Saturday, January 15, 2011

Stephen Harper and the Kingdom of Fear

I told you he was a monster, four long years ago. I told you he liked to see fear in the eyes of others. I told you that behind the mask of normality there was something  frightening and HORRIBLE.

But nobody believed me eh? Even though I studied him in school, and I knew this to be true. Because you know... it couldn't happen in Canada.

Well here we are, four years later, so how do you like your monster NOW?

For the most part, what emerged is a portrait of a highly intelligent, skilled and super-partisan politician whose style has created a mood of fear and loathing on Parliament Hill. He hasn't shied away from stoking an “us versus them” dynamic in the country. Critics use words like “control freak” and “mean-spirited.”

And his Kingdom of Fear.

“It's approaching a state in which people are paralyzed by fear,” says political scientist Henry Jacek. “I'm talking about civil servants, MPs, cabinet ministers — they all have to be careful. They're all expected to read from the same script.”

And can you imagine what he might do if he ever got a MAJORITY?

So now I have just two questions.

One, why has it taken so long for the MSM to expose this climate of fear? Why do so many of our mealy mouthed scribblers still call him a political genius, instead of a twisted MANIAC?

Why do so many of them still suckle his manicured fingers?

Have they no shame? Or have they too been cowed into submission?

And two, what are progressives planning to do about  this totalitarian threat that is gnawing away at our country like a cancer?

Because from where I stand we're going NOWHERE.

A parliamentary democracy is paralyzed by fear like a police state. And it isn't even part of our narrative? What's wrong with that picture?

We need new and bold ideas. We need to be more aggressive. We need to offer voters a starker choice. We need to band together to confront this threat before its too late. Because the same old same old just isn't working and it NEVER will.

And then suddenly I'm back to where I was four years ago eh?

Except that now we know that it can and it did happen in Canada.

I've got a few ideas about how to change the situation, and I'll be sharing them with you soon.

But the original message remains the same.

Organize, unite, defeat this monster.

Before he destroys our country...

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  1. Anonymous11:19 PM

    Another great piece Simon!

    We will all stand together to take this nasty dictator down. I am with the Facebook Groups Canadians Rallying to Unseat Stephen Harper, and Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament.

    It's time to ramp it up to save our nation! Looking forward to your ideas.

  2. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Found this blog post


  3. Anonymous6:13 PM

    So he is an evil dictator who rivals Hitler?
    Then why do all the so called progressives who oppose him want to keep the gun registry and give him control of our only real defense against a Hitler type dictator?
    Why are the so called progressives who oppose him insisting that he keep the long census form mandatory so the government has more ability to track you?

    Two explanations come to mind.
    One, you are a bunch of loons who don't believe your own BS.
    Or two, you are incredibly simple and haven't thought through your positions past the point of reflexively opposing whatever he does.

    "Harper is an evil dictator, let's give him all our guns and make sure he knows every detail of our existence."
    Doesn't sound very logica does it?