Sunday, December 02, 2012

Con Canada: Harperland or Pottersville?

Oh goody. I see that TV stations have started running It's a Wonderful Life over and over again.

So Christmas can't be more than a month away !!!! 

Although I've gotta say I really hate the Con version eh?

Where John Baird plays the senile Uncle Billy, who instead of just losing the money, loses his marbles and his dignity.

In his address to the General Assembly, John Baird called the vote "utterly regrettable." This surely means that many in the rest of the world, like a majority of people in Canada, utterly regret that Mr. Baird is this country's foreign minister.

And Stephen Harper as the evil Mr Potter isn't humiliated by Jimmy Stewart.

He's humiliated by Justin Bieber !!!!!

For surely no villain could be so evil, and look so RIDICULOUS.

But apart from that, the Con version does have some things going for it. For there can be no doubt at all that Harperland IS Pottersville...

A grubby place where elections are stolen. Scientists are muzzled. Potter's Harper's Big Oil buddies get what they want.

In the briefing material, Environment Canada listed several reasons for the government to reject the industry lobbying efforts, including a warning that it would “weaken public trust and credibility in the environmental assessment process...”  

But one year later, the federal government adopted new laws in July 2012 that automatically cancelled nearly 3,000 environmental reviews — including 678 involving fossil fuel energy and 248 involving a pipeline — by weakening its range of powers and removing regulatory triggers for environmental assessments. 

And of course, Con times are hard times...

Our growth, once the envy of other developed nations, has nearly ground to a halt. Exports have fallen off the edge and business investment has stalled for the first time in three years.

Because apart from killing government, and killing jobs everywhere but Alberta, they don't know what they're doing.

But then who does? For although we are many more than them, still we let them destroy our country.

Oh well. I'm sure this horror movie will have a happy ending. Clarence, or Justin, will get his wings. And the Cons will get their comeuppance. 

But in the meantime feel free to scream "I'm a normal human being !!!!!!!

Or as we say in Canadian eh?

I'm fine thanks...  

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Anonymous said...

Has there ever been a time, when Harper and his Cons haven't embarrassed Canada? Try any of the meetings of Nations. Harper always manages to, insult and anger every country present.

What country trusts Harper and, his friendship with Communist China? Other country's are chasing China out of their territories. Harper permits that country, right onto our Canadian soil. Harper even gave China the right, to sue any Canadians who block China's huge inroads, into our country. China gets the tar sands, along with the resource jobs. All company's are permitted, to hire cheap labor.

What Harper isn't giving to China, he gives to the U.S. They too are bringing over their oil workers, and their War Veterans to take our resource jobs.

Harper is bypassing Canadians, for the resource jobs. If you want work in BC mines? You must be able to speak Mandarin.

Anonymous said...

Harper is also bring in People's Armed Police. They will be outside the law and will be tasked with dealing with enemies of the states.........and we all know who that is..........