Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ezra Levant and the Airport Incident

OMG. I just read about Ezra Levant's scary experience at the Ottawa Airport. How they wanted to touch his junk.

But he wouldn't let them.

“Secondary screening is invasive, and I don’t believe it should be done without a reason,” Levant said in a series of emails. “I objected and asked to see a manager.”

Because he's got strong feelings about that eh?

“Right now, North America’s civil libertarians are too busy campaigning for the rights of terrorists to care about the fact millions of Americans — and Canadian tourists — are being sexually assaulted.”

But those nasty goons did him anyway. After he quietly submitted. 

Levant said after initially refusing secondary screening, he opted for the scanner but was also patted-down because he had a lip balm in his pocket.

Lip balm? Lip balm???? A copy of the Koran, or a copy of Ethical Oil I understand. But that's OUTRAGEOUS !!!!

Oh well. I'm glad to see that Ezra is OK, that they gave him a drink and hopefully a cigarette after it was over. And that he now thinks this sexual assault violation minor incident was "boring."

And I suppose it really could have been WORSE.

They could have demanded an anal search, in which case Levant would have been writing about his asshole for the next three years. And isn't that a scary thought?

Or even more shocking. Instead of a close encounter with a scandalous scanner.

In the dangerous world we live in, it could have been an even MORE humiliating close encounter.

With a horny vacuum cleaner...


Oh well. Sometimes you have to learn a lesson the painful way eh?

Poor Ezra. Those nasty goons. I wish I could be more sympathetic.

But I just can't stop LAUGHING...

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  1. Anonymous12:21 PM

    If the newspaper account is real, then how did they know about the event?

    Probably, because he telephoned them using his cell phone. Stubby fingered garden gnomes can't reach the keypad on pay phones.

    That puts the lie to the "downplay" element, doesn't it?

  2. hi Torontonian...the funny thing is some of the Blogging Tories are DEMANDING to know who took the picture?
    My guess is someone on our side took the picture and tipped off the reporter, and he then sent an e-mail to Levant.
    I have to admit this was a pretty bad post, and I probably shouldn't have written it.
    But after seeing that picture of Ezra looking so meek and mild I just couldn't help it... :)

  3. Ezra, my how the world turns on a dime. I mean he has supported his Tory friends and and in doing so these invasive airport searches as part of the Harpercon effort to keep us all safe from the loonie dark skinned guy that is waiting to blow us up.

    He shouldn't have been subject to this treatment, i mean he's a nice middle aged white guy from Calgary. They are supposed to go after dark skinned Canadians from Montreal and Toronto.