Sunday, March 05, 2017

The Ugly Confusion of Michelle Rempel

You don't see or hear much about Michelle Rempel these days. 

Once she was a rising star in the Harper Party, and a legend in her own mind. 

But then Big Daddy went down with a sickening thud, and so did her political career.

These days Rempel spends a lot of her time posing as a Con with a heart of gold, and lecturing other MPs on how to behave.

But sadly all too often, fails to live up to her own demanding standards.

For there she was about a month ago, at an immigration conference in Montreal, preaching tolerance.

To an audience question on Tory leadership candidate Kellie Leitch’s idea of screening immigrants for “Canadian values,” Rempel chose her words carefully: “Dog-whistle politics are the worst. I’ll leave it at that.”

To that end, she expressed distaste with her party’s line against permitting burqas at citizenship ceremonies or a “barbaric cultural practices tip line.”

She cited the recent upswing in mostly African asylum-seekers sneaking in through Manitoba’s border and elsewhere, but said she was seeing Twitter users gripe about a huge flood of newcomers and replied: it’s no flood: “We’re talking about Canadian compassion.”

And here she is today. 

Individuals who cross the Canada-U.S. border illegally and are not “directly fleeing persecution” should be charged, Conservative immigration critic Michelle Rempel said today.

“Persons coming from a safe country and not directly fleeing persecution should not be able to ignore our laws and enter Canada illegally,” she wrote. “If they do, they should be charged.”

Screeching hysterically about refugees, demanding they be arrested, and that the Canadian government declare Donald Trump's America a safe place.

“It is not helpful for the Liberals to imply, through silence, that there is no penalty for crossing the border illegally,” she wrote. “The Liberals need to firmly state whether they believe the US is a safe country or not and act accordingly.

Even though nobody can be sure that the U.S. is a safe place anymore. 

Even though the law is quite specific about how those refugees should be treated.

133 A person who has claimed refugee protection, and who came to Canada directly or indirectly from the country in respect of which the claim is made, may not be charged with an offence under section 122, paragraph 124(1)(a) or section 127 of this Act or under section 57, paragraph 340(c) or section 354, 366, 368, 374 or 403 of the Criminal Code, in relation to the coming into Canada of the person, pending disposition of their claim for refugee protection or if refugee protection is conferred.

And all we need to do to control the situation is send more resources to the border, and process refugee claims as quickly as possible. Which is what the government is already planning on doing.

But then that's Rempel eh?

One day she's nice, and the next day she's nasty...

On the third day she rests, or whatever...

And far from repudiating Kellie Leitch and her dogwhistle politics, she's actually imitating her and blowing a dogwhistle herself.

And now that Leitch has a new video. 

Clearly undeterred by the mockery made of her first video, Conservative leadership candidate Kellie Leitch released another video Saturday in which she regurgitated a policy proposal to amend the Criminal Code to make it legal for Canadians to possess mace and pepper spray for self-defence purposes.

“As prime minister, I will take steps to strengthen the rights of women to protect themselves from those who would do them harm,” she said in the video. “The law should not force women to be victims of violence when non-lethal means exist for them to protect themselves.”

Goodness knows what Rempel might say or do next...

She's clearly decided that if you can't beat them join them.

She is just another Con Trumpanzee

And when the clock strikes twelve.

She'll go down with the rest of them...


Anonymous said...

She is probably just sad the Rebel crowd called her a cuck at their hate rally. She is besties with the foul Gunn Reid.

David said...

I assume Rempel tested the waters and realized she had no grassroots support for a run as Con leader.