Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Stephen Harper and the Coalition Monster

I see that Stephen Harper is back to howling at the moon, listening to the voices in his head, and warning Canadians about the hidden dangers of a coalition that doesn't exist.

Which would be quite entertaining eh? If it wasn't so deeply disturbing.

But here's a cheerful thought. What if all his efforts to turn the idea of a coalition into some kind of monster went nowhere? What if he cried wolf but nobody was scared?

What if he ended up sucking and blowing it into life?

Conservatives now rarely speak of Liberals. In their parlance, Ignatieff is not Liberal leader. He is coalition leader — the man whose secret agenda is to form a government with socialists and traitors.

Given the state of media, it is not inconceivable that this strategy might work — that the intentions of the opposition could become the defining issue of the next election campaign.

In which case, it might make more sense for the two national opposition parties to seize the initiative and — before the election — define the kind of arrangement they would like to see in a Liberal-led minority parliament.

Exactly. If the anti-Harper forces spent a bit more time defending the idea of a coalition as the most Canadian way to run a country, instead of running from it, who knows what might happen?

With their anti-coalition propaganda, the Conservatives have already defined this coming contest in dualistic terms — good versus evil, us versus them.

If voters truly believe that they face a stark choice between Harper and the forces of Anti-Harper, the Conservatives could be unpleasantly surprised.

I don't know if the Liberals and the NDP could ever put their differences aside long enough to save the country.

But I do know that the reason Stephen Harper can't stop talking about a coalition is because he knows that the day one is formed, is the day the Cons will DIE.

And I do know that until that happy day arrives, Canada will do the dying.

If Stephen Harper wants a Coalition Monster.

I say we give him one...

It's really quite simple eh?

The future belongs to us.

But only if we want it...

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