Wednesday, January 26, 2011

If Somebody Threw a Slushie in Your Face... the bullies on Glee do...

Or the scummy students from Jarvis Collegiate.

“A slushie drink is one thing — it stains your clothes and hurts your pride — but when it escalates to chunks of ice, that’s dangerous,” he said.

The “slushie facial” is a popular form of bullying on the musical TV series Glee. Winsor is relieved the frozen Coke beverages missed his face, but his red Canada goose coat was soaked. Winsor ran into a friend a few minutes after the slushie attack who’d been targeted with ice and been called ‘faggot.’

Would you:

(1) Lick the slushie off your clothes and face, and thank your attackers for making you feel famous?

(2) Apologize for ruining a perfectly good slushie, and offer to buy them another?

(3) Or kick them in the head, until they choke in their own sweetness?

Me too eh? The faggot word is a murderous one.

"[He] beat him to where he had bruises and cuts over most of his body," said Hill. "The male begged for mercy as he was being beaten, but it didn't really seem to help and eventually Terry left the male laying in the snow just in his swim shorts, essentially unconscious."

Gays must bash back.

And bullies must be BEATEN...


  1. Anonymous1:35 AM

    So, these episodes here in Toronto were caused by people who watched Glee on TV.

    Monkey see, monkey do sums it up nicely.

  2. hi Torontonian...I find that very depressing, because although I've only watched it once, it is very gay positive and anti-bullying.
    And for that matter Jarvis Collegiate used to have a reputation as a pretty progressive school. But I guess there are bad apples in every barrel....