Thursday, September 07, 2017

Andrew Scheer and the Religious Extremists

It's hard to believe, it's so bizarre it boggles the mind. It's like Andrew Scheer is getting his marching orders straight from Donald Trump or his Godzilla.

For it has only been a couple of weeks since him and his Cons tried to sabotage the NAFTA talks by taking the Khadr case to the U.S.

And stabbing Canada in the back.

But despite the way they were criticized for their treasonous behaviour, Scheer is at it AGAIN!!!

Attacking the Liberals for trying to improve the NAFTA agreement, by having it reflect the values of this country. 

Federal Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is accusing the Liberal government of jeopardizing Canadian jobs by pushing for increased environmental protections, Indigenous rights and gender equality in a revamped North American free-trade deal.

Just like his hapless stooge Erin O'Toole did the other day...

Mr. Scheer's comments come on the heels of Conservative foreign affairs critic Erin O'Toole labelling Ottawa's push for such measures as "virtue signalling."

Even though a Canadian government has every right, and the duty, to stand up for the values most Canadians believe in.

But then that's the problem. Nobody really knows what Scheer believes in. 

Is he taking his orders from Donald Trump and his traitor Trumplings in this country?  

Is he taking them from his good buddy Ezra Levant?

Whose Rebel is now starting to resemble a Con propaganda machine. 

Just as Scheer wanted.

Or is he taking his orders from the sinister religious extremists of the Catholic Right?  

There’s plenty of evidence that right-wing Catholics are helping harden Canada’s conservative party and exerting more political influence than Canadians would like to think.

For as Michael Coren suggests, these days those religious extremists are hoping to take over a province and a country...

Remember that the two most prominent conservatives in Canada—Jason Kenney and Andrew Scheer—are right-wing Catholics. Kenney has attended meetings of the conservative group Opus Dei, an ultra-Catholic organization that tries to recruit people prominent in business and finance. Scheer is a committed believer and the son of a deacon—an ordained position for men considered only slightly junior to that of priest.

And Scheer is a true believer.

While the new leader of the opposition may smile a great deal and claim that he will not reopen debates about abortion and gay rights, his personal views on these issues are absolute.

And far more dangerous in that regard than was Stephen Harper.

It’s interesting that Stephen Harper was long considered a social conservative and a right-wing Christian, given that he was often hostile to Christian activists in his caucus who wanted to resurrect social and moral issues.

The same cannot be said for Andrew Scheer, who has already spoken of removing funding from universities where “free speech” is not protected; this is a euphemism for the protection of anti-abortion groups who now routinely demand the right on campus to present graphic images of aborted foetuses.

As I have tried to warn people about myself...

You know, I'm an atheist, and I have very little respect for any organized religion, finding them all to be to one degree or another, too cruel and too barbarous.

But I will defend their right to exist, and all I ask is that politicians like Andrew Scheer come clean with Canadians, and reveal how much their religious beliefs are secretly influencing their policies.

And where are they getting them from? Not I hope from places like this hate site. 

Where even Pope Francis is considered The Enemy.

For while I consider Scheer to be just a hollow shell, or a sinister clown...

We live in an age of political extremism, a dark age getting darker and more dangerous with every passing day.

So I'd hate to see Canadians get fooled into making him Prime Minister.

Only to have that clown terrify people, as the clown in this new Stephen King movie does...

Wake up Canada, demand some answers.

Demand to know what Andrew Scheer really believes.

Before it's too late...


  1. Anonymous9:02 AM

    And just wait for media to hype the vapid and empty Jagmeet Singh in order to split the vote for the connies. I hope we aren't that stupid.

    1. Anonymous10:38 AM

      Jagmeet Singh is a cool guy, he'll a nice chunk out of Trudeau's urban and millennial voters.

    2. I don't know much about Jagmeet Singh, and before I say anything I'll wait to see whether he is chosen leader or not. But what I do know is that the NDP is going to need a miracle to come back from the dead. And unless they can do better in Quebec, Ontario, and BC, they are going nowhere...

    3. Anonymous10:17 PM

      All the ndp do is split the vote.

  2. Jason should worry. God's political record is not that good. Remember, God told Cruz, personally. to run.

    1. Remember, God told Cruz, personally, to run.
      Ted may have misheard and the advice was run away, run away.

    2. Anonymous1:40 PM

      In Britain another right-wing Catholic extremist,Jacob Rees-Mogg, is positioning himself to replace Theresa May. He's against abortion even in the case of rape, believes same-sex marriage is abhorrent just like Scheer, and like him he smiles a lot. Why does it sound so familiar and what is going on?

    3. Well, Cruz is Spanish for Cross. Santa Cruz means Holy Cross, or Sainte-Croix in French.

    4. Hi rumleyfips...but Kenney has been a virgin for almost fifty years, doesn't a chastity vow like that one count for ANYTHING?

    5. Hi jrk....every time I see Cruz with Trump I remember what Trump said about his wife and two thoughts come to mind. One, how can Cruz suck up to Trump? And two, how did a pig like Trump ever become president?

    6. Hi anon 1:40...yes, I read a couple of articles about Rees-Mogg in the Guardian, and the similarity with what is happening to the Cons in this country was striking. They are both becoming parties of right-wing extremists, and as I pointed out the other day, with the millennial generation about to take over, they have no future....

    7. Hi lagatta...I know Cruz means cross in Spanish, and I find that extremely appropriate. Cruz deserves to be crucified for licking Trump's boots while that orange racist persecutes Hispanics...

  3. Anonymous3:08 PM

    I don't know what was more frightening, that trailer or the picture of Scheer that followed it. But I guess that was the point right?

    1. Hi anon 3:08... To be honest the video was a very late addition to this post. I was looking for a pic of Scheer to make him look like the Insane Clown Posse version of Howdy Doody which is what he reminds me of. But then I came across that video, and since it scared the bejesus out of me, I thought l'd use it to represent what our grinning Howdy Doody might turn into if he ever won a majority. Did it work? Probably not, but I'm not sorry. Our blogosphere is so boring, anything to liven it up has got to be worth something. And going from that scream at the end to that spooky picture of Scheer does make a point. Any idiot who votes for Scheer because he seems like a nice guy, sooner or later will wake up screaming...

    2. Anonymous8:08 PM

      Well said Simon, and I have to say that video worked for me. That's what I like about your blog, whatever subject you tackle you try hard to make it interesting. So don't get down on yourself, we appreciate it !!!!
      Sandy M

  4. why why why. get a life Andrew

  5. Hi Steve...that is Scheer's life. Except for six months as a stockbroker all he has ever been is a professional politician and a religious fanatic, and almost certainly not in that order. I believe, and hope to prove soon, that Scheer is being controlled by cabal of religious fanatics. So if anything should happen to me blame Opus Dei...;)

  6. Anonymous10:03 PM

    I am not religious either but their Bible does warn them to beware of false prophets. Trudeau, a liberal Catholic who met Pope John Paul II as a child, who is well-liked by Pope Francis, and who counts Jimmy Carter as a longtime family friend, is more Christian-like than the fascist "Gott mit uns" brigade of the rabid evangelicals and creepy old-order Catholics. Opus Dei is scary. U.S. Supreme Court Justice Scalia belonged to that group and we know how hateful he could be to LGBT people ("jiggery pokery"), women, minorities, and pretty much anyone else who didn't fit into his myopic world view. If their resurrection fantasy actually was to happen, the so-called Christians would be the first to crucify their Christ yet again.

    Justin's birthday is Christmas, in the same year (1971) that John and Yoko released their anti-war holiday tune shortly after visiting Montreal and staging their well-known "bed-in" to promote making love rather than war. John Lennon once said, "If more leaders were like Mr. Trudeau, the world would have peace." (Meaning Pierre.) Not to get all superstitious, but on an emotional level, that's got to count for something. At the very least he's a much nicer guy, lucky numbers or not.

    So, maybe the universe is trying to send a message after all. I'm surprised that Scheer's birthday isn't June 6, 1966. I'm also willing to give an inch to the possibility that Trump might very well be one of the "Boys from Brazil." At least it would solve the mystery of what happened to Hitler's missing nut...

    1. hi anon...I have to admit something really embarrassing. I may be an atheist, but I believe in a kinder gentler world, so sometimes I feel like I'm more of a real Christian than those who would pervert Christ's message and turn love into hate. So yes, there are good Christians, and Jews, and Muslims etc etc and as for the others, when they stop wanting to kill me I'm sure I could love them too. I also think you might be right, Donald Trump very well could be the on of the Boys from Brazil, because Bannon looks a lot like Dr Mengele...

  7. how can Cruz suck up to Trump?


    To hell with dignity, self-respect, or any insult to a spouse.

    Power. !

    Look at Mitt Romney or that fat fff Chris Christie from New Jersey kissing Trump's feet.

    Trump, at the beginning of his mad reign offered to give Republican politicians the power to implement many of their vicious, totally insane, social and fiscal policies, not to mention, stay elected if they were in the Congress or Senate.

    This was a chance to attain their own objectives, wield power, and, in many cases, keep their paymasters happy.

    I had not thought about it before but I wonder how Cruz's wife feels about this “suck up?

  8. hi jrk...I will always be amazed at how many Americans seemed to forget what happened during the Republican leadership, and still voted for the orange oaf anyway. You're right, power did corrupt Cruz and Christie and most of the Republican leaders.
    But many other Americans also owe the world an explanation, and an apology...

    1. Definitely an apology but I think the explanation is simple.

      A lot of Americans wanted a change. The other 15 or 16 in the Republican horror show were, in many ways, cookie cutter copies and offered the same old stuff. Clinton did the same from a Democratic policy except for a few things she stole from Bernie.

      Greatly simplified much of the Trump vote was for "None of the others" and remember Trump still lost the popular vote against probably the most disliked presidential candidate in US history.

      You're right, power did corrupt Cruz and Christie and most of the Republican leaders.

      Well, I did not mean that. Cruz, perhaps, though I'd probably say the thought of power blinded him. Most of the rest of the Republican were already corrupt; they may have just seen the chance of bigger payoffs.