Monday, January 31, 2011

Stephen Harper and the Break Up of Canada

I  thought this Maclean's story about Stephen Harper was a real good read. But it didn't tell really tell me what I didn't already know.

Because I've studied Harper like a bug for years. I can never forget how he was willing to risk the unity of this country to save his own skin. And how well it worked for him.

The attempted coalition was gone. But not forgotten. Conservatives marvelled at the spike in support for their party at the height of the crisis, with well over 40 per cent saying they would vote for the besieged party. Thousands backed that sentiment with cash. “We’d never raised so much money,” the senior campaign official said. “It was a banner month for fundraising.”

I can never forget how a wave of anti-Quebec feeling swept across English Canada. How the comment columns and the airwaves were full of the most disgusting garbage I have ever seen. A frenzy of hatred aimed not just at the Bloc, but at ALL Quebecers.

And how if an election had been held then, it would have given Harper a crushing majority. Which is of course, why he is planning to do the same thing again.

That's why he goes on and on about a coalition. Why he launched those attack ads where, if you look at them closely, Gilles Duceppe is made to look like a terrorist.

Or Dracula...

It's just an attempt to recreate that toxic atmosphere, so he can campaign against Quebec again, and get his precious majority.

Even if it destroys Canada.

Stephen Harper is risking a great Canadian success by soothing one of the country’s rawest irritants. Ending public subsidies for political parties – Conservative code for, among other things, getting separatist Bloc Quebecois fingers out of the federal purse – is a feel-good exercise rippling with bad omens for national unity.

Successful in saving his government, Harper’s tactics were odd and dangerous. Odd because they conveniently forgot his earlier attempt to form a similar coalition to bring down Liberals and dangerous because it effectively disenfranchised the roughly 40 per cent of Quebec voters who support the Bloc.

I don't doubt that if Harper is able to harness that anti-Quebec feeling again, he will win his precious majority. Because those demons that inhabit English Canada are far too easily aroused.

When the Globe recently ran a story on the Bloc's conditions for supporting the budget. They got more than 1,500 comments and many of them were like this one:

This frog really has REAL CANADIANS shaking in their boots. The sooner we cut these asssssholessss off the dole the better. Only the Conservatives are prepared to stand up for Canada. Canadians have had enough of these bloodsuckers.

You know, I realize many Canadians would rather live in denial. But here is the inconvenient truth eh.

The Parti Québécois will most likely win the next election in Quebec. Gilles Duceppe could be its next leader. If Harper wins a majority by campaigning against the province, and starts turning Canada into a right-wing country most Quebecers can't live in, he could provide a popular separatist leader with a very powerful hand.   

I don't believe there is anything inevitable about Quebec separating from Canada. But if the Québécois are made to feel they are The Enemy, sooner or later they WILL.

Which wouldn't bother Harper of course, because if Quebec leaves, Canada will be a right-wing country FOREVER. Just like the rest of Britain would be if Scotland ever seceded.

All of this doesn't completely explain why Harper was allowed to get away with it the first time. Why there was no moral reprimand for fucking with the fabric of Canada. Or why so many progressives went along with him. Or why our leaders have been so cowed.

The opposition parties deny they are plotting to form a coalition to replace him. And you know what? They are not plotting to form a coalition. But neither are they performing the day-to-day consultation and collaboration opposition parties always do to clip a government’s wings, because they are too afraid of looking like the coalition he warns against. They have had him outnumbered for five years. For a week in 2008 they acted like it. Now he will not stop using that week as a stick to beat them with.

But it does explain some of it. And it does explain why a person like me, who loves Canada AND Quebec, tries to end as many posts as possible this way:

Organize, unite, defeat this criminally irresponsible maniac.

Before he destroys our country...

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Violette said...

I didn't understand that attitude and still don't. I was so happy when they said they were forming a coalition - I thought maybe Canadian politics was finally coming out of the 19th century. And I am from Saskatchewan. I would be very unhappy in a Canada without Quebec.

Anonymous said...

Toronto homosexuals are being victimized on their own turf lately. Would that new development have anything to do with your blog that is spewing hate against Conservatives and Christians in general?
I hope that you know this biblical prophecy: "They, who sow the wind shall harvest the storm."

Sage said...

I was SO excited at the thought of a coalition! I blame Michaelle Jean.

Beijing York said...

@ Anonymous. Nice job proving how thuggish Harper conservatives and fundamental Christians are at heart. F*ck off with your veiled threat and bully attitude.

I too was thrilled with the prospect of a coalition government. Strength in numbers (coalition) vs divide and conquer (divided ineffectual opposition). Seems like the clear winner is obvious.

Nadine Lumley said...

Great post. One of the most important I have ever read on HarperCon.

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Simon said...

hi Violette...It's truly depressing and bizarre how Harper has been able to demonize the idea of a coalition, when it's a common feature of modern governments. And it would be a more Canadian way of governing, with compromise and cooperation replacing brutish confrontation.
And BTW I would be very unhappy in a Canada without Saskatchewan... :)

Simon said...

hi anonymous...what are you talking about? My blog has something to do with that gay bashing in the Gay Village? If you seriously believe that I urge you to seek help immediately.
And as for that veiled threat you can shove it you know where. I've been threatened many times before and you can't scare me...

Simon said...

hi Sage...yes I was not impressed with the GG acted. But Harper was prepared to smear her and her husband as separatist traitors, so I don't blame her too much. I'm more concerned that our leaders are running from the idea, instead of embracing it. Because it remains the one sure way of getting rid of the Cons...

Simon said...

hi Beijing...thanks for teaching that weirdo a lesson. ;)
And yes a coalition makes so much sense. As I told Violette the fact that Harper has managed to demonize the idea is absolutely depressing and SCARY. Talk about a Big Brother world where up is down,and pitting Canadians against Canadians is considered just politics. A lot of Canadians are going to get a rude awakening. The idiots. Let's hope it's not too late...

Simon said...

hi Nadine...thanks. You know I'm a poor messenger, but the message is an important one. Because I've got one foot in each solitude I think I can see the bigger picture more clearly than many. I know a lot of people would rather not think of national unity, but I can't think of anything more important. All the parts of this country make us interesting and great. And anyone who risks destroying that for the sake of cheap politics should be ashamed of themselves.But then Harper is shameless and that's why we must defeat him.

P.S. I LOVE that tiny CRUSH truck... :)