Monday, March 06, 2017

Has Donald Trump Tweeted Himself Into A Corner?

They don't call him Twitler for nothing, and Donald Trump's compulsive tweeting has caused him problems before.

But somehow he always manages to get away with it, so one big lie just follows another.

But his early Saturday morning tweets accusing Barrack Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower...

May be the biggest mistake of his short and chaotic presidency.

Because that's crazy and this is a real problem.   

FBI director James Comey has asked the Justice Department to reject publicly Donald Trump’s claim that Barack Obama wiretapped his communications, according to US media reports.

Now it's Comey's word against his, and one way or the other Trump can't win. 

Either he'll have to explain why he is being investigated, or explain why he invented the whole story.

Let’s begin with what the public can know for certain. President Trump had no evidence on Saturday morning when he smeared his predecessor, President Barack Obama, accusing him of ordering that Trump Tower phones be tapped during the 2016 campaign.

Just contemplate the recklessness — the sheer indifference to truth and the moral authority of the American presidency — revealed here: one president baselessly charging criminality by another, all in a childish Twitter rampage.

And then explain why he believes he is morally fit to remain in office, after trying to smear a former president... 

And by so doing making a full investigation even more necessary. 

By alleging potential criminality in the nation’s highest office, Mr. Trump has tweeted himself into a corner. 

His accusation is so sensational — so explosive if it turned out to have some basis in fact and so corrosive if not — that Congress has no credible option but to convene a bipartisan select committee to investigate all questions related to Russian interference in the election. And if Mr. Trump has confidence in his claim, he should have no reluctance about the appointment of an independent counsel to get to the bottom of the Russia affair.

You know, on Saturday Night Live they made fun of Trump's Attorney General Jeff Sessions. 

By portraying the ghastly little bigot as the main character in the movie Forrest Gump...

And while that worked for me, so does this...

Because Trump isn't that bright either. Not when he's trying to distract Americans from a scandal with an even bigger scandal.

This is who he is....

And it is time the Republicans faced reality.

It's time to say it: Trump is dangerously mentally ill and is temperamentally incapable of being president.

Horrible things are going to happen soon: a war will be started, and people will die. The GOP has shown there is absolutely nothing that he can say or do that will warrant them to speak up, so Democrats had better get on the damn ball.

You will never win an argument with a crazy person, but we can damn sure fight to make sure the crazy person doesn’t have the nuclear codes before he decides to use them.

Donald Trump is too dumb and too dangerous to be president.

And he must be removed from office before he kills us all...


Anonymous said...

April Fool's Day is a little over 3 weeks away... I'm scared shitless of what the Russians are going to do with that opportunity.

rumleyfips said...

Brought down by a Briebart lie? Perfect.

Anonymous said...

It must be extremely difficult for The Deluded Donald to get a grip these days. After his "monumental" speech for the ages, with Pence and Ryan looking on as if their daughters had just graduated grade 6, and a token war widow in the crowd for dramatic effect, he had reached the pinnacle of his presidential tenure. How could anyone not get teary eyed Simon? I was, at the plight of the widow who'd been duped into being a prop in the Trump circus.
The MSM was so enraptured by it all that even Trump's harshest critics were praising his ability to calmly read from a teleprompter. It was like a dream, as if all was suddenly forgiven, the POTUS was a big boy now.
And then, as all great dreams end, POOF!!! The shit hits the fan, The Donald throws a tantrum and as Simon says, paints himself into a corner. Which is rather fitting as I recall being put into a corner once or twice, when I was 9.
I got out but I doubt The Donald will be able to Tweet himself out of this doozy.

Anonymous said...

We are lucky that these people are vain, stupid, and alcoholic.

David said...

Can Trump change his own personality/character?
Can a leopard change its spots?

David said...

Hitler finds out Trump is President

Anonymous said...

Bunch of sore losers. It's going to be a long 8 years.


Anonymous said...

Like everything Trump he has turned the old adage "the best defense is a good offense" into the best defense is a deceptive extravaganza of an offense consisting of half truths and outright lies all designed to shift attention and buy him enough time to escape to the next crisis. Although each crisis slows him a little the wheels of justice move slow and he is betting he will reach his destination before the accumulated weight of the past sinks him. Unfortunately for everyone, as commander in chief the main option he seems to have left is a good war. Other strategies such as fermenting the unlawful rebellion of targeted groups to justify imposing centralized power just takes too long. Unfortunately although the odds are slowly improving they are still on his side.

Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoy nuclear winter as much as I do.

David said...

Stupid Watergate

Anonymous said...

Careful MC, your inferiority complex is showing.