Monday, January 10, 2011

Stephen Harper and the Great Deceiver

We may not be in an election campaign, but I guess somebody forgot to tell Stephen Harper eh?

Because these days he's EVERYWHERE. Handing out big cheques to pump up his polls.

Promising there won't be any "drastic cuts" in the budget. i.e. he won't kill the CBC this time.

Telling everybody that HE doesn't want an election, only the evil "Separatist Coalition" does.

And when he was asked why he was announcing a national volunteer awards program in Welland, Ontario (look it up on Google Earth, I did) this is what he said:

Welland, the Prime Minister replied, is a perfect example of a community that has had its challenges due to the recession yet is a shining example of volunteerism and volunteer spirit. “You ask me today why Welland? The answer is why not Welland.”

When in fact the REAL answer is that the Cons lost the riding in 2008 by only about 500 votes to the NDP.

And they want it BAD. Because Stephen Harper needs every riding in Ontario he can get, so he can get his precious majority and screw Canada until it BLEEDS.

But of course he can't say that because it might make him look crazy and dangerous eh? Or like he's using OUR money to campaign for an election HE says he doesn't want.

Gawd. The Great Deceiver. Thank goodness he's so transparent.

Those fearful that Harper has mellowed need not worry. The Prime Minister has a long game in mind. Part one involves getting re-elected with a parliamentary majority.

He’s given hints to his party’s old fighters that the light still shines bright — hence his otherwise inexplicable attack on the census; hence his insistence that help for women and children abroad not include abortion aid; hence the gratuitous, if muted, attacks on pay equity (uppity women) and public sector workers (uppity navvies).

So, no. Harper hasn’t mellowed. He was never the born-again caricature painted by some critics. But he has a view of how the world should be. In the long run, he hopes to put this world view into practice.

While in the short run he continues his deranged campaign to remake Canada in his own image.

Because now it's not the Government of Canada. It's the Harper government.

All hail Great Leader. All hail the Great Deceiver.

Time to prepare for an election.

Time to rip off the MASK...

Time for progressives to get their act together.

Before the monster STRIKES...


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  1. Head to desk, thump. Our current political reality is so damn depressing.

    The media is useless. The opposition parties are useless. The activists are worn and tired, and can't get any attention. And the public, by and large, are more depressed by Canada losing the World Juniors hockey tournament.

  2. Harper is always in campaign mode. I'm sure when he tucks his kids in at night he reads them the CPC talking points in lieu of a bedtime story

  3. “When an individual is protesting society's refusal to acknowledge his dignity as a human being, his very act of protest confers dignity on him.”

    ~ Bayard Rustin

  4. hi is a depressing situation isn't it. Everything you say is so true. I personally can't remember a time when the progressive side seems so dispirited and beaten. But you know me, beaten isn't a word in my dictionary. It's like waving a red flag in front of a bull. ;)
    We absolutely have to get progressives to come up with new ideas and options. If our leaders can't come up with anything but the same old, then we'll have to lead the way...

  5. hi're right, the Harper war room is a 24/7 year round operation. But what shocks me is that although the MSM asked Harper why Welland? Nobody made the electoral connection, nor did anyone in the blogosphere except little me. Now I'd love to flatter myself, but when you think about it, isn't that SCARY? :)

  6. hi Nadine...thank you for quoting one of my gay heroes, Justin Bayard, who did so much to help the fight against racism, but never got the recognition he deserved.
    But his example is my inspiration,and hopefully we can build a powerful movement that will crush those wretched Cons. I live for that day...

  7. Hey Simon, I long ago ceased to be surprised when the dim bulbs in the MSM fail to do their homework and ask the right questions. As bonkers as David Icke is he is right to label them as repeaters instead of reporters.

    By the way nothin' wrong with a little self promotion once in a while.