives" you're all very rude and insulting.

    10. Anonymous11:19 AM

      Anon 6:58 I'm sorry, is there something about being progressive that means we have to tolerate stupidity? This is a right-wing myth.

    11. Anonymous11:39 AM

      Let's see: Houston is under water from Harvey, Irma now has hurricane force winds of 320 km, is now recorded as the most power Atlantic storm ever and is about to hit Florida, tropical storm Jose is about to become a hurricane right behind Irma, eastern Canada and the USA is flooding while western Canada and the USA are under smoke filled skies from wildfires. Not to mention all the flooding and death in Europe and Africa. But we're not suppose to bite back at individuals who wish to remain stupid. Whose the snowflake now, anon 6:58?

      mr perfect

  2. Who cares if the CPC supports the Liberals on NAFTA? What are they going to do - vote against it? Big deal. Meanwhile, what about them supporting small business owners, etc. against the recent proposed tax changes? They should be hammering the Liberals in question period about that - not the long past Khadr situation. They need to get with it. Which, of course, is not likely.

    1. Anonymous2:16 PM

      The conservatives in Canada are just as mired in Groundhog Day revisionist whataboutery as the U.S. Republicans. Ours can't even let go of the Lost Cause, and now they're looking to reenact the Korean War -- but much "biglier" this time. Eventually they'll get around to relitigating the outcome of the War of 1812, if we don't all perish in a nuclear disaster first.

      Canada's elephants in the room will probably find a way to dredge up complaints about Pierre's policies or Jim Sinclair to stick Justin with. Then they'll come back around to Khadr, before putting the DeLorean in reverse to focus on "Nannygate," say something mean about Margaret, and badmouth Talbot Papineau for no other reason than Justin played him in a movie. Won't be long now before they'll hold a séance to subpoena the ghost of Nixon, demanding answers as to why he gave Justin a champagne toast as a baby.

      Typical of conservatives, they want to "conserve" the past as set-in-stone gospel, and never come up with any new ideas. They should go work in "liberal" Hollywood if they're so fixated on reboots, and get out of the way so that actual liberals can move forward and leave tired old relics in the dust.

    2. Hi UU4077...I'm afraid your questions are slightly off. One, the Cons aren't supporting the Liberals on NAFTA. They're only trying to look like they are so they can try to make up for stabbing our country in the back. Two, the Cons are already attacking the Liberals for trying to keep the rich from dodging taxes, not screwing small business. Read what Moreau wrote in an op Ed in the Globe and you'll see what I mean. And thirdly, why are you surprised that the Cons are going after Khadr again? When they really are the Trump Party of Canada, and racism is now what defines them. Now pick up a bat and start swinging before those Con bastards kill our country...

  3. Anonymous1:50 PM

    Nice to see the oil can cons race-baiting and dismissing an entire group of marginalized people by referring to Indigenous issues as "virtue signaling." The Indigenous way of life kept them sustained for thousands of years. White man's industry and capitalism has destroyed humanity and the planet we live on in less than 100. They have been brutalized since their land was colonized. Their Mesoamerican and mestizo brethren in Latin America and the U.S. are still being brutalized by the inhumane Trump regime. So much for Kelly civilizing the Trumpenreich -- he himself just declared that ending DACA is "an inelegant solution to an intractable problem." How is that any different from a "final solution to the Jewish problem"?

    Once again modern conservatism rears its ugly head on both sides of the mirror. Obama tried his best to demonstrate humanity to the child arrivals in the face of the "intractable problem" that was and is the perpetually stubborn GOP, and Trudeau is trying his best to balance economic concerns and political realities with the necessity of Reconciliation. Both men's hearts were and are in the right place, and repairing the damage won't come overnight. But the Crappers and the Gippers don't have a heart at all.

    Leave it to the GOP North to focus entirely on $$$$$$$$$ as their sole M.O. just like their American cousins. Human rights of LGBT people and women are "virtue signaling" too? Disgusting. Whatever leverage or muscle Canada can put on the government of its increasingly out-of-control southern neighbor to not violate the rights of their fellow human beings should be applauded. If that means incorporating environmental protections, wage fairness, and a focus on human rights (particularly those of marginalized people) in NAFTA negotiations, then all the better.

    Sounds to me like Scheer and his party of deplorables are the Chamberlain appeasers. Trudeau and his team are confronting the beast in a uniquely Canadian manner. Strategically and "politely," of course, but making it perfectly clear that the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants -- especially those who, historically and at present, haven't had a seat at the table -- is both more important than the almighty dollar and inextricable from the overall goal of a nation's good wealth and good health. Human rights are not negotiable for "compromise," and shame on the northern cons for dismissing such concerns just to kick sand in Trudeau's face and suck up to their evil-twins in the GOP and Trump.

    1. hi anon 1:50 pm...There are a lot of alt-right expressions I hate, but "virtue singling" is one of the ones I hate the most. It's used to put down decent idealistic people who support the oppressed, the marginalized, and all the good causes intended to make our world better and more just. And to hear our Cons mouthing those alt-right words absolutely sickens me. It's one of the reasons I feel that they really have become Canada's Trump Party, and are betraying our values like traitors. Goodness knows this country isn't perfect, but without those values we are nothing. The forces of good in this country are under assault by the lowest kind of would be Trumpkins and their media cheerleaders, but we will hold them off, and we will defeat them....

    2. I am sure that our current crop of Cons would have accused William Wilberforce of virtue signaling had they been around then or, icondemned Sir Guy Carleton for disobeying orders and jeopardizing relations with the new USA.

  4. Anonymous9:45 PM

    Virtue signalling the Trumpian era put down that has passed its best before date. Taken literally I can understand why the Cons detest the thought of a Liberal signalling anything but really surprised they consider concern about climate change or employment equality a virtue. Surely they jest!

    1. Hi RT...as I mentioned above, there are few words that I hate more than "virtue signalling." And I'm warning any Con who dares repeat them in my presence that I'm quite capable of reaching into their mouths, pulling out their tongues, and forcing them to bite them off. Of course I wouldn't do that, but that is how I feel about such a cynical expression. And yes, with every day that passes our revolting Trump Party becomes less and less Canadian, and more and more disgusting...

  5. John B.5:28 AM

    They get dumber every semester. I may have missed previous instances of its deployment by these guys, but I'd been wondering when the great orators of the CRAP Party would pick up on that "virtue signalling" buzz-term. O'Toole must have added a new face to his staff fresh from some or another School for Disturbed Teenagers. Maybe now that they've found something new to play with, they'll give that tired old "politically correct" tag a rest.

    By the way, Simon, I don't think you're suggesting that Harper actually made sure that the mail was delivered, because he didn't. When the private sector solution that he claimed would materialize in response to his removal of delivery-to-door didn't happen, my aging and mobility-challenged mother had to arrange with me for periodic pickup at the Harper Box. It continues - another constant reminder of the infantile hatred for unions that he developed while stewing over the bigger paycheques handed to the guys who worked on the tools as he hid in the mailroom and piddled with Lotus 1-2-3.

  6. Montreal Simon,

    I actually appreciate that the Con's are adopting and saying in public and the media the neo-Nazi "dogwhistles",

    While trying to appeal to the neo-Nazi's "quietly" they are shouting their values out clearly.

    If any of the Dippers or Libs want a hint for the next election, run clips of Con's dogwhistles, and then a brief explanation of the "dog whistle" and it's roots in neo-nazism and American racist politics.