Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wikileaks and the Bullied Warriors

It's funny or scary, how a big story like Wikileaks can flare up, make the mighty tremble, and then almost disappear.

When I last saw Julian Assange he was staying at the country mansion of a supporter, being harrassed by the Forces of Darkness.

And the idiots in the right-wing media...

Then many in the MSM seemed to lose interest in the story. So I had to read the Guardian today to find out how Assange was bullied as a child. And how that may have helped change the course of history.

He would reach a new community he would be ostracised, he would be . . . picked on, he would be bullied and his only real saviour in life or his own bedrock in life was this computer.

And that reminded me of that other Wiki warrior and bullied kid, Bradley Manning. 

Who is being tortured in solitary confinement. No matter what the Pentagon says. 

To find out if the accusations of Bradley being mistreated by the military are true, The Times asked the military. Not surprisingly, a Quantico spokesman said no. The reason Bradley has been on prevention-of-injury restrictions for almost six months, he explained, is that military medical experts and brig guards recommended it. It would have been nice if The Times had asked specifically about the military psychologist who supposedly cleared him months ago. It would also have been nice to know if anyone has ever been on prevention-of-injury watch, with five minute checks, for months at a time. And lastly, could he confirm that Bradley’s one hour of exercise daily consists of walking figure eights in an empty room?

Which in turn reminded me that if the good guys lose this one it's OVER.

A December 14 subpoena obtained by the U.S. Department of Justice and published by online magazine on Friday said the records sought from Twitter were "relevant to an ongoing criminal investigation."

It ordered Twitter to provide account information on WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and Bradley Manning, the U.S. Army intelligence analyst suspected of leaking Pentagon documents made public last year by WikiLeaks.


You know it gives more pleasure than you could ever imagine, to think that two bullied kids made the rich and the powerful tremble.

But then I wonder do enough people really care about what's happening to make a difference? Will there be light? Will there be darkness?

Or just madness?

David Pitchford, who claims to be a Miami resident but lists an address in a Key West trailer park, filed a $150 million lawsuit against both Wikileaks and Assange for the intentional infliction of emotional distress by the release of documents that "indangered (sic) the PLAINTIFF as well as every person of the United States; and the entire planet."

I'm still hoping for the best. Because only the truth will set us free eh?

But since I live in an idiot world AND Stephen Harper's Canada.

I'm preparing for the worst...

Here's to the bullied warriors.

If they can't have freedom. And we lose ours.

Then give me an UPRISING...


  1. The shit and the sleaze thrown at Assange is incredible.

    The PRINT VERSION of this Saturday's Toronto Star has this revolting article contrasting Assange's genteel house arrest with Manning's torture chamber and insinuating that Assange is somehow to blame, rather than Barack (piece of shit) Obama.

    Fuck 'em all.

  2. hi thwap...yes I know...with some distinguished exceptions the corporate media's coverage has been awful. I guess their masters are angry, and the journalists are jealous. As for the Pentagon, when I saw they said they let him sleep unless they're not sure he's breathing, that's all I needed to know...