Friday, January 07, 2011

Catholic School Board Compares Gays to Nazis

Gay-Straight Alliances are wonderful student groups that promote tolerance and safer schools.

You can find them in schools right across Canada. The Ontario government and many educators think they are a useful tool for fighting bullying and teen suicides.

But the Halton Catholic District School Board has banned them, because in the words of its Chair, Alice Anne LeMay:

“We don’t have Nazi groups either... Gay-Straight Alliances are banned because they are not within the teachings of the Catholic Church."

Can you believe that? Comparing decent gay and straight kids to Nazi scum. What an ignorant woman. What a hideous bigot.

But then what do you expect eh?

When the leader of her ghastly cult once belonged to a Nazi club himself...

And now presides over a church wallowing in the filth of child abuse and homophobia.

The bottom line: if Catholic School Boards aren't prepared to make schools safer for ALL children, they should get out of the school business.

Because too many kids have died of bigotry.

Too many others are being bullied.

Our Canadian children deserve better.

And enough is ENOUGH...

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  2. Anonymous8:45 AM

    What would a gay-straight alliance have to do with the "teachings" of the church? Did Ratz himself not say that treating gay people with respect was a cornerstone to "ministering" to gays and he opposed discrimination and shunning?

  3. Anonymous11:49 AM

    If you follow some of the stories about this the church/school board has said basically that high school students are too young to recognize their own sexuality and that GSA's will promote homosexuality.

    Right. Because this makes sense...what other lies are they teaching their students?

  4. I work with our school's GSA group, and as far as I recall, they haven't tried to exterminate any groups of people - not even Catholics!

  5. hi Small Town Queer...I hope that means you agree with me. ;)
    Nice blog. And of course Newfoundland forever !!!

  6. hi bcwaterboy...nice to hear from you. And you know what I think of Herr Ratz. I'm always waiting for him to become a better person, but he always disappoints me. Gawd. Didn't they teach him ANYTHING in the Hitler Youth? :)

  7. hi anonymous...yes it really is a ridiculous position. Like suggesting that sunglasses will give you green eyes. Duh. My position is basically this: they can criticize me and other adults if they want, but they should accept children they way they are and do all they can to protect them...

  8. hi Sage... Well I'm shocked but not really surprised. The Gay-Straight Alliances are a beautiful example of tolerance in action, and I think they're FABULOUS. And good for you for helping the kids. I also should have mentioned that apparently many other Catholic schools don't have any problems with the GSA so the Halton Board is definitely the problem...