Sunday, March 26, 2017

Michelle Rempel's Outrageous Assault on Justin Trudeau

It's a sad thing, but Michelle Rempel's behaviour is starting to alarm a lot of people in Ottawa, or deeply concern them.

For she just can't stop acting like she's boozed up, or stop directing torrents of abuse in the general direction of Justin Trudeau.

I mean who can forget when she recently accused him of treating

Or forget her many deeply disturbing Twitter tirades.

Well now she's done it again.

It began last Wednesday, when Rempel accused Trudeau of being rude to her good friend Candice Bergen. 

Conservative MP Michelle Rempel accused Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of losing "his shit" in the House of Commons Wednesday after he was questioned on the government's proposed changes to Parliament's rules.

After Bergen accused the prime minister of acting like a communist dictator. 

Bergen accused Government House Leader Bardish Chagger and the Liberals of trying to "ram" the discussion paper through Parliament. She called the situation "unbelievable" and later recited a quote from former Chinese communist leader Chairman Mao that she said Trudeau would be "familiar" with. 

 "Canada is not China. Canada is not a dictatorship. The prime minister is not the supreme emperor," she said.

As only Bergen can...

And Rempel accused Trudeau of having the nerve to be offended.

"This prime minister purports to be a feminist," Rempel said. "Yet when a strong, confident woman dares to question his arrogance and unilaterally changing the fundamentals of Canadian democracy, he tries to stare her down and yell at her."

Which couldn't be more absurd, since the proposed changes are based on the way the parliament in Britain operates, not the one in China. And it was Bergen who was yelling and screaming and acting like a hog.

But sadly it did not end there.

Because on Friday Rempel took her hatred for Trudeau to a new height, when she left Ottawa...

And started tweeting crazy stuff from about 35,000 feet.

Demanding that Canadians sign this petition.

With a Twitter tirade that became more and disrespectful... 

Or as her hideous fans egged her on...

More and more disgraceful...

Or more and more boozy, and more and more absurd...

Until at last she exceeded the bounds of truth and decency...

For not only was Stephen Harper NOT a great PM. 

Nobody did more than he did to undermine democracy in this country.

And Rempel should know that, because she was and remains his most faithful stooge...

So she will never be a member of the resistance, just a shabby Con collaborator.

And yes, enough is enough.

I don't know whether Rempel has a manners problem or a booze problem...

Although judging from her record, I strongly suspect the latter.

But one thing is for sure, her behaviour is degrading our parliament.

And if she can't control herself, she should seek treatment immediately.

And have the decency to resign her seat,as soon as is humanly possible....


  1. Anonymous9:32 AM

    Petition signed. Trudeau needs to resign.


    1. Because PM Harper never took advantage of Parliamentary traditions, right?

    2. hi MC...what's the prize? A bottle of Rempel's plonk? Perky, in your face, with a bouquet of stink weed, and an unmatched ability to give you a headache? But seriously, I bet you didn't know that your Cons had proposed many of the same changes, but are now apparently suffering from amnesia. The proposals to modernize parliament make a lot of sense, and would allow the opposition, including humble backbenchers, to grill the prime minister for a full hour every week. So what are you complaining about?

    3. hi UU4077...thanks for pointing out that Great Fallen Leader violated the traditions of parliament for ten long years. Rempel must think we are either stupid or senile, but some of us remember, and will never forget....

    4. Anonymous9:08 PM

      love her keep kicking his ass TRUDEAU HAS TO GO

  2. Anonymous11:27 AM

    It appears to be the toxic mix of terrible con attitude, bad manners, and a drinking problem.
    She is playing the classic con game. She shouts and and screams and acts petulant and the second she gets called on it, her yowls of MISOGYNY!!!!! ring through the mountaintops. This is the same game as dear Milo, "I am gay and like black dick, how dare you call me racist, you homophobe!" The same game employed by Ezra Levant when he screams anti-semitism at any criticism. It's absolutely cowardly and revolting, the type of crying wolf that will only ruin it for real victims in the future.
    The biggest question is, why does media fawn over her constantly?

    1. hi anon...yes it is a hypocritical game Rempel is playing. She demands to be treated with respect, but treats others badly. I think she is very upset by the fact that she isn't one of the fourteen leadership candidates, and thinks people are discriminating against her because she's a woman, or too young, or too smart etc etc. It's all nonsense of course, but the old guys in the parliamentary press gallery fawn over her, and no matter what she says or does, she can do no wrong...

    2. Anonymous11:47 AM

      Simon check out her Facebook videos. She did one in her bedroom, she is umhinged, mate.

  3. Anonymous3:28 PM

    Harper was a great PM?! Let this be a warning to everyone, alcohol and altitude may cause delusions. Candass Bergen, equally deluded without the need of alcohol.
    The fact is, I happened upon CTV Newsnet last Wednesday and they were following Question Period. Amid the heckling, JT was asking for some decorum as there were kids in the audience so what does the opposition parties do? Increase their heckling. What did I do? Change the channel.
    Question Period is a joke and I don't blame JT at all for not attending. I couldn't stomach more than 15 seconds of it and I felt terrible for those kids who had to witness this spectacle of imbecility.
    It's time they start pointing the cameras at these yapping hyenas and display their names and ridings. Shameful behavior deserves recognition does it not?

    1. hi JD....yes, it seems that Rempel is setting herself up to be the keeper of the Harper flame, and the defender of archaic parliamentary practices dating back a hundred years. When in fact, nobody did more to muzzle parliament than Stephen Harper, and as you point out, Question Period all too often resembles a noisy parrot cage. The Cons and the NDP also seem to be under the impression that if a Prime Minister's Question Day was created, that would mean that Trudeau would not be in the Commons on any other day, which is also nonsense. And I agree with you, the TV coverage of QP is also old fashioned, and we need more cameras in the place so we can see the faces of all those howling hyenas....

  4. John B.1:33 AM

    I agree with the criticism of Justin's attempt to abuse his constitutional dictatorship, but I'm dismayed that a fool like Rempel has become the opposition member at the centre of the debate.

    1. hi John...I don't think that the changes proposed, would damage the working of parliament. The Cons themselves had proposed scrapping the Friday morning session. And allowing all MPs, including backbenchers, to grill the prime minister once a week works very well in Britain, and is in my opinion a step in the right direction. The Cons and the NDP are making much of nothing....

  5. Anonymous10:25 AM

    The reasoning behind changing question period and other tweaks to parliamentary procedures can be found on the website under the MP Exit Interview Report where a significant number of MP's were interviewed after their time in Ottawa. In essence the suggestion was to improve civility by adopting some of the British parliamentary procedures. Unless Rempel lives in an alternative universe she is well aware of these recommendations but completely willing to debase her self respect in order to feed the Con story line. As we have seen in the US and to a lesser extent in Canada, democracy is in trouble and she is part of the problem rather than the solution.

  6. e.a.f.10:42 PM

    eliminating Friday morning sessions???? its not a bad idea actually. For those M.P.S who have family it gives them more family time. It gives M.P.S more time to work on constituency issues. It might be a good day to do committee work, hold extra caucus meetings, good day for M.P.S to have office hours for the voters/taxpayers, a lot of work could be done on Fridays which could then ensure more M.P.S. were in the house of Commons on the other 4 days. I've got no problem with a 4 day week for the House of Commons.

    Here in B.C. the legislature sometimes didn't meet for almost 9 months at a time. month or so once in awhile.

    Some of M.P. Rempel are simply bad manners and she ought to apologize for her bad behaviour. Referring to the P.M.'s caucus as "shitty" is not good parliamentary behaviour. there are other words to express yourself if you don't like the federal Liberals. as to Harper being a better P.M. what was Rempel smoking and taking? OMG do I have to list all the not so democratic things Harper did while P.M.?

    1. hi e.a.f... Rempel can attack Trudeau as hard as she likes, that's her democratic right. But calling him a creep, or using other examples of vulgar language, is not on as far as I'm concerned. She is always calling for others to show more respect, but then leads by bad example....

  7. Harper was a great PM? Ha!

    Part 9 of 9:

    1. hi David...thanks for that. I have Harper's record carefully archived so I never forget it, but it doesn't hurt to remind Canadians about his nightmare years. So if Rempel thinks she can rehabilitate his image, she can forget about that...