Saturday, September 02, 2017

The Monster Andrew Scheer and the Cruelty of the Cons

As I'm sure you know, Andrew Scheer likes to call himself a Christian. 

A servant of the Lord come to save Canada from women who have abortions, and destroy the Great Satan Justin Trudeau.

But sadly for Scheer he has no halo, he's no holy man.

For although as I pointed out yesterday, he'd like to plaster every campus with gory "pro-life" posters.

He has no respect for human life.

For here we go again.

Another ghastly Con who doesn't believe in harm reduction. 

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says he wants the federal government to focus more on drug-addiction recovery as overdose deaths in B.C. reach record levels. He's also distancing himself from harm reduction services such as Vancouver's supervised injection clinic, Insite.

Another brutish Con beast who doesn't believe in supervised injection clinics, even though they can and have saved thousands of lives...

I really do think we need to move beyond this kind of supervised injection, where government makes it quote unquote safer to inject illicit drugs, and to focus more on recovery and helping those who are addicted to get off drugs.

Another dirt ignorant Con who doesn't know what he is talking about. 

Supervised sites are not just a way to save lives, they are are a way of reaching out to drug users to try to break the cycle of addiction.

At a time when so many Canadians are dying from the deadly drug fentanyl, we don't need less of them, we need more of them.

And if Stephen Harper was still in power we might not have had any...

For that brutish leader hated the idea of those sites with every bone in his body. He wanted to punish drug users not heal them, even as so many died alone and helpless.

He tried to close Insite down, as did his ghastly successor Rona "Droner" Ambrose...

Who also tried to make it so hard to set up a safe injection site, we're only now starting to get ahead of the curve.

Only thanks to Justin Trudeau.

And only after so many have died, who might have been saved...

But then what do we expect from the filthy Cons? 

Who are more interested in saving the rich from paying taxes, than they are in saving human lives.

And if the creepy Andrew Scheer was prime minister this also would not be happening. 

For three months, the federal government has been secretly spiriting gay Chechen men from Russia to Canada, under a clandestine program unique in the world.

As of this week, 22 people – about a third of those who were being sheltered in Russian safe houses – are now in Toronto and other Canadian cities. Several others are expected to arrive in the coming days or weeks.

Even though the need couldn't be greater. 

Last April, the Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta reported that Chechen authorities had launched a pogrom against gay men.

Based on interviews with detainees and journalists, the NGOs concluded that, in February and March, Chechen authorities had begun rounding up suspected homosexuals, who were taken to detention centres, interrogated and tortured.

Because like Harper, Scheer is also a anti-gay scumbag, and along with his sleazy buddy Ezra Levant, who he is still refusing to condemn by name, is also a bigot of many colours...

And the good news?

Levant's hate mongering Rebel is slowly collapsing, having lost about 25,000 subscribers in less than a month.

And Scheer will never be prime minister, for all he can expect is another full body massage, or another tonguing, from his other good buddy the creamy homophobe Brad Trost. 

Brad Trost, whose socially-conservative supporters helped elect Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer, says he isn’t disappointed after his name was left off a list of “shadow ministers” released Wednesday.

“I told him I wanted to give him an absolutely free hand. You need to have people completely say, ‘you have my unqualified support regardless.’ ”

And as I pointed out yesterday Justin Trudeau is heading for a super majority, even bigger than the last one. 

Canada has come out of the darkness and into the light.

After the monstrous years of the Harper regime, it's now sending out a positive message to the world.

And despite what the ghastly old Trudeau haters say, has never been a better country...


  1. Anonymous9:28 AM

    "For three months, the federal government has been secretly spiriting gay Chechen men from Russia to Canada, under a clandestine program unique in the world."

    Ew gross. This program needs to be shut down right away.

    1. I know it's the end of the summer, but it seems a tad early for the bigoted snowflakes to start falling and my god, can't this anonymous troll show a bit more vitriol. It's the quotation marks that break me up. After all grammar is important when you are spewing hate. ��

    2. Hi anon 9:28....honestly, have you no decency? Homophobia isn't funny it's bestial, and it kills a lot of mostly young people. But then I suppose if I didn't have Cons like you leaving comments, I'd have to invent you, so decent people can see how low you can go.

      P.S when you pass, like a stool, could you arrange to have somebody sent me your brain in a jar? I'd like to study it closely to see if I can help others like you before it's too late. Thanks.

    3. Hi Willy....yes, it must be that time of the year. Eight ugly homophobic comments too vile to publish in just one week. It's a new record!!!! And I'm not counting the two death threats which I have forwarded to the police. None of that bothers me of course, but what does it say about them?

    4. Anonymous10:06 PM

      Anon 9:28 - I have found one of the Chechen gays coming to Canada right here!

      Word has it the Trudeau Liberal government is purchasing the residence right next to you and he's going to be your neighbour! Enjoy your free lap dance.

      mr perfect

  2. Anonymous11:44 AM

    I'll bet he only imagines "Christian" recovery programs.

    1. Hi anon....I doubt that Con or Trumpkin can imagine anything except it's next meal. Nor do I believe that it's religious, for if it is I might have to reclassify Scheer as a real Christian, and that would be an abomination....

    2. Imagine what he'd think if he actually met Jesus, and I don't mean the pink-faced blond in the bible school chromos...

  3. Anonymous2:31 PM

    I love the Charter. I love Canada.

  4. Hi anon... Yes, I love the fact that Pierre Trudeau brought in the Charter, and his son Justin is getting a chance to wield it like weapon against the bigots of this world. As long as we honour the Charter, Canada will always be Canada....

  5. Anonymous6:06 PM

    Simon please take care of yourself, it's such a terrible time and there are so many bad people out there. If something happened to you I'd miss you forever.


  6. Hi Sheila....thank you for caring, but please don't worry. I don't. I am well protected, I can defend myself, and I let the police separate the blowhards from the maniacs. As Willy said it's that time of the year, the Con mating season. And since nobody wants to do it with them, they're probably really frustrated... ;)

    1. They are still threating the congregation of the Great Mosque of Québec City. It must be Hate Week.

  7. Anonymous9:13 PM

    In typical Con fashion he's already threatening to defund universities unless he has the freedom to take our rights away. Yo Andy.. we already have free speech you can stop the fight. But do keep up the crazy, it ensures your time in the political wilderness for many years to come.
    Let's always remember his attack on unions So much ammo I can't wait for 2019 to wipe the rest of them out.
    So very proud of our government for helping save the lives of the Chechens. That Justin, always doing the right thing. Sunny Ways Simon and all the good people here. ❤️🇨🇦🌞🌞🌞🌞. Ps can't wait for the novel. Sorry to hear about the threats. Pamela🌈❤️

    1. Hi Pamela...I don't know why the media aren't more critical of Scheer's threat to defund universities, because I think it's outrageous. And like you I think it should keep him in the political wilderness for many years, or hopefully months to come. As for the threats don't worry about them. Those blowhards are as some reader said recently, faces looking for a fist... :)

  8. I hope I'm allowed to say that while I hope the Cons are reduced to a rump, no I don't want Trudeau to get a larger majority. No Cons and a large NDP opposition would mean more progressive legislation on socio-economic issues. I strongly agree with Trudeau on issues such as protecting persecuted minorities such as Chechen gays or minority faith groups in Syria, but he is not very good on issues such as funding social housing or lifting people out of poverty (I've been a member of a tenants' rights group, in his riding, for almost 30 years). I live just south of there in Boulerice's riding.

    1. hi are allowed to say whatever you want to say, whether I agree with you or not. I don't censor or delete progressives, only Cons.
      And on this happy occasion I don't disagree with you at all. I wouldn't mind a Liberal/NDP government with Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister. It might keep the whole progressive family happy, and stop them from fighting each other. As long as we don't split the vote and allow the Cons to take over...

    2. Pierre D.11:57 PM

      Yeah Simon this is what I would like. A Lib/NDP coalition government that pushes through a nice prog agenda while the Cons disintegrate, the Bloc Quebecois ceases to exist and the Greens get a few more seats.
      As long as Andew Sneer is gone and the shrill Rempel goes away for good....

    3. hi Pierre...I voted for the NDP in the last election, and I am supporting Justin Trudeau right now. In the world we live in all I ask is that the Cons be kept out of power. We lived though a decade of darkness, and I never want this country to experience that nightmare again. So I never attack progressives, I save all my criticism for the Cons, and whatever winning combination we can come up with is just fine with me...