Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Harper Cons and the Cancer Within

I wonder whether at least one of Stephen Harper's multiple personalities is regretting his crazed decision to bombard the country's airwaves, with some of the most disgusting attack ads Canada has ever seen.

I doubt it, because denying that he could EVER be wrong is another symptom of his deranged condition.

But he should be sorry, because Michael Ignatieff is right about this one.

"That will be Harper's legacy when we vote him out...People will look back and ask: What did he do for the country? [The answer] will be those ads."

All we will remember is the darkness, and the STENCH.

Even some of his true blue supporters think he went too far.

Clearly pandering to anti-American bigotry, these ads should offend all but the most zealous Tory partisan. To be blunt, they are nothing but mean-spirited, personal attacks that go way beyond the pale.

And how could any decent Canadian not feel the same way or not recoil in DISGUST ?

William Johnson, who wrote a biography of Harper, tries to defend him.

But biographers are notoriously kind with their subjects. And if his argument is that Harper may be Mr Hyde at times, but that's OK because he's also Dr Jekyll, I'm not buying it eh?

I'm buying Christian Nadeau's book Against Harper. Because I agree with him:

His Harper is a totalitarian revolutionary ideologue imposing a society that is "incompatible with our values, that opposes democracy, pluralism, freedom of thought and of expression."

"The election of the Conservatives in 2006 can be compared to a primary tumour. We must act before metastases develop that will obstruct any hope of remission for our society."

And by any standards of human decency, a man who would do what he has done to Canada, our parliamentary democracy, and our precious Canadian values, is unfit to remain in office.

The good news? The cancer may still be spreading, but so is the REVULSION.

I think Stephen Harper made a huge mistake by unleashing those foul attack ads. He set out to destroy the opposition, but he just may have destroyed HIMSELF.

Now we can use those ads against him, and really work this narrative.

From guns, to privatizing medicare, from screwing the poor, to blowing Big Oil. From the death penalty, to those teabagger ads of personal destruction.  Stephen Harper and his Cons want to turn us into ugly Amerika.

But we prefer beautiful Canada eh ? And we will DEFEAT them.

Because when you need a narrative, nothing could be as simple and as powerful as that one.

Or if you prefer, because it's Saturday night. And because Stephen Harper can't control himself, neither can I. This one's good too.

The Canadian birds are REALLY angry.

They want their eggs country back.

The tumour will be removed.

And the Con porkers are going to CRUMBLE...

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