Sunday, January 30, 2011

Egypt: Between Hope and Fear

I've been staring at the amazing pictures coming out of Egypt tonight with a mixture of hope and fear.

Will it end with a freedom party, or a bloody massacre?

But one thing is already clear to me. As if I didn't know. A people's march to freedom can be delayed, but never stopped. 

Whether we are in Egypt, or in Canada, or any other place.

When we join together. When we take to the streets. When we show them how many we are. When we show them our anger.

We can make the tyrants tremble.

And build a better world.

Go freedom GO !!!!!!

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  1. what do you think about this: ?

  2. hi Oemissions...I haven't the slightest doubt that Mubarak and his thugs are orchestrating this campaign of fear, to try to scare
    Egyptians into demanding the return of the repressive regime. My guess is that after so many years of terror it's not going to work...