Saturday, March 11, 2017

Horror Story: A Week At Sea With Ezra Levant

As you may know, Ezra Levant and his ratty Rebels like to organize Caribbean cruises every now and then.

So the porky Rebel Commander can get a little sun, and milk a little more money out of his faithful supporters.

And while I've written about them before, I've never read what it's like to actually be trapped on a cruise ship with Levant and his ghastly gang.

But now The Walrus has sent one of its writers to sea with them.

So you too can live the nightmare.  

Levant entertained the crowd with something of a stand-up routine. His material was hokey, but the jokes landed. Not for the last time, he spun self-deprecating material from the fact that the ship had a gym—the joke being that you wouldn’t likely find him in it. “I’m into fitness,” he explained. “I’m into fittin’ this pizza in my mouth!”

But while I found the article mildly interesting for what it said about Levant, and some of his hideous supporters.

One Rebel I met, a middle-aged oil-patch worker from northern Alberta, described his daily media consumption as follows: First he goes to Breitbart for news, then the Rebel for “analysis,” then his local Sun newspaper “for entertainment.” Time permitting, he’ll move on to the Globe and Mail or the Toronto Star or the cbc—but only if he isn’t already “angry enough.”

One retired couple keeps the laptop open on the breakfast table every morning, with Rebel videos turned up loud. One mother watches Rebel videos every night with her teenaged daughters.

I thought the writer was far too easy on them, and I could never believe this:

There is much debate in media circles about whether Levant is a true believer in his cause—or simply an ideological huckster punching a meal ticket. I came away convinced that he’s genuine. I think he believes he’s doing the right thing. Even when his approach is brutally insensitive or worse, I think he feels justified by the supposed righteousness of his cause.

For it doesn't really matter whether Levant is a true believer. He is a professional bigot and a greasy huckster.

He never stops trying to poison this country.

So I will never stop hoping that the Rebel Commander and his ratty crew will eventually meet the fate they deserve...

And in the only way they can.

Help make Canada great again....


  1. That is clearly one dedicated reporter. I probably would have jumped ship on the second day. I suspect that Ezra is more or less genuine. It would be difficult to fake all that prejudice and malevolence

    But you are correct, "He is a professional bigot and a greasy huckster."

    1. Anonymous10:25 AM

      Yes, jump ship...imagine also being around his supporters/deplorables.


    2. hi jrkrideau... Levant's Rebel has become such a cynical hate mongering rag, I don't think Levant sees it as anything more than a money making machine. Once he liked to pose as a champion of free speech, but that was long ago. According to Frank magazine he lives in a big house, travels around in a Hummer, sends his kids to fancy schools, while his faithful followers save their pennies to keep him living the good life. He now claims he modelled the Rebel on Breitbart. But even Breitbart as bad as he was had a lot more class than Levant will ever have...

  2. Anonymous3:20 PM

    Boat full of smelly fucking bigots

  3. Anonymous6:15 PM

    That's quite a depressed looking bunch of people there Simon. Three are sleeping, two appear to have a bowel obstruction, the kid's wishing he was in school and Hondo, who seems interested, must be Ezra's bodyguard.
    That these people would spend their money on this cruise to listen to Ezra is a perfect example of "a fool and their money are soon parted."
    If I was forced to choose between a cruise with Ezra or a "billionaire lifestyle" one with Rona I think I would have a valid case for an assisted suicide.

    1. hi JD...yes, I'm always interested to know who is stupid enough to join Levant's sordid cult. And in that regard I found that photo rather revealing. I can't believe that so many could believe anything that flatulent bigot says about anything. And to think that so many send that greedy beggar money is simply beyond belief. There truly is a sucker born every day...

  4. Anonymous6:55 PM

    I hope they warned the other passengers that Levant and his racists were on that cruise, so they could change ships. I know if I was on a cruise with the Rebel scum it would ruin my holiday, and I would sue!

    1. hi anon...yes, I feel the same way you do. I might heckle the Rebel gang for a couple of days, but I'd get off at the first island, and when I returned to Canada I would sue the cruise company to try to get my money back. Just Levant alone should be worth 10K worth of damages... ;)

  5. Anonymous6:56 PM

    I read the article, he is trying to normalize these shitty people.

    1. hi anon...I'm afraid I also got that impression. I think he felt guilty for not letting them know he was planning to write a story about them. But I don't understand why he would feel guilty. It's not like Levant's supporters aren't guilty of supporting a racist and a hate monger. So all he ended up doing, whether he intended to or not, was normalizing them and the scumbag Levant. I'm glad the Walrus sent someone, but they should send someone armed with a metaphorical knife instead of a spoon....

    2. Anonymous10:10 AM

      I am currently reading this article, as I wanted to see how balanced the walrus could be - it wasnt. It was as balanced as a British ethnography on a primitive african tribe would have been in the 1800's -
      " they are an interestign people but so poorly educated and primitive compared to myself, they should be pitied as they are not as Enlightened as I"

      I am libertarian and as such i share some common ground with the 'rebels' [small gov't, lower taxes, in short 'own your own sh*t'] and while i am not a fan of the populist trumpism that has taken over its pages - it is a voice in Canada. I will not apologize nor try to explain some of the more fringe views of the Rebel, but this is a direct reaction to the political and media establishment in Canada and is as much a product of Trudeau and the CBC as it is of Trump
      - Both equally deplorable IMHO

  6. Anonymous9:39 PM

    Well I don't see anyone starting a Montreal Simon cruise. ;)


    1. Anonymous11:10 PM

      Nice one.

    2. hi MC...well actually I do occasionally conduct small cruises of the Caribbean on my rich uncle's sailing boat. And in a somewhat smaller craft, I also conduct tours of the dolphin grounds off the east coast of Scotland. I just don't charge people anything, and it's by invitation only... ;)

    3. Anonymous3:44 PM


      Sign me up.


    4. hi P2p...very good, will that be Scotland, or the Caribbean, or Beaver Lake in Montreal? The last one is my economy tour, where I sit at the back and steer, and have a water cress sandwich, while you do the rowing... ;)

  7. e.a.f.1:52 AM

    Perhaps we can put him, Trump, Steve Bannon, Wilders, and le pen all on the same cruise ship for life. O.K. we can toss in the president of South Africa and some of the British Conservatives, the royal family of Saudi Arabia and Mugabe oh and that new president of the Phillipines and add Putin. Might let them land some where from time to time to refuel and then out to see again.

    1. Anonymous10:10 AM

      Don't forget to add Marine Le Pen.

  8. it looks like that crowd could use some sexual liberation