Monday, January 03, 2011

Captain Salvation and the Holy Doritos

Holy Halloween Batman !!!! I see there's a new superhero in Gotham. He's as flamboyant as Liberace...with a large red thong and a matching cross. And his name is Captain Salvation!!!

"Victory!! In Jesus' name!" Captain Salvation says (in a dialogue balloon) as he vanquishes a giant robot in league with the devilish forces of the underground.

The muscular captain even has a masked sidekick: Joshua quotes the Bible and, in a takeoff on David's defeat of Goliath, loads his slingshot with magic yams.

Relax Robin. That caped Crusader will NEVER steal you away from me. I mean what's that around his waist? A holy voodoo belt or a Jebeesus in a tortilla? But go tell the Joker he's got some REAL competition.

And while you're at it, go tell his followers that if they want to lure the innocent into their empty churches.

They'd be better off praising the Lord.

And passing the doritos....  

Golly Batman.... I hear that dastardly villain Herr Homophobe is REALLY upset.

As in KAPOOOOW...or ACHTUNG !!!!

And so are his fanatical followers.

Oh really Robin? Tell them to call Captain Salvation eh?

Or better still... fire off a yam in their general direction.

And pass me a holy dorito...

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