Friday, January 21, 2011

My Favourite Attack Ad

I like the new Liberal ads. I like the planes, the shower of dollars, the groovy colours, and the limo.

I like them because they don't attack the NDP or the Bloc Quebecois.

And because they are so different from those Con ads of personal destruction...

They make the Cons look like sinister bottom feeders. Or Tea Baggers.

And their leader look like a MANIAC.

You know....Hangman Harper.

Who says he's just a Beatle's guy, but would KILL for a majority.

The freak who has been spraying smelly Republican-style hate ads out of his asshole like a machinegun. And since the Liberals didn't reply in kind, now looks like an IDIOT. Or a crazy man. Which is EXCELLENT.

But I've got to be honest eh? Right now I'm having trouble getting excited about any kind of political attack ads. When Spring and an election seem so far away.

When even by the standards of The Great White North, it's so damn cold out there...

When this little tugboat ice breaker is the only thing that's keeping the island ferry going.

When the rink on the canal will finally be frozen. But since it's going to feel like minus 30 degrees, it'll be too cold to play this weekend.

When right now I hate WINTER, almost as much as I hate the Cons.

And this is my favourite attack ad...

Damn you Winter. Stephen Harper you MANIAC.

Summer, Summer, I LOVE you !!!!!

Have a great weekend everyone...

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prin said...

Ok, what the hey will Layton do again? Coalition? I so don't get that ad.

Omar said...

Don't hate on winter, Simon. There is no such thing as bad weather. There is just different types of good weather :)

Simon said...

hi prin...I don't know what Layton is going to do, but I do find it disgusting that he is portrayed as some sinister traitor, when in fact
Stephen Harper was slobbering over the Bloc once trying to form a coalition. The good news is that those kind of ads make the Cons look like they crawled out from under a rock, and we can use them to contrast their Canada with OURS.
As in we're pretty and they're not... ;)

Simon said...

hi Omar...don't worry. I have to accept many things I can't change like this foul Con government, but winter isn't one of them. Just call me petulant. ;) First it took forever to get cold enough so we could skate on the canal without wearing a life jacket. Then it finally froze, only to be buried in a ton of snow. Then it started melting. And now it's too cold to skate. But tomorrow it's going to be PERFECT. What more do you want eh? Not just your quintessential Canadian story. But one with a happy ending... :)