Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Donald Trump: When Reality Bites

Donald Trump called his best known book the Art of the Deal. 

And he has always tried to portray himself in that regard as a genius or an artist.

But after his Trumpcare plan went up in smoke the other day.

Reality took a big bite out of him, and shattered that image.

And while the blame game rages at the White House.

With President Donald Trump’s sweeping agenda hitting the rocks as he edges toward the 100-day mark, top aides, political allies and donors are embroiled in a furious round of finger-pointing over who is at fault.

They described a distracting and toxic atmosphere, with warring power centers blaming one another for an ever-growing list of setbacks. The dysfunction has further paralyzed an administration struggling to deliver on its blunt promises of wholesale change.

And Trump goes after the hardliners of the so-called Freedom Caucus. 

Charles Blow sees blood in the water, and calls him the King of Crash.

Trump was a weak president further weakened. He was already unpopular on a historic scale. He was already being proven to be a complete liar and hypocrite. He was already being exposed as a blustery failure. 

But the one thing that he could hold on to was the long-maintained mirage of personal success and deal-making. He was the master of tough with the Midas touch.

The failure of Republicans to come together behind their horrible plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act — even though they now control both houses of Congress and the presidency — was a crushing blow to Trump’s brand.

As well as pointing out that Trump's attempts to blame Paul Ryan could come back to haunt him... 

You don’t throw under the bus one of the only people who would stand between you and members of your own party who may one day be asked to impeach you. A wounded Ryan might well sit back and watch, as the world consumes Trump.

But while Trump has been diminished, he remains an affront to everything decent, and a mortal threat to the planet.  

President Trump will take the most significant step yet in obliterating his predecessor’s environmental record Tuesday, instructing federal regulators to rewrite key rules curbing U.S. carbon emissions.

The order sends an unmistakable signal that just as President Barack Obama sought to weave climate considerations into every aspect of the federal government, Trump is hoping to rip that approach out by its roots.

And for that alone he must be stopped by whatever democratic means necessary.

And the good news?

His approval polls just keep going south.

After only 100 days in office, he is less popular than any other new president before him.

He has never been more vulnerable, he doesn't really understand what's happening, he's out of his depth.

But there is now blood in the water, and reality will help destroy him...


Anonymous said...

The Art Of The Plea Deal

Steve said...

The messaGE IS the medium or something Marshell incucdim
well we dont have that today
and there is no
way Trump
will go away
ask teh
magna carta

Marmalade said...

Personally, I am tired of hearing about Mr. Trump!

David said...

Congress can remove Trump

Anonymous said...

I'm confident that the courts will put another stop order on Trump's insane plan to destroy the environment. Seeing him holding up the executive order like an eight year old displaying his art was both funny with a healthy dose of WTF?
Isn't it an interesting parallel how our former Dictator and his trusty sidekick Dumbo were shot down time and again by our supreme court?
Expect the same for Trump. That's how democracies protect us from tyrants.

Simon said...

hi anon...let's hope no judge ever accepts that plea deal. And gives him an extra year in the pen for every lie he makes under oath. Because the way that leathery tangerine lies that could add up to a life sentence....

Simon said...

hi Steve...to hell with massaging the medium. The Magna Carta was written to control people like Trump, and one way or the other he is going to be impeached....

David said...

Here's how this will end for Trump