Thursday, January 20, 2011

Stephen Harper and the Donuts

Golly. You know that ridiculous ad of Stephen Harper working posing alone in his office?

With a halo the size of a large donut over his head. And a 15-person TV production crew shooting take after take, to try to make him look half human.

I still can't make up my mind whether it's a REALLY bad film noir.

The noir mood dissipates a bit, unfortunately, as the narrator talks through the Harper government’s economic accomplishments, while we watch our lone hero doing mere paperwork, and failing entirely to moodily light a cigarette, pour himself a stiff belt, or check to see if the revolver in his desk drawer is loaded. Also, I don’t think Sam Spade would drink from a Fab Four coffee mug.

Whether he's the Phantom of Parliament Hill. Posing as an economist.

The federal government’s plan to cut $6.8 billion in spending over five years isn’t achievable without major services and program cuts, Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page said Thursday.

While planning to POISON us all.

“We are saying to Parliamentarians there are lot of risks that the government won’t achieve it fiscally and they need to be clear that there may be service level risks” to things like food inspection, he said.

And mutilate Canada beyond recognition.

Or whether he's just abusing his office. Again.

I think there's some confusion here. The Conservative Party is not in charge of the use of the prime minister's office. Since the activities in question appear to violate Annex G of Accountable Government -- specifically, only "officially approved activities" permitted on government property -- I would appreciate a response from either PMO or PCO.

But you know I wouldn't be surprised if art imitated life.

Gimme my majority and I'll give you a donut.

Or I'll HANG you  #!&#!!#

And I can't help but hope that it won't be long before life imitates art...

Because three things are for sure eh?

Now I'm hungry. For a donut AND an election.

Pretending to be a nice guy while attacking his opponents like a rabid animal is going to COST him.

And the sooner we get rid of that ridiculous, sinister, and incompetent POSEUR.

The saner and SAFER our country will be...

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Nadine Lumley said...

Best blog in the history of blogs. Laughed my HEAD OFF / smiled as I scrolled.


Simon said...

hi Nadine...thank you, I'm glad you liked that post. I liked it too. Especially my flying donut. Oh well, that makes of two of us... ;)