Friday, March 10, 2017

Donald Trump and the Ticket To Hell

He hated Obamacare with a passion, if only because of its name. 

He ranted and raved about it during the campaign, he vowed to destroy it the moment he came to office.

But now that he is president, and the Democrats are calling his Republican plan to replace it Trumpcare, he hates that name too.

And it's getting more and more obvious that he doesn't know what he's doing.

He's out of his depth, he's too dumb to govern.

As Paul Krugman writes, the GOP bill is so bad it's awesome.

It has long been obvious to anyone following health policy that Republicans would never devise a workable replacement for Obamacare. But the bill unveiled this week is worse than even the cynics expected; its awfulness is almost surreal.

If enacted, the bill would almost surely lead to a death spiral of soaring premiums and collapsing coverage. Which makes you wonder, what’s the point?

Republicans have been claiming that Obamacare is collapsing, which isn’t true. But Trumpcare, if implemented, would collapse in a Mar-a-Lago minute.

It's hard to tell who hates it more, the list is so long.

The Koch brothers and other far right-wing groups don't like it because Obamacare is still breathing. 

Even his loyal Breitbart readers are accusing Trump of having betrayed them...

No group is as angry as the elderly, for the effects on them would be devastating.

The effect on those who are older and less affluent would be devastating. AARP has done the math: a 55-year-old making $25,000 a year would end up paying $3,600 a year more for coverage; that rises to $8,400 for a 64-year-old making $15,000 a year. And that’s before the death spiral.

And as this message from their powerful lobby group AARP makes clear, they're not taking it lying down...

Which is really bad news for Trump, because along with Charlie the squirrel those 
are some of his most loyal supporters.

And unless Trump can manage to square the circle, he will be in big trouble. 

Donald Trump has spent his whole life overselling an overinflated vision of himself and his success.

As is Trump’s wont and calling card, he oversold his voters a bill of goods that he would never be able to deliver. The Pied Piper of pipe dreams did in politics what he had done in business: He got people to buy into a success mythology in which he was a wizard.

For he was no wizard, just a vulgar Con artist, leading his own people to disaster...

As he has done his whole life, Trump has sold those who follow him as some sort of money-drenched messiah a bill of goods, but this time the lie is likely to manifest in loss of life, as sick people lose coverage. 

Donald Trump has sold his supporters — and by extension, this country — a ticket to hell.

And really, what more can we ask for?

His own supporters will soon be dropping like flies.

Obama is laughing his ass off.

And Donald Trump is slowly going crazy...

By the time they arrive to arrest him for treason.

There won't be much left of him...


  1. Anonymous10:53 PM

    I don't feel bad for any of them.

  2. Anonymous11:54 PM

    For someone who has his name plastered all over everything he owns or sells it's rather ironic that he doesn't want his name on this clunker. He hates the name Trumpcare and the best part of that is the name has stuck. Own it Donnie.

    1. Better: Trumped-upCare.

    2. hi JD...yes it is ironic isn't it? But after he realized that healthcare is more complicated than he imagined it was, you can be sure he doesn't want to carry the can for Ryan and the other Republican ideologues. But I must say, Trumpcare does have a nice ring to it. It sounds like a car crash. So I must be sure to use it as much as possible... ;)

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  4. John B.5:59 AM

    It's Obama's fault. Wait - Crooked Hillary did it. Anybody but the poor beleaguered insurance providers.

    1. hi John...I see that one of the biggest insurance companies has decided to back Trump's hideously flawed plan. I wondered how long it would take them to calculate how much money they could make by cutting the poor off. When I think of the human suffering that will almost certainly be inflicted on the poor and the vulnerable, I give thanks for our precious medicare system that keeps the vultures away from us....

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  8. Anonymous10:28 AM

    Wonder how Joshua Kushner will make out on this one...


  9. e.a.f.1:59 AM

    Trump thought running the country would be like running a business, but trump never really ran a successful business. he bankrupted more than a few, failed to pay his bills, etc. it was a lot of hype. when you're running a government it isn't a business. its a public service and it doesn't run on hype. It runs on a lot of hard work. the republicans who followed Trump knew how to win an election, they just don't know how to run a country and what makes it a good and decent country.

    Trump's base had had it with the Democrats. they hadn't delivered for them for eons. They wanted a change and they believed the snake oil salesmen. Now they've been bitten and won't have a doctor to help them. Adults made their choices but the kids never did and they too will suffer when they don't have health care.