Saturday, April 27, 2013

Stephen Harper's Disastrous Bout With Justin Trudeau

Well afterwards the experts did agree on one thing eh? 

It wasn't exactly the bout of the century, but it was both horribly revealing, and deeply disturbing.

For there was Big Boy Harper rushing out of his corner to accuse Justin Trudeau of being a girly man.

Only to lead with his belly, trip on his thong, fall flat on his face, commit defecation, and cry uncle sociologist.

Which had the experts shaking their heads, and declaring that Big Boy's technique seemed even more shabby than usual, his buttocks even more flabby. And that he must be losing his mind, or his memory. 

This is awkward. By now, we’re all familiar with Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s condemnation of Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s remarks about seeking the root causes of terrorism.

How odd, then, to find that the federal government Harper leads is, in fact, paying lots of money — to a sociologist, no less — to study the reasons that motivate terrorism.

Or both. Along with what was left of his moral values...

For they all agreed that forcing Canadians to pay for HIS sleazy political pornography is as low as you can go. No man could go lower. Or expose himself further, without being arrested by the vice squad.

And that any Prime Minister who would stir up anti-Quebec feeling to use at a later date against both the Liberals and the NDP, poses a mortal danger to this country, and is unfit to remain in office.

Leaving me only to say this:

I hate men who hold up stereotypical male values as the beacon light of leadership, for they are not only insulting half the planet. i.e. women. Those brutish cardboard values are leading it to disaster.

For Stephen Harper to pose as a "manly manly man" is both outrageous and totally PATHETIC.

Or as they say in Texas and Alberta, all hat and no cattle...

When Justin makes him tremble.

When Pierre Trudeau died, Stephen Harper wrote that he “took a pass” on the fights against Nazism and Communism. He believed, surely still believes, the old man was evil, or blind to evil, which is the same. He suspects the same of Justin. Anger wrecks his judgment. 

In my years in Ottawa I’ve seen other politicians who polarized debate so effortlessly they drove furious opponents to dumb mistakes. Jean Chrétien was one. Harper himself is another. Apparently young Trudeau has some of that too. It’s a handy attribute.

And Harper is nothing but a cowardly bully who would spend  millions to destroy others.

Because I know bullies when I see them. And the day I saw those disgusting ads start to appear, I knew what he was, and that's why I am still blogging. Night after night even when I'm exhausted. In my way, over the top or whatever, but always with passion.

Always mocking him, always challenging him. Until the day he is defeated. Until the day the bully hits the canvas.

For I WILL have my Canada back...

I want to feel the clean fresh wind in my face, not the foul stench of Harperland.

And in that regard I can't help feeling like we've got the wind in our sails, and something to celebrate this weekend eh?

The monster has been revealed. The bully is licking his wounds, having never looked angrier, uglier, or crazier. Or more like a LOSER.

He's going down.

Canada still lives. And all over our big and still beautiful country.

It's starting to feel like summer is almost here...

Woohoo !!! I knew it would finally arrive. I know we will finally defeat the Cons and their degenerate leader.

Down with the bullies.

Have a great weekend everybody...

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  1. Anonymous6:38 AM

    harper is to Canada what Charles Manson is to "law and order".

    1. hi anonymous... It's funny, I've never been able to compare Harper to others, probably because he's such a shabby little man. Although his government is practically a cult, he's no grand villain. Just a cheap chiseller with delusions of grandeur, cheating us out of our future, and slowly killing government by cooking the books. It might not be so grubby if the Cons had given us a villain worthy of Batman. But no. It's scary, it's grubby, but all we got is weird boring Stephen...

  2. Yes, he can't quite call Justin gay as the latter is such an "out" heterosexual family-man, but he is sending a message to his "red-meat, gun and big truck" base.

    It remains a variation on heterosexism.

    1. hi lagatta...exactly, they can't call him a fag because he's straight, but the way they portray him is intended to produce the same reaction in the old male audience the ad is targeting as homophobia. A visceral feeling at those they perceive to be less masculine than they are. Even without the anti-Quebec stuff, and the anti-Muslim crap, this ad is the most disgusting ad they have ever produced. Unfortunately the media coverage has been appalling. They have been distracted by the stripper stuff, and haven't examined it closely enough from the advertising point of view. Because when you do what you see is monstrous. There is simply no other word for it, it's that evil...

  3. Well said. Unbelievable that as Harper spouts rhetorically about 'committing sociology' to seek causes, as if sociology is some kind of a fucken crime, his buffon govt is actually doing just that. Nut case. Dishonest. Unfit to govern. Unfit for office.

    1. hi wazz... yes I quite enjoyed that latest example of the incredible hypocrisy of the Con regime. Or the madness. Because let's face it eh. When a government lies all the time, guts the census, denies climate change, muzzles scientists, and talks about "committing sociology" we're not in the realm of the sane anymore. We're in a parallel universe and heading for big trouble...

  4. Anonymous2:03 PM

    Harper is Canada's number one terrorist, our worst bully. Harper is a Dictator and a control freak. Harper has told Police, they are not to speak to Harper's M.P's without his approval. The members of his caucus and Ministers are, disgraceful, useless, spineless, gutless wonders. I have nothing other than a deep contempt for the entire lot of them, knuckling under to that evil tyrant.

    Justin or Mulcair's little fingers are worth more than, Harper and all of his henchmen put together. Scum always rises to the top. That's where I squeeze a lot of soap, to chase the scum into the sewer where it belongs.

    1. hi I said above, I think the attack ad aimed at Justin Trudeau was the most vile thing these Cons have ever done. And they have done so many.
      If I didn't see it with my own eyes I would never believe that a country could be corrupted so blatantly and so easily. And I long for the day this nightmare is over...

  5. You might want to work this angle into some piece on Trudeau, Harper, barbarism and western culture - the Canadian Press reports Tommy Lee of Motley Crue, scheduled to perform in Calgary, complained to the Premier of Alberta in a recent letter that Harper's favourite cultural event - the Calgary Stampede - was " cruel and barbaric", complaining of injuries suffered by horses during the chuckwagon race and comparing the "bloody spectacle" to Roman chariot races.

    What was surprising was not the complaint - in and of itself quite reasonable, there's no need to senselessly injure and sacrifice animals - for entertainment or for dubious "western cultural practices", but rather the outpouring of hatred and rage directed by drooling Reformacons at Tommy Lee for voicing the complaint, you would imagine Trudeau had come to town and disparaged the Calgary stampede by the quantity of mindless hatred being directed towards this man by the valiant defenders of "western culture".

    In the media discussion following the article on Yahoo Canada, you can just imagine the frothing indignation as every unjustifiably proud Reformacon redneck and hillbilly with monikers like RealmanPC comes crawling out of their holes to tell Tommy Lee what they really, really think of him and the "values" he represents...

    Another battle in the culture war ...

    1. hi Rene...Motley Crue, angry rednecks, animal cruelty, The Horse Horror Show? Thanks a lot Rene for cheering me up. ;) I'm all in favour of celebrating western traditions, but the chuck wagon race is clearly too dangerous and causes too many horrible injuries, so if it can't be made safer it should be scrapped. Why some Albertans should feel so outraged by this is beyond my comprehension. I try to keep an open mind on Alberta, and see its strengths instead of just its weaknesses, but stuff like that makes it hard...

  6. Anonymous2:24 AM

    Can you believe KD Lang in the 80's told them"meat stinks" but they still loved her.

  7. Anonymous5:53 PM

    You liberal losers are pathetic. However, I agree Harper shouldn't have run that attack ad. It was totally unnecessary since Justine regularly sticks his foot firmly in his mouth. All you need is an open mike and just let him talk. By 2015, Justine will have firmly established himself as unfit to be PM, without the Conservatives needing to say anything. The next election will be a massacre in favour of the Conservatives no matter how much wishful thinking you vegans engage in.

    1. Anonymous5:56 AM

      how could any clear thinking person want Justin Zoolander to be PM? it doesnt make sense. I'm not talking about the Liberal party itself, if it had an actual leader that was chosen based on experience and won an election then so be it, I would accept that. But to make this clown their leader becvause theyre so desperate to win anything just shows haw stupid Libtards really are. Go Harper 2015!