Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Why Sarah Palin Deserves to be Arrested

Today was the day to remember the victims of the Tucson massacre. A day to remember the dead, and the wounded like Gabrielle Giffords, who are fighting for their lives.

But not for the foul redneck Sarah Palin.

For her today was the day to declare herself the victim-in-chief.

It was an ugly speech. There wasn't a trace of genuine sorrow in it. Just anger and self pity. Because it's always about Sarah.

You know that friend of yours for whom everything is always about them? Your dad is in the hospital and your cat just died and you lost your job, and yet she blows up at you because you forgot her birthday? Palin is that friend.

Even though it was obviously written for her, it made no sense.

She just doesn't get it. Doesn't understand that words have consequences. Or even that they have meaning.

It was tragic...and LAUGHABLE.

"When we say 'take up our arms,' we are talking about our vote."

The giant ego. The lizard brain.

The ignorant screeching demagogue who still doesn't understand that when she hastily took down this death map.

She might as well have pleaded GUILTY. The idiot.

I'm not saying that she drove Jared Loughner to open fire. But she will never be able to deny that she is largely responsible for having created an atmosphere of threatening violence, that has poisoned American politics.

Because let's face it eh?

This isn't democracy.

This is MADNESS.

And Sarah Palin was its midwife and its First Prophet. She was the one who accused Obama of being a terrorist, of palling around with the Weather Underground. She was the one who accused him of wanting to kill babies, sick people, the elderly and the disabled, with his healthcare "Death Panels."

She was the one who played to the paranoid fantasies of the old white racists who can't stand the idea of a black man in the White House. She was the one who urged her rabid followers to RELOAD. She was the one who put cross hairs on her opponents. She was the one the cameras followed.

How many other crazies are out there tonight I wonder? Staring at Palin's map. Licking her picture. And loading their weapons.

How much damage have Palin and all the other crazed right-wingers and American Taliban done to U.S. democracy?

How much horror is still to come?

Oh boy. Keep hoping for Gabrielle Giffords and all the other real victims of this tragedy.

Keep hoping that our neighbours can make their country a safer, saner, place.

Tell Palin she's not a victim. She's a political terrorist who deserves to be ARRESTED.

A dumb and dangerous right-wing demagogue.

Whose ugly show is finally OVER...

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Oemissions said...

Arrest her indeed!
Or how about a gag order.
Where did you find that excellent cartoon?

Simon said...

hi Oemissions...yes a gag order would be good too. My ears would thank her. Because the sound of her grating voice makes me want to scream. As for the's from the inimitable Steve Bell in The Guardian. It's not one of his best ones, but the mad look in her eyes...I mean EYE...won me over... :)

Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall said...

There is an on line petition at which calls for the Dept of Justice to indict Palin for incitement to violence (a federal offense). It has over 4,400 signatures.