Thursday, January 06, 2011

Stephen Harper and the Hockey Yahoos

I'm not sure what it says about Canada, when so many Canadians invest so much nationalistic baggage in a hockey tournament for teenagers.

But it sure ain't pretty.

"It's embarrassing, it's full-on embarrassing...Terrible. Shoulda hit, didn't. Lost the game because of it...I'm extremely upset because I figured Canada had it. We're Canadian. We own the game. It's our game..."

But I do know what goes around comes around.

"The Russian heart is the best in the world, the Russian character is the best,'' said Kuznetsov. "Because we are Russian, we knew we could win."

Wave the flag. Pass the beer vodka.

And I agree with Roy MacGregor. Get a grip on yourself Canada.

Morley Callaghan had it partially right when he called hockey, Canada’s national game, truly “our national drama,” but he wasn’t all the way there. I think Calgary poet Richard Harrison, who sometimes writes poetry about the game, comes closer when he tagged it “the national id.”

When we win, as in the Vancouver Winter Games (both men and women), we swagger. When we lose, we wallow.

Which is pathetic eh? I mean how fragile is our ego? Don't we have any other real accomplishments to brag about ? What's the difference between an armchair hockey patriot and a yahoo?

Most of the banter with American hockey fans has been good natured, but some have been irked by the way some Canadians have acted as if they owned the place.

“I would cheer for Afghanistan over Canada, okay?” said one American fan. “Anybody but Canada.”

And who are these ugly Canadians?

Canadians had grown so obnoxious, British skeleton champion Amy Williams recalled: “other nations began looking at it as the Rest of the World versus Canada. You wanted your own country to win, but beyond that you didn’t care who it was as long as it wasn’t Canada.”

Answer: The people Stephen Harper is hoping will give him a majority in the next election. The mostly male hosers he thinks he can whip into a frenzy with his cheap nationalism, his fancy jet planes, and his hockey talk.

When in fact Great Hockey Leader is just a fraud. A nerdy poseur. And the biggest loser of last night's game.

For no doubt not consenting to be photographed when our kids were losing, because "Stephen Harper" and "defeat" must NEVER go together eh? 

Even though our team played its heart out. 

They’re kids. Amateurs. Barely, if at all, out of high school. And the armchair coaches are telling them that they let their country down? That’s ludicrous. There was not one moment in the tournament when Canadians could not be proud of the young players.

Shame on him.

Yup. Stephen Harper is not a leader. Just a LOSER.

A yahoo is not a patriot.

And hockey is just a GAME...

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