Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Homophobia on Progressive Bloggers ?

You know one of the horrible things about homophobia is that it can jump out at you when you least expect it. In some of the most unlikely places.

Like my beloved Progressive Bloggers.

In the past couple of days the media attention on this story has increased and there has been a ton of noise, complaints and boycott petitions coming from the gay community. Boycott? Really? C’mon, let’s get serious, everyone knows the gay community is at Starbucks. A member of the gay communicty going to Timmy H-bombs for a double-double would be considered slumming-it, compared to their normal ‘venti grande chai latté tripple no fat soy macchiato’, or whatevr the hell that overpriced giant calls their coffee. Anyways, this is where I begin to get extremely annoyed.

Because gay people are all rich right? And if we don't watch it them faggots could take over the world....

It seems like the homosexual lobby has inherited the very intolerance they were once and are still held down by. They only preached tolerance when they had no power but now they turn around and preach intolerance. Could it be that it’s never been about tolerance but rather approbation? Many would agree this is a tried and true strategy similar to other absolutist movements. Mohammed preached tolerance when he was in the minority but once he held power he preached “death to the infidels”.

....Like the Muslims.

Gawd. Lucky Enviralment is not homophobic eh?

I’m by no means homophobic or the type of guy who sleeps with his back to the wall. I have gay friends, a gay boss, and although tests can’t prove it, I’m almost certain my dog is gay. But I can’t help but notice this ever growing trend that it’s taboo to not support the gay movement. Like you should be ostrasized or exciled to Elba for believing in your own beliefs which may or may not be in line with those of the gay community.

Hmmm.... should I take the time to explain that yes gay people do drink Tim Horton's coffee? Because a lot of us are poor and can't afford to drink anything else.


And no we don't think a Canadian company should sponsor anything to do with the bigots from NOM.

Because they are not just bigots...they're horrible hatemongering liars.

Should I also bother to explain that the "homosexual lobby" doesn't really want to take over the world? All we want is EQUALITY.

Or ask Enviralentil to point out one place in the world where gay people have "power?" Or aren't persecuted for who they are. Because I'd LOVE to visit it.

Nah. Life is too short.

I think I'll just say that the Blogging Tories...or Free Dominion is that a way...

And bon voyage you IDIOT...


UPDATE: I see Enviralentil has deleted that post. I thought that might happen that's why I reproduced so much of it. I did think of taking a screen shot but then I thought wait a minute. WTF? Making an asshole out of yourself is not a capital offence.

I should know...been there done it.

But I take it that deleting a post means you're sorry. Very sorry.

And that's all that counts...


Dr.Dawg said...

Like you should be ostrasized [sic] or exciled [sic] to Elba for believing in your own beliefs which may or may not be in line with those of the gay community.

I'm trying to figure out what a gay belief is. Is it a belief that is sexually attracted to other beliefs?

Others need to be tolerant of gays and their way of living life.

Simon, what is the gay way of living life? For some reason I thought there were more than one.

deBeauxOs said...

Word, Simon.

Anonymous said...

haah, very good, simon. and, uh, yes us gays all believe in the very same things, right....after all, we are a group so therefore do not have individual opinion, right?

but show me some red neck gays who are out of the closet and thought timmy's support was a.o.k. and i'll show you .001% of the gay population.

and isn't gay rights minority rights and if you are a caring, decent person you would support those rights, right? so what if this guy doesn't sleep with his vack against the wall....cuz his mind is parked in neutral.

Pale said...

Teh Gay Agenda.


LOL. What a dip. He haz gay friends.

There are a few prob bloggers with their own issues. *ahem*

But the rest of us are totally with you Simon. :)
The Hairy legged feminazi's (I can speak for us at ACR) have got your back.

Robert McClelland said...

This character just seems confused about the nature of organizations like NOW. I think they believe they're nothing more than a group of people with strong opinions rather than an organization that actively works to oppress others.

Christian said...


I'm trying to figure out what a gay belief is. Is it a belief that is sexually attracted to other beliefs?

I think it's a belief that's attracted to the same beliefs.

Simon said...

Hi Dr Dawg...yes I forgot the lifestyle part. You know the one I chose so they could attack me for four years in high school.
But as for this question:

Simon, what is the gay way of living life? For some reason I thought there were more than one.

Gosh so did I. But apparently there's only TWO. Those who drink Starbucks and those who don't... :)

P.S. Elba...Elba...why is that name familiar? Is it a gay paradise or what?

Simon said...

hi deBeauxOs...Word? Uh oh what does that mean?
Oh yes I know. I should have called Enviralentil an IDJIT. Damn ;)

JimBobby said...

Whooee! I ain't sure how Enviralment got into the ProgBloggers in the first place. I seen their comments in the Globe and elsewhere an' I don't reckon they got much of a pergressive attitude on any subjecks.

FWIW, I' a straight country boy hick an' I was cheerin' you gay fellers an' gals when you got Timmy's to reverse course. Good goin'!


JimBobby said...

Also, I think Enviralment is a paid operative of the nuke industry.

Simon said...

Hi Scout...yes it's TRUE. We all believe in the same things. And actually we all think alike too.
Which is good eh? Because when the gay lobby meets to plot total world domination the meetings are REALLY short.
One person says something and that's it the meeting is OVER. But please don't tell me Enviralentil is stuck in neutral.
Because it's a long long drive to the Blogging Tories... :)

Simon said...

hi Pale...yes the "Gay Agenda" strikes again. And I for one welcome our new queer overlords.
And yes Enviralentil has gay friends...even if he sleeps with his bum to the wall. But how many can proudly claim he has a gay DOG?
OMG. Where is the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Gay Animals when we need them?
Seriously though...I consider Progressive Bloggers like a family.
A safe and decent place full of great characters. So I was a little shocked.
But as long as I've got the hairy-legged feminazis covering my little ass I can sleep soundly again... :)

Simon said...

hi Robert...yes this character does seem a bit confused when it comes to that bigoted organization.
But at least he/she is not for them...or against them either.Huh?
You know I don't want to make too much of this...but if one is going to make absurd comments about gays and Muslims one really should be more informed...

Simon said...

hi Jim Bobby...I must admit I've never read this blog before...and will now make sure I never read it again.
But as for the campaign against that unfortunate event I'd like to take the opportunity to thank all the good straight people in this country who lent their support and made me proud to be a Canadian...

P.S. The nuke industry? *Gasp* Shurely not. I'm thinking something like the Soylent Green factory...

Simon said...

hi Christian...heh heh heh...look when you and Dr Dawg figure that one out don't forget to let me know eh? Because it's really IMPORTANT. I think... :)

Christian said...

lol, Simon. I always find it fascinating when someone proclaims to "have gay friends", and then proceeds to go against them.

Robert may be right, Enviralentil must not really be aware of what NOM truly represents, because "taking or leaving" a malicious bunch like them, seems to fly in the face of his "friends".

Simon said...

Hi I told Robert I don't want to be too harsh on Enviralmental because I've never read anything by them before...and everyone is entitled to a bad blogging day. Or in my case a few. Ahem. ;)
But I just thought it was a lot of shite for nothing. And all of it...including the bit about the gay friends sounded soooooo familiar. Although the bit about the gay dog was original...and my bisexual dog is DEFINITELY interested. :)
So I'll just leave it at this...if you have gay friends try to see them as simply human, with no agenda beyond trying to have as happy a life as possible. Because we only have ONE life like everybody else. And having to read that shite on Progressive Bloggers doesn't make it any easier...

rww said...

How dare you diss someone who has a gay dog.

Seriously though, the homophobic posts on ProgBlogs fit right in with the anti-worker posts and the apologies for Larry O'Brien.

Frank Frink said...

Looks like Enviralment has put the post down the rabbit hole. What a maroon.

Simon said...

Hi now wait a minute. I did say that having a gay dog was something in Enviralentil's FAVOUR.
And as I told Christian... my bisexual dog can't wait to meet him.
You know to TEST his doggy gayness ;)
But seriously I guess what really shocked me was to see something like that on Progressive Bloggers. Which I guess says something really nice about that blogging family.
Yeah yeah I know we are a scrappy family, and nobody's perfect especially me. But it's still an amzingly decent one and I'm proud to belong to it....

Simon said...

Hi Frank...yes I see it has mysteriously vanished. Oh well as I explain in the Update to my post that's not really a surprise.
I think it would have been better just to say I fucked up...or just sorry...or I had too many chai soy no fat poopy lattes or whatever.
Because didn't Enviralentil ever watch Perry Mason....or American Justice?
Deleting the evidence is SURE to make you look GUILTY.
But WTF? I'm not a bully. So I'll just settle for sorry...

fem said...

I'm pretty sure the site was called Enviralment.

Unknown said...

he also had a follow up apologizing for going overboard and having limited education on the subject. And it's not enviralmentil.

thwap said...

Should've complained when you first posted this.

You're absolutely right and as a member of the collective i guess it's my duty to see that it doesn't contain hateful drivel like that.


Simon said...

hi Fem...yes I know that site is really Enviralment but I could help calling it Envira- LENTIL because I figure that's about as big as the brainpower that went into that post.

Sorry ;)

Simon said...

Hi Joseph...yes thanks I saw the post and sent him a comment accepting the apology. We live and we learn, and that's the main thing...

Simon said...

hi have nothing to be sorry for. He's apologized and I think he learned something.
But since you're here I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and the other members for running such an excellent site.
I think it has helped make me a better blogger by embarrassing me into trying to raise my own standards.
I know...I know...but I'm working on it... ;)