Monday, January 31, 2011

Egypt, the Army, and a Message to Mubarak

In Egypt, the protests continue.

And the message couldn't be clearer.

But Robert Fisk sounds a note of caution.

"They are on our side," the cry went up from the crowds. Somehow, I didn't think so. And those tanks, new to the square, 14 in all that arrived with no slogans painted on them, their soldiers sullen and apprehensive, had not come – as the protesters fondly believed – to protect them.

And wonders whose side the Americans are really on.

I noticed the lead tank's hull bore markings beginning "MFR" – at this point a soldier with a rifle and bayonet fixed was ordered to arrest me so I ran into the crowd and he retreated – but could "MFR" stand for the US Mobile Force Reserve, which keeps its tanks in Egypt? Was this tank column on loan from the Americans?

An eight-year-old Saudi girl has a message for Mubarak.

And I can't stop playing this awesome video.

Freedom, freedom, freedom.

Down with the TYRANT !!!!

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Beijing York said...

Awesome videos. That street view montage is so inspiring.

I hope the people triumph without further bloodshed.