Friday, September 15, 2017

Donald Trump and the Antifa Question. Again

Donald Trump is trying to make us believe that he has turned over a new leaf, and that he's not as bad as we thought he was.

But sadly for him it's just not working.

For it seems he can't stop comparing Nazis to the Antifa, or anti-fascists, who confront them in the streets.

And now he's done it again.

President Trump on Thursday condemned the violence by the anti-fascist protest movement known as “antifa,” saying their tactics around the country have proved him right for denouncing bad actors on both sides of the racially charged clashes with white supremacists in Charlottesville last month.

And although I've written about this subject before. 

And had hoped that once was enough. 

When I hear Trump blathering like a Drumph. Or read stories like this one.

I feel it necessary to repeat that while I don't always agree with the Antifa's tactics, there is no moral equivalence between them and the neo-Nazis.

As Andrew Mitrovica writes here. 

Recently, a fresh pathogen, which poses an urgent threat to public safety and discourse, has appeared suddenly on the political landscape. A batch of "liberals", saddled with fragile sensibilities, have warned that liberty and lives are being threatened by ordinary, largely anonymous people seized with the duty to confront the ignorance and hate that Hurricane Donald and his abominable acolytes brandish routinely with impunity.

It's an old trick: to negate real evil by manufacturing a phantom villain as a convenient foil or facile distraction.

And that when Trump claims that the Nazis who invaded Charlottesville are "fine people" he's dead wrong.

Neo-Nazis are not "fine people", nor are they "victims". They are, aptly put, scum. There must be no equivocation, no obfuscation, no shading on this score from any quarter, at any time, for any reason. 

To do otherwise is to provide succour to the philosophical descendants of genocidal murderers, who, given the opportunity, would relish enslaving and, once again, executing, wholesale, Jews, Muslims, Roma, homosexuals, the infirm, other vulnerable minorities and, yes, liberals.

For never forget this is what the Nazis did...

Murdered millions with impunity.

This is what American racists did.

Lynched, castrated, and burned thousands of mostly black men in the south. 

Smiling as if they were at a picnic, before going home with a little piece of charred flesh or bone to keep as a souvenir.

And that's NOT going to happen again.

I'm not going to go down on my knees in this cemetery in the north of Scotland as I do every summer...

And help keep the graves of Canadian heroes like this one as perfect as possible...

While having to apologize to him and others for letting the Nazis they died to defeat run rampant in our cities.

It's just not going to happen.

So while I'm not into mindless violence, or throwing things at police, or smashing shop windows for no good reason.

I do believe in confronting the fascist scum wherever they rear their ugly heads, or cover their cowardly faces. 

And this is an Anti-fascist group I could happily join...

Don't those Ku Klux Klowns look great hanging from a tree?

Let that be a warning to the real Nazis.

Never Again... 


Anonymous said...

I remember reading that they are building a monument somewhere in the American south to all the victims of lynchings. They number more than 4,000, but somehow in the debate over Civil War monuments and white supremacy they are never mentioned. In my opinion, the racial divide in America will never be healed until that evil legacy is recognized.

Anonymous said...

I want to know whether I can get smaller versions of those Ku Klux Klowns to hang from my Christmas tree. It's not something I would normally do, but these are not normal times and we need to let the racists know what we think of them.

lagatta à montréal said...

I teared up at the war grave of that Polish-Canadian lad.

Yes, we must never forget the mass lynchings...

Simon said...

hi anon...yes, it's called the Equal Justic Initiative and you can read more about it here

A lot of people are not aware of how many black men were murdered in the most appalling manner. But unless you understand what happened, you can't understand what's happening now. For only in the annals of the Nazi holocaust have I ever read anything so horrifying...

Simon said...

hi anon...If I lived in a racist neighbourhood, I might consider hanging little Klan dollies from a Christmas tree in my front garden just to annoy my neighbours. But since I live in a very progressive one, I can't do that lest people should think I am one of those hooded cowards. And If I hung them from the Christmas tree in my living room, my Mum would probably whack me on the head with a frying pan... ;)

Steve said...

Just like the black block, I suspect ANFita is a false flag.

David said...

Sept. 14/17:

Hillary Clinton: Donald Trump Is A Clear And Present Danger To United States