Monday, December 17, 2012

Guns, God, Madness, and the Harper Cons

I was glad to see Obama visit the latest community in America to be shattered by gun violence. And I was happy to hear him say this.

"We can't tolerate this any more. These tragedies must end. And to end them, we must change. 

So maybe all the poor little children, and the brave adults who tried to save them, didn't die in vain.

But I just wish Obama had mentioned the word "gun" instead of invoking "God" so many times. Because there was more than enough God and madness in America today.

From the CNN anchor leaning across the news desk, a desperate look on her face, staring at some religious bald guy, and begging him to answer this question:

"How could God allow something like this to happen?" 

And needless to say getting no sane answer from the bald one. For only God knows eh?

To the Christianist demagogue and uber homophobe Bryan Fischer declaring that  God allowed the little children to be killed, because He doesn't go where He isn't wanted.

Because you know, guns aren't the problem. 

Cedar Lake police officers found 47 guns and ammunition in the home of 60-year-old Von Meyer following his arrest, according to the Associated Press. Police were called after he allegedly threatened to set his wife on fire and “kill as many people as he could” at the Jane Ball Elementary School less than 1,000 feet from his home. 

They are as American as apple pie, or sucking chest wounds.

And even Santa loves them, as much as he loves children...

(click pic to enlarge)

He must eh? Because the gun in the bottom right hand corner is the one that killed them. The one that makes a horrible wound. The one the gunman used to shoot them over and over again.

So you can imagine what their little bodies looked like when their shattered parents came to collect them.

And when I see all of the above, I'm afraid I have to wonder whether our tormented neighbours will ever solve their gun problem. For their God(s) will NEVER have the answer. Only they can answer this question.

How do we find ourselves asking kindergarteners to be more courageous in the face of a gunman than politicians are in the face of the gun lobby?

And even if their politicians did summon up the courage to do the right thing, they live in a culture that glorifies violence, from the military to the movies. And with more than 300 million guns in America it's probably too late to end the madness. 

So the country may be doomed to lie in the bed it made for itself, choke in its own blood, or drown in the blood of the innocent.

And as a Canadian who loathes gun violence with every bone in my body, I wish I could say that the same thing won't happen to us. But I can't eh? 

Because at a time when many Americans are thinking of tightening their gun control laws, and taking aim at these cowardly maniacs. 

After being slammed by millions online for their gun rights advocacy, the group has taken down its Facebook page. A day before the shootings, the NRA congratulated itself for getting 1.7 million 'likes' on Facebook. The next day, the page was down. 

The Cons are loosening our gun controls, and licking the barrels of the gun lobby. 

After trampling on the graves of these murdered women...

Who were OUR Newtown innocents, and left us a precious legacy. 

Until so many forgot them. And let the Harper Cons lead us back into the darkness of their foul smelling jungle.

So that even as we mourn these poor children...

We know that tomorrow they could be Canadian. 

Damn the bastard Cons and the gun lobby terrorists who would turn us into bloody Amerika.

Organize, unite, defeat them, crush them, show them no mercy.

For the sake of the children, make our country safe again... 

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Anonymous said...

Without a shadow of doubt this tragedy is ghastly and unspeakable, but the citizens of America need to take ownership of other much worse incidents where children have died ghastly and unspeakable

around the globe at the hands of US foreign policy. If President Obama truly believes that murdered children "Are all our children", then perhaps he would take stock of US drone policies that kill innocent children on a weekly basis.