Friday, January 07, 2011

Meet the Crazies Who Killed the Census

Of all the ghastly things the foul Harper regime has done, killing or gutting the census has to be among the worst.

Because it was an act of pure ideological madness that thrust us into the darkness of ignorance, and will forever damage the story of this country. Where we won't even know who we are.

At the time, the moron sock puppets Maxime Bernier and Tony Clement claimed that they had been deluged by thousands many some complaints from ordinary citizens.

Well now we know who those complainants were, and sure enough they're NUTS.

One concerned Canadian told StatsCan officials that in the “1940s the United States used census to find and detain Japanese people living in the country” and said “I wouldn’t be surprised” if the government in Ottawa did the same. The U.S. has denied this allegation.

Another stated: “I recently received the census to fill out. I am totally shocked at the type of questions being asked. The whole thing looks like it was written by the Nazis. This form goes way beyond what information is required for services in the community.”

Great eh? The Cons claimed they had a duty to listen to those tea baggers, while ignoring the views of so many other far more reasonable Canadians. 

But of course it doesn't really matter. Those complaints were just a smoke screen.

Because everybody knows that the crazed decision to mutilate the census came straight from the troubled mind of Stephen Harper himself.

In most healthy democracies, a Prime Minister who dismembered something as vital as the census, because the voices in his head commanded him to do something completely irrational, would be suspended from office pending a mental health examination.

Because who knows what he might do next eh?

Who or what could those voices command him to attack tomorrow?

The pension system, medicare, human rights?

Or just fluoridation?

Because with Stephen Harper you never know eh?

One moment he's a plastic dolly.

The next moment he's a MANIAC.

Sadly, in this country, before we can have him committed, we have to defeat him first.

But this Con madness MUST end.

And the sooner, the better SAFER...

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Anonymous said...

Simon, I am a person who refused to fill out the long form census on "ideological" reasons.
It had to do with how the information would be handled and privacy.
In the end, I was "forced" to fill out the census; I ended up being very creative in the household's answers.

While I don't agree with "how" the Conservatives (or the "why") have played with the census, I think that Canadians should care more about privacy.

For example, should information about citizens be so readily shared with other countries? Should our banks give out your information to others?

What could have been a proper debate has been turned into a farce by all political parties.

Simon said...

hi Cherniak WTF...I share your concerns about our shrinking privacy, and I do agree that we need more stringent controls about who shares what. But I believe the census office has a very good system and record for protecting our privacy. And I believe we really need the best picture possible of our country so we can direct resources accordingly and do what we need to do....