Friday, January 28, 2011

The Con Attack Machine Surrenders !!!

Glory, Glory, Hallelujah !!!  The Con Attack Machine has surrendered. And flushed its filthy Republican-style ads down its  gaping orifice.

The ads, featuring an out-of-context video clip of Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff, prompted a torrent of criticism — even from some conservative commentators.

Among other things, the ads were slammed as dishonest, unethical, "a clumsy hatchet job," and the work of "drunken frat boys."

First they pulled the really expensive ad. The one that made the sinister nerd Harper look like the Phantom of  Parliament Hill.

With a halo the size of a bagel hovering over his head.

As he worked on his long list of enemies.

And sipped caca cocoa out of a Beatles' mug.

Now they're pulling the ones that looked like they slithered out of the asshole of Karl Rove or Sarah Palin. Or the mouth of their monstrous love child.

So how are those Republican Cons trying to explain away this debacle?

Various senior Conservatives seem to be maintaining, albeit under cloak of anonymity, that there was never a media ad buy planned, and are even suggesting it was always meant to be a one-day wonder, although really, how can they possibly prove that?

OMG. The shame. The HUMILIATION. I bet those drunken frat boys are down on their knees, licking their garish attack machine clean, with their blistered tongues.

Or sucking up a spanking from this old Con.

These new ads have the media chattering again, only it’s all negative and it’s all directed at the Conservatives. In this case the Conservatives have managed to make themselves the villains, instead of the Liberals they were targeting...This new set of ads wasn’t necessary and they weren’t helpful.

Muahahahaha. Now can we FLUSH them?

And what a great victory for our side.

We showed them that two can play that game...

And that for every attack ad they produce, we can and will produce a THOUSAND.

In fact I'm working on one right now eh? Where the Phantom of Parliament Hill creeps into a dark hospital ward, and slowly strangles medicare.

But of course now I can take a break.

Fire up the beer cannon.

And play this video instead...

WE won. The Cons LOST. They look like liars and dangerous IDIOTS.

WOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOO !!!!!! How sweet it is.

Have a great weekend everyone !!!!

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Orwell's Bastard said...

Drama queen. :)

Simon said...

hi Orwell's Bastard... this isn't the first time I would have to plead guilty to that charge. ;)
But as I always tell the judge I only do it to annoy the Cons.
And of course to cheer up our side, because in the darkness of January ANYTHING helps...