Monday, January 17, 2011

The Harper Gang Goes to War

Oh. My. Goomba. Nobody has ever accused the Harper mob of being the classiest political gangsters in the world. But even by the standards of the Sopranos, or the Bush-Cheney Gang, this is quite a hatchet baseball bat job.

And don't you just love the gangsta logic? They don't want an election, but they had to whack the opposition, because they were PROVOKED. 

"Ignatieff has just begun a national campaign style tour, targeting seats he believes can be won by the Liberals. He's even revealed his election 'ballot question,'" said the statement.

"Canadians should be in no doubt: the opportunist Ignatieff has decided that an election this spring is his best hope of becoming prime minister."

It may be just a bloody horse's head. An attempt to intimidate the opposition out of going for an election, as Paul Wells seems to think.

This is not meant to be the opening volley in an election campaign. It is meant to scare the opposition parties — especially the Liberals, who have believed themselves readiest for a campaign — away from one.

It could be a way to create a lot of partisan noise, and contrast it with that outrageously staged ad, the one they'll run on TV, of Stephen Harper working quietly in his office.

With his Beatle's mug...

Because you know, he's above grubby partisan politics. He's just a nice guy and a good money manager. Not the crazed leader of the Con gang who would do anything to win a MAJORITY. So he can whack Canada beyond recognition.

Or it could be a way to poison the well, and prepare the ground for the dirtiest political campaign in Canadian history.

Because in addition to those ugly recycled ads about Ignatieff being a Russian, a sinister foreigner, and not a REAL Canadian. Or the one that portrays Jack Layton as a traitor willing to sell out the country to the evil separatists.

There's also this ad aimed at the Bloc in Quebec.

Which portrays the Bloc as being too Montreal. Tries to pit rural Quebecers against urban ones by appealing to their envy of Montreal, their xenophobia, and their racism.

Because Stephen Harper will pit Canadians against Canadians with his Republican wedge issues, even if it tears this country apart.  

The good news? I think the progressive parties can use these ads to portray the Harperites as ugly teabaggers, more American than Canadian on everything from guns to prisons to medicare. By using their darkness against them. 

But in the meantime we should not forget the most important message of all.

Whatever costume he puts on, whoever the voices in his head tell him to pretend to be, Stephen Harper is definitely NOT Mr Nice Guy.

The Beatle's mug is just a prop.

And in the Kingdom of Fear and the Big Lie. 

The monster plays the piano...

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