Friday, December 14, 2012

Mad King Harper and the Flying Circus

Well mad King Harper, he of the reverse Midas touch, may still covet his golden toy, as it slowly turns into a steaming cow pie.

I want it. I MUST have it !! I WILL have it !! I'm the f***ing King of Canada !!!!#@!!

But sadly for him most sane Canadians, and most in the MSM,  know a debacle when they see one.

With one pundit accusing him of flying the F35 project up his backside. 

This is serious business, the Harper government has said in one way or another a thousand times. They got at least that much right. It is so serious that one of the distinguishing characteristics of most professionals in uniform is an elevated degree of humility, because if you get too far up your own backside you will miss information that could cost lives.

If the Conservatives had “pressed the reset button” 20 months ago instead of today, then real pilots who have to stare down real threats would be 20 months closer to real equipment that might really help.

Another wondering why Peter MacKay hasn't been fired. Or stuffed.

Given his record, if Peter MacKay were a moose, his head would be gracing the space above the mantlepiece, impressive rack and all. He would be stuffed, his eyes would be made of glass, and the taxidermist would already be working on the next large, dead animal.

But MacKay is not a moose. He is political big game surviving in a government that has a soft spot for company men. He still has the chauffeur, the seat around the cabinet table, and the chutzpah to hang in.

And others comparing the Cons to Monty Python's Flying Circus. 

Watching Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s hapless political aerobatics over the F-35 stealth fighter fiasco, it’s hard not to think of Monty Python’s Flying Circus, or maybe a comic film from the early days of flight. The Tory “barnstormers” keep slamming into the barn instead of performing elegant barrel rolls and loop-the-loops high above it.

The Conservative government’s credibility as a prudent steward of public funds has gone down in flames. Defence Minister Peter MacKay has been fatally discredited. The military has been ridiculed for buying a flying pig in a poke....This is the Tories’ biggest bungle yet, and it may hurt them in the next election.

And of course I agree with ALL of the above...

The Mad King flew up his backside.

Peter MacKay should be fired. Or stuffed.

And won't it be a beautiful show eh?

When the Cons finally hit the ground...

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