Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Vic Toews and the Bushmaster Man Card

Uh oh. Zombie alert. As if the Newtown Massacre wasn't scary enough, here comes Vic Toews, the Minister of Public Insecurity.

Stumbling out of his crypt to claim that the Cons are protecting Canadians from gun violence.

"We made (it) very clear that there are certain types of firearms that simply should not be in the hands of civilians. They have a very specific police or military purpose, but we believe that they should not be in the hands of ordinary citizens," Toews said.

While conveniently forgetting to mention that the assault rifle that killed all those children and their teachers is easily available in Canada.

Canadians often take comfort in the notion that spectacles of gruesome gun violence are part of a U.S. pathology that has prevented Americans from putting in place sensible laws to limit the availability of personalized weapons for mass destruction. 

But the website of Manitoba-based Wolverine Supplies quickly corrects that misimpression, as it prompts me to load up my online shopping cart with a collection of “combat-proven” assault rifles.

And not only can you easily load up your online shopping cart.

You can call Santa's Toy Real Gun Shop...

And ask him and his heavily armed elves to bring you a customized model.

Because EVERYBODY should have a weapon that allowed a nerdy gunman to kill 20 children and six adults in a matter of minutes... 

By firing as many as 11 bullets into each child, and mutilating their tiny bodies.

After all, as Bushmaster the company that produces the AR-15 says, NOBODY should be afraid of elementary school children. 

It's unmanly.

Pathetic isn't it? 

And as for the Cons protecting Canadians, all I can say is with friends like those who needs enemies? For I sure don't feel safe.

How could anyone eh? Not with all those dangerous weapons and deranged gun nuts around. Not with the Massacre Industrial Complex equating masculinity with Big Guns. And Toews blowing the gun lobby like a hooker.

The Conservative government has quietly shelved rules on serial numbers for guns that would have helped keep Canada in compliance with its international conventions on arms smuggling.

Or behaving like international outlaw, who would turn our country into the kind of bloody nightmare America is trying to escape from. A country where the innocent are slaughtered, and delusion follows death.

After the state medical examiner had finished talking about multiple bullet wounds in each young victim, all inflicted by the same Bushmaster rifle, one reporter asked the man to talk about how much he'd cried — "personally" — while performing the autopsies. To repeat: the 20-year-old shooter used a Bushmaster .223 assault rifle, a commercial model of the military M-16, and the reporter wanted to talk about crying.

The weapon is designed for war, firing ultra-destructive bullets that travel at 3,000 feet per second. It is designed to destroy human life as efficiently as possible, causing maximum internal damage.

The poor little children. It may be too late for America, but it's still not too late to stop it from happening here.

Make Canada safer. Ban those deadly weapons.

Revoke the Harper Cons...

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KDelphi said...

thank you

darla/dmc said...

Guns have been manufactured in America longer then I know, it's a money making industry! America sells firearms to foreign countries that America fights against...?
It is more then a crime & a shame, that the govts allow the mistreatment of women and call it fighting terrorism. The fact that no media (black out) ban on publication and gag orders proves that we are living in a police state. The silence of organised rape and the 2 file system,where one is drugged, pimped out and exploited right in front of their neighbours & family and NO ONE, IS ALLOWED TO INTERVENE.NO ONE!
This too, is an money making industry enforced by intimidation.

double nickel said...

What Kdelphi said.

Simon said...

hi KDelphi...you're welcome. Just doing my humble part to try to build a kinder, gentler, less violent world...

Simon said...

hi darla/dmc...the arms industry is huge, and companies like Walmart have made a fortune selling the weapon that was used in the Newtown Massacre. They should be ashamed of themselves, but of course they're not. Let's just hope that some good will come of this horrible tragedy...

Simon said...

hi double nickel...you're welcome too. I have seen the effects of gun violence, and I simply refuse to accept that my peaceful Canada could be turned into the northern version of gun crazy America. It's just not acceptable, and if we don't act now soon it will be too late...