Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Slaughtered Children and the Gun Nutz

I'm sure you know how I feel about guns and gun violence. And how I feel about those who hurt children.

So you can imagine how I feel about this horror.

A heavily armed man opened fire inside a Connecticut elementary school Friday leaving 27 dead — including 20 children — and forcing students to cower in classrooms and then flee with the help of teachers and police.

But for hours I wasn't able to write anything about it. I had to write about something else. Not because I was sad, although I was. But because I was so angry.

Angry at the useless politicians in the U.S. who have allowed themselves to be cowed by the political thugs from the National Rifle Association, and allowed their nation to be turned into a slaughterhouse, where not even children are safe.

Angry at the teabagger Cons in this country who instead of tightening our gun control laws are loosening them. 

The Conservative government has quietly shelved rules on serial numbers for guns that would have helped keep Canada in compliance with its international conventions on arms smuggling.

For there is nothing they won't do to please the deranged slobbering gun nutz for whom any kind of gun control is too much.

The gun lobby never sleeps. Fresh from killing off Canada’s federal registry of rifles and shotguns, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s firearm-friendly Conservatives are now being urged to take aim at our remaining gun safety laws. It’s a chilling prospect.

And no kind of tactics too thuggish. Even as they make our country more dangerous and more American. 

But nothing they say will ever change the fact that the more guns you have in a human society, the more innocents will be slaughtered.

And if anyone needs any more evidence, all they have to do is look at what happened in China today.

Where another deranged man attacked a group of children, but because he only had a knife nobody was killed. While in the U.S. so many lives were snuffed out so quickly and so easily.

With weapons like this one...

That the freakish gun nutz cuddle in their arms, like parents cuddle their children.

Monsters, monsters, all of them. Who would turn society into a jungle, and splash around in the blood of the innocent.

Which is why I'm with this cowboy.

And I agree with David Frum.

Almost uniquely in the world, the United States suffers massacre after massacre after massacre: in schools, in workplaces, in movie theaters, on city streets. And after each such massacre, there follows a great hushing: don't you dare mention the most obvious reason for this unique American horror.

It's bad enough to have a gun lobby. It's the last straw when that lobby also sets up itself as the civility police. It may not be politically possible to do anything about the prevalence of weapons of mass murder. But it damn well ought to be possible to complain about them - and about the people who condone them.

It's time to stand up to the gun cult bullies. Time to stop apologizing for wanting a kinder, gentler society with fewer guns not more of them.  

The gun nutz think the war over gun control  is over. 

But now it's about the children.

And it's only just beginning...

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Anonymous said...

Oh yes and we will bury you in your bile. The war is on and you are already losing. You will defeated and your memory erased for all time! Simon, you will be buried in your own hubris, count on it!

sassy said...

Dear Anon at 6:35 - I see your cry for help and implore you to seek that help - even though you probably don't believe you are worthy of it.

With best wishes for an anguish free future.

Simon - thanks for yet another great post :)

Anonymous said...

I think this incident, and others like it, involve many more issues than simply gun control issues, though that is certainly a piece of it. It would be great if both extremes of the gun lobby debate would tone down the rhetoric so there could be a real discussion about this issues, because this issue as I said, is only part of it. There are (possibly) mental health issues involved as well as socio-economic issues and a culture of violence. Really, there are many more issues involved than I can elaborate in this tiny space. But I think that, more than the gun question, until the USA addresses its socio-economic imbalances, incidents like this will continue to happen. Until Americans wake up from their 2nd Amendment wanking and ask how many dead children is worth the price of having this "right", these incidents will continue to happen. I don't think getting rid of firearms is either advisable or realistic but clearly something has to be done.

The US is funny in some ways. After Pearl Harbor, the Japanese were seen as a threat and they went after them. After 9/11, terrorism was deemed a threat and the US got involved in useless and expensive wars. Gun violence is obviously a problem and a threat given how many many incidents have occurred in recent years, but I have a funny feeling that they will hem and ha and pay it lip service but little if anything will be done. Sadly, like an alcoholic, until Americans realize they have a problem, nothing will be done.

Also, the weapon you pictured wasn't what was used in the shootings. I believe it was actually a Remington .223, which happens to be a very common calibre. I know from my own experience they are quite useful for hunting caribou and seal but certainly, they have no place in a school. In and of themselves, I'm not sure why people find them so scarey. The .223 was actually the last firearm I recall handling. It was passed to me. I ensured the safety was on, and opened the bolt to ensure no rounds were in place, all the while keeping it pointed out across the bay. This isn't rocket science. Perhaps its just my teacher training kicking in where I have to try to see both sides of an issue but I find the reactions of both the pros and and antis a just plane nutty. I'm not about to cuddle and sleep with the weapon.(It wasn't even mine anyway) and neither would I freak out and be all nervous around it. I don't think there is any harm in teaching any person about how to handle a firearm but when this turns into an obsession and they are viewed as a toy then clearly you've fallen off the other end of the extreme.

Anyhow, getting off topic here and I do apologize This is issue of violence, though, is definitely one that needs to be discussed.

Simon said...

hi might think that you would spare a thought for the innocents killed, and those who loved them. Or for the first responders who had to face that kind of horror. But I guess that's too much to expect eh? However, know this: No bullies have ever or will ever intimidate me from standing up for what I believe in. Got that? Good...

Simon said...

hi sassy...I'm glad you liked the post. I probably should have waited until today to write it, because I was so angry. I'm sick of one tragedy after the other where people wring their hands and ask why?
And then do nothing about it.
As for're right it probably is a cry for help. Let's just hope he gets it before he hurts others or himself...

Anonymous said...

The bad thing is. You take arms away from the citizens. How do you keep guns away from the criminals and those who are unhinged and kill children? Gun smuggling into the U.S. is rampant, so they say.

I can't imagine the terrible grief of those, who lost their children. The adults were likely parents too. There are no words of comfort, to suffice this horrible tragedy. Tears came first, then a very deep anger.

Canada does support a country, where human lives are of no value. Child laborers who only earn pennies a day. A country, students get mowed down by machine gun fire, for daring to protest their governments actions. Our own country that canceled the, National Child Care program.

Ex BC Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell, who still works for Harper. He took pride in having the lowest minimum wage of $8.00 per hour. Premier Campbell had, the highest number of children living in poverty. BC still does. Campbell had the highest number of children, who go to school hungry. BC still does.

Canada doesn't protect their own children, from harm, hunger, abuse and hurt. Our F.N. young people who commit suicide, who don't see a better life for themselves.

Someone had better come up with a good plan, to keep children safe in their schools. A .223 is very scary, in the hands of any deranged person. If it takes armed sentry's to protect our schools and kids, so be it. Both the U.S. and Canada have trained War Veterans.

Simon said...

hi Way Way Up...thanks for this excellent and balanced comment. You're right, this is more than just about gun control. It also has to do with identifying and treating mental illness, and in many cases socio-economic factors do come into play. But when American society glorifies violence, and there are more guns than people, it can only be a recipe for disaster, and nobody should be surprised when it happens. As you know I also realize that in this big and wild country
some guns are definitely needed. And I have no problem with gun owners who believe in responsible gun control, and store their weapons safely. But as for those who would scrap gun controls and turn us into a carbon copy of Amerika, for them I have no patience...

Simon said...


While deleting a number of ugly and violent comments this morning, I inadvertently deleted a couple of comments from Wendi and bc waterboy. I'm sorry about that guys. Memo to myself: Never moderate comments before having a second coffee. ;)

Also, attention gun freaks, I will be deleting all ugly and violent comments out of respect for the dead.
So just take a hike eh? And if I receive another death threat be sure I will report it...

Anonymous said...

Dear Gun Freaks.....I'm trying to see your side,truly I am. as I support lawful use of firearms. BUT I truly do not support violent, stupid, ignorant remarks. Seriously, just what the heck are you people so afraid about? Are you afraid of a British Monarch invading you? Is that it? You know George II has been dead for some time now, right? Perhaps if you're that paranoid, you should seek help.

Honestly though, stay the fuck off my side. You make it very difficult to argue a point when I have assholes like you that undercut valid arguments by going off the hinge and spouting off a pile of ignorant nonsense. Seriously you have to be pretty bad when you alienate a rural Ontarian/present northern Albertan. Seriously guys, deal with your issues, try yoga, or water colors...I don't really don't give a fuck. Just enough already. Yeesh.

Anonymous said...

When C-68 went through I dutifully went and registered my rifles as they stated "registration is not confiscation" When I showed up they immediately confiscated a $1500 rifle as it was suddenly on the prohibited compensation just a hand it over or go into hancuffs. Then there's the imfamous "if I have to register my dog then why don't you register your gun"...sensible until you proceed with this logic. If you happen to be in a province that dislikes you due to your hobby your firearms permit can and with some folks be delayed until it is expired ( I'm military and my permit was delayed until I involved my Member of Parliment).If you do not have this option and it expires and you notify the firearms center the next thing that happens is a friendly visit from your local police detachment and your property is bundled up and you recieve a federal charge of being in possestion of a firearm without a permit.( this amounts to about $4-$10,000 in legal bills and a 10 year ban on firearm ownership. Then you end up with the ignorance of Pierce Morgan cutting people off and name calling then asking the audience why we are so hostile to sensible gun control? The point I'm making is thet your side fields as many ignorant turds as my side aoes and until we can reign in all the emotional cripples and lying bigots on both ends this will never solve itself.

Anonymous said...

Reading my post I think that spell check should be of a higher priority.

Anonymous said...

And yet not a single comment on the armed citizen who by confronting an armed psychopath stopped him from continuing his rampage in a mall. By only holding his pistol in front of the aforementioned psychopath this man showed that he would not let more innocent people die and the psychopath took his own life. Where were the police? The SWAT? In their cars and trucks. Assessing the situation, traveling to the scene. If not for the actions of one man who stood up for those around him the carnage would have been worse. People are good and bad, great and ordinary, heroes and cowards. Why must individuals like you blame an entire community for the actions of a few. Yes I said few since there are millions of law abiding firearms owners in North America and only a handful of psycos that are intent on harming people. I would gladly give everything I own, even my life, to save the life of one child from madmen, yet I am the sort of individual you blame. Perhaps you ought to close your mouth long enough to learn the truth, listen to others and then make an informed statement. It is people like you who rather than use rational thought would prefer to act on emotion only.

Unknown said...

 “Good, bad....... I’m the guy with the gun.” As quoted from the film Army OF Darkness
implies, you don’t need to be good or bad to wield a firearm and use against someone else.
Gun smuggling is hardly an issue when the general public can buy a gun almost as easily
as buying a second hand stereo and where approximately 88.8 percent of the U.S. population
already owns at least one firearm. Between 2005 and 2010 around 1.4 million guns were stolen
from the properties of legal gun owners from break-ins. These same guns were then resold,
redistributed and reused again and again, by the criminal element. So simply owning a gun does
little to ensure the safety of ones life or property. Just ask the mother of the Newtown shooter. Oh
yeah! That’s right! Those were her guns her son used and they were used to kill her too.
Obviously there were mental health issues involved, but any sane person can have issues that
lead to a breaking point and lose it.
I am frustrated by fully-automatic and semi-automatic gun owners who use the “banning
baseball bats and knives” argument, claiming how “people are killed with these as well, so
should we ban them also.” The difference is that so few victims can be harmed in the relative
space of time which these firearms are capable of inflicting. Furthermore, even unarmed, it is
possible in most instances to defend ones self against such blunt and sharp objects as baseball
bats and knives. It is impossible for anyone to defend themselves against a bullet which can be
fired from a distance, thus why law enforcement wear protective vests. Ask any police officer
who’s been in the line of fire if he felt a hundred percent safe because he was wearing protection.
The answer is no.
How many deaths have been caused by firearms in the hands of children, or so called
“accidental deaths” from spouses offing the other and getting away with it, or at least attempting
to. In countries where firm gun control laws have been in place, there are far fewer homicides
overall than in the U.S., so instead of worrying about “the right to bare arms” maybe they should
be saying “lets us not live in a gun inspired world of fear.”

Anonymous said...

I can't even imagine what it must be like to be someone who thinks he is safer because he is defenseless. These people would be all for a heavier presence of police officers throughout society, for reasons of quicker response times, if it wasn't for the heavy tax burden it would impose. Yet when you can have the same net benefit, at no extra cost, by having volunteer citizens, each vetted and trained to the same level of competency as a constable, carrying concealed handguns, these same people freak out. Do they think police are supermen?
The article Frum cites is readily debunked, more junk science with a contrived, predetermined conclusion just like the much quoted Kellerman study. Anyone who bothers to do the proper research can see for themselves who the real bullies and liars are.

Anonymous said...

Montreal Simon.. you`re a g00f!

Anonymous said...

You are so sad. What is it like to be so afraid and misguided. I have firearms and I cuddle my child every day. How little you really know. Why is it we are teaching our children to be more sensitive in an more insensitive world. My child is learning Kung Fu, kick boxing and archery right now and someday I will teach her how to shoot. She will be well prepared for the REAL world and not be a victim like you already are.


.223 is vry scary??? have you even seen one? LOL its a bottle neck 22. it is tiny compared to 308 or 303, oh and by the way NO 223 was used in Sandy hook. educate yourself before rabbling unresearched drivel


You will most likely delete mine too eh? araid to use actual facts? or live in a dream world using fear and distorted facts.

Anonymous said...

Fuck all you bleeding heart leftist communist bastards who are screaming for more gun control.We have too much in Canada now.When you take away the right to be armed from the citizens, the government has total control. When that happens and the gtovernment tramples on your rights, then you will be complaining about that. Fuck you simon an all that think like you.

Anonymous said...

Thank's for posting my comment.I am suprised that you did.But your'e still full of shit.

RUSH will show you the way said...

Will someone please inform all the gang bangers in the Jane and Finch area of Toronto that they are in violation of the ATT restrictions placed on the handguns they have registered and purchased from a legal vendor... Oh that's right criminals don't give 2 pixy sh!ts about the firearms act and they will never go into a store and buy a legal handgun. All the wise and all knowing Libtards talking out their asses on guns would be wise to just stop and think these questions over and perhaps do some research... Have you ever fired a fun black gun (ar15,vz58 etc.), have you ever had to protect yourself from criminal violence and finally if you were dropped into an active shooter situation would you rather be killed in a corner hiding while the crazy laughs as he shoots you or possibly shoot back and save yourself and loved ones? If you would rather die for the greater good as long as you didn't have an evil gun on your belt for protection I want the same chronic bud you're getting.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you are still a bleeding heart leftist gutless piece of shit.I'd like to see all you assholes if there was an armed person at your door,you would be squealing like a girl for someone armed to come save you.Fuck you all you leftist gutless pieces of shit.too bad you all don't get shot and pissed on.

Anonymous said...

I visit this site once in a while to check on your shit.You are still full of shit.You are still a leftist guttless piece of shit.Fuck you and fuck all gun control.ARs forever.

oldjeeper said...

I always feel sorry for gun grabbers who fall for the panic about gun ownership. I am 70 + owned guns all my life, worked as a correctional officer,lived on both coasts used gun ranges in several provinces . The money wasted on ineffectual gun control should be spent on mental health issues, & gang violence controls affordable housing etc.. Criminals don't care about laws or gun controls that's why they call them criminals. Legal gun ownership & use should be respected then & we could focus on the real problems of our country. Remember terrorists & criminals can get guns no matter what controls are used . Only law abiding citizens are hurt by bad laws...Don

Anonymous said...

you liberal cunt, you are clearly uneducated and blinded by the smoke and mirrors. You are greedy and msinformed. you are conducting a campaigne that infringes on the rights of law abiding citizens for your own self comfort. You are against me and not with me.

I call for western canada to seceed from the east

Bill Jones said...

oldjeeper -- interestingly, I attempted to respond to your post and, lo and behold, my comments simply vanished -- I guess I tended to appreciate common sense to obviously.

Anonymous said...

Why are you hating on legal gun owners.? Banning certain items do nothing to curb ppl from possessing them. Marijuana has been banned for decades and that doesn't stop majority of teens or adults from possessing it.

You should go off on a rant about illegal fireatms and not law abiding citizens. .

Unknown said...

In Canada to own a firearm you have to pass the same criminal record check and vetting process as a cop does. Why criminalize those who voluntarily prove they are law abiding citizens and good people? You anti gun people really have no idea what you are taking about,

If your concern is public saftey and the saftey of children then demand an alcohol interlock in every car and a mandatory speed limiter in every car at 110km/hr. That will save thousands of children and lives annually. More gun control in Canada is absolutely usless redundant and a waste of time resources and money.

I'm a laws abiding citizen, I've proven my ethics and criminal background to the government. Have you?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Fuck you simon you piece of leftist shit.

Anonymous said...

I too learned kickboxing,karate, kenpo, and kung fu. But none of them are worth a fuck from 20 feet away. A .45 sure is. So I suggest you learn to shoot as well.

Anonymous said...

Please block the "anonymous" troll. His abuse is tiring and disqualifies him from the debate.

That being said, you should distinguish between the US and Canada. They are different worlds insofar as gun ownership and gun laws are concerned, as well as attitudes toward gun use generally. From my perspective, Canada does an effective job regulating guns in the hands of law abiding citizens. Canada does not do a great job of regulating guns in the hands of criminals, but then again who does. Canada strikes a balance between respecting the sovereign right of an individual to own and use firearms for peaceable, legal purposes on the one hand, and protecting society from the extraordinary circumstance of an otherwise law abiding firearm owner going over the edge, on the other hand. Again, we have to remove criminals from the analysis since most acquire and use firearms outside of the regulated umbrella. The U.S. is far too liberal with gun control. Australia and other outright ban countries may be too strict.

johnson said...

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