Thursday, April 04, 2019

The Malignant Hypocrisy of Jody Wilson-Raybould

As I'm sure you know I have no time at all for Jody Wilson-Raybould. I never believed she was a saint, or a martyr to truth and justice.

Just a shabby Con tool in Liberal clothing.

And an aggressive self promoter, who with the help of the Con media, orchestrated a fake scandal to try to make Justin Trudeau pay for shuffling her out of her dream job.

But if this story is true, she really has hit rock bottom. 

For as Bob Hepburn writes, the reason her career is now in tatters has less to do with Trudeau, and more to do with her own monstrous ego. 

The best example of how her ego hurt her came when she took the extraordinary step of making four huge demands of Trudeau for her to remain in cabinet after the Globe and Mail published its report about how she felt pressured by Trudeau’s office to overrule federal prosecutors by offering a remediation agreement in the criminal case against SNC-Lavalin. According to a key Liberal insider, Wilson-Raybould’s four demands, all of which Trudeau had to accept, were:

First, that Gerald Butts, principal secretary to Trudeau, be fired. Butts resigned of his own will on Feb. 18, apparently feeling he had no choice despite his strong conviction that he had never pressured her. 

Second, that Privy Council Clerk Michael Wernick, who she had secretly recorded in a phone call, be fired. Wernick announced on March 18 that he will step down on April 19. 

Third, that David Lametti, who succeeded her as justice minister and attorney general, be required to uphold her view on how to proceed against SNC-Lavalin. 

Fourth, that Trudeau make a full apology to her and the entire Liberal caucus for what she claims was undue political interference and pressure on her in the SNC-Lavalin case by the prime minister, Butts and Wernick. 

Which is absolutely outrageous, not just because it reeks of political blackmail. Or is yet another example of her incredible arrogance. Or makes it clear who was the real bully.

But also because her demand that David Lametti be required to uphold her view on what to do with SNC-Lavalin, would amount to nothing less than judicial interference in an ongoing prosecution.

Which just happens to be the same thing she has accused Trudeau of doing to her.

And is so hypocritical she should be laughed out of the House of Commons.

But does at least explain why she thought it was OK to secretly tape her creepy conversation with the decent Michael Wernick.

And the good news? Her career, which had once seemed so promising now lies in ruins.

Until the past few weeks, she was a dynamic force in Ottawa. She had the power to make a real difference for the causes and people she holds most dearly. Now, four years after she entered with so much hope and promise, all that’s gone.

Smouldering in the bottom of a dumpster, with only Andrew Scheer to sing her praises.

The filthy Con and serial liar who wouldn't know what the truth is if it jumped up and bit him. 

And if he ever became Prime Minister would set back the cause of reconciliation by at least fifty years. 

And the best news? 

Justin Trudeau's decision to kick her and her BFF Jane Philpott out of the Liberal caucus, may give him the boost he needs to win the next election.

For Trudeau, who Wilson-Raybould and Philpott were clearly out to dethrone as Liberal leader, his decision to kick them out of caucus, belated though it was, may have given him some backbone and may in some way be a springboard to decisive leadership in the future.

Justin has been too nice, or too Canadian for too long. 

But as I wrote the other day, the times they are a changing, and are uglier than ever.

So now would be a good time to put on the gloves again...

And hammer out another majority.

Way to go Jody!!!!

The fake scandal was a nightmare, but it will have a happy ending...


  1. I'm not so sure about the election outcome because it seems a lot of damage has already been done. Hope against hope, I guess. The Con media wants Justin to not only lose but hang for his "sins" in the court of public opinion, and that's just sick. The fourth estate really is a fifth column. And Jody, with help from the cynical, bad-faith M$M and the Cons who care not one whit about feminism or indigenous issues, really plays this "poor me, I was victimized by a white male oppressor and fake feminist" card to the hilt. It would be nice to see her out on her ass, in an ideal world. Furthermore, the behavior by the "daughters of the vote" was disgraceful and I'm glad none of them are my daughters. Jody is no she-ro. She's a sadist and an incompetent, unprofessional hypocrite, and at minimum she should be disbarred. Justin deserves at the very least to have his name cleared. Not to be Schmeared through the mud and subjected to a Kafkaesque stoning as though he was some kind of a monster. They're playing it out like he raped her or something, that he's a racist and a chauvinist pig. Enough already. This is politics of personal destruction that has SFA to do with facts.

    This woman needs psychiatric intervention. Who the hell blackmails their boss over a difference of opinion and a department reassignment, then proceeds to destroy his good name? As she issues a list of ransom demands that includes public groveling and forcing him to do the same thing she falsely accused him of doing? What a lunatic!

    Justin may need counseling for PTSD (political trauma stress syndrome) for the public crucifixion he's endured for absolutely no reason, but Jody is an absolute psychotic narcissist and manipulative Con artist who should take up permanent residence at the "big house" of Allan Memorial Institute. She's toxic. She has delusions of grandeur. She's the equivalent of the crazy ex who keys your car and trashes your apartment. Nobody puts Jody in the corner. She's Nurse Ratched and Stephen King's Carrie all in one. Don't go away mad, Jody, just go away!!!

    1. Hi Jackie...I don’t believe that the fake scandal will have much impact on the election outcome. It has little impact on the real lives of Canadians, in the end it will come down to who do you prefer Trudeau or Scheer? And even better, do you really want Scheer, Ford, and Kenney to run this country? The present may be grim, but the future belongs to us...

  2. Not with you on this Noddy,
    The Attorney General is the chief legal adviser to the government and should not be subject to undue influence.
    For a supposed "rule of law" country I think JWR showed some backbone that is missing in other areas such as Global Affairs where international "rule of law" is flaunted all the time.
    Too bad Crystia Freeland has not been fired or resigned.
    She is leading us down the same road in Venezuela that the Harperites did in Libya and look at the death toll in that continuing debacle, plus the Ms Meng detention which has cost Western Canola growers their chinese market.
    What Canadian law did she break?
    Hypocrisy rules in Ottawa where it always has.

    1. Hi hinofan...please try to focus on one story at a time, remind yourself that the fake scandal has nothing to do with Venezuela. And if you insist on dragging in the Meng affair, please remember that the one who ordered her arrest was your darling Jody...

  3. Anonymous1:03 PM

    And unlike Bob Fife Hepburn/Star would have corroborated their story with multiple sources before they went to print. According to Coyne JWR's list of demands were perfectly reasonable and should have been met. There you have it, it was always personal for him. Fife is still desperately flailing around trying to make it appear as if he broke the scandal of the century. Wells, Coyne, Fife, Adler. Gurney et-al couldn't be any more pathetic if they tried and boy are they trying.

    1. There you have it, it was always personal for him.

      Coyne seriously needs to get over his family issues with Uncle Pierre.

    2. Hi anon... I guess Wilson-Raybould forgot to tell Fife about her list of outrageous demands. All she got was the saint story, and now like Coyne and others he looks like an idiot. Couldn’t happen to a better group of Cons...

  4. When I read the CBC piece this morning I was reminded of a bad mafia movie where two goons go into a candy store and say ' nice little store you got here, be a shame if it burned down '. Instead we see the ex chief law enforcement official of Canada saying ' nice little political party ya got here, be a shame if something happened to it '. Extortion pure and simple.

    If the extortion attempt wasn't enough, just like blackmailers , whenever any concession was given they came up with more extreme demands. ' You didn't take the offer yesterday; the price just went up today '. I hate gangster films and pay them no attention.

    1. Having failed to force Trudeau's resignation letter and display of public groveling, she'll instead burn the LPC to the ground, let him take the blame and be a pariah in his country, and tap dance on his grave. The useless M$M who has no sincere interest in any of the causes that Trudeau has spent his career fighting for, will have their usual bad-faith hot takes about how a brave Indigenous woman told "her truth" and took down another "mediocre white guy" and isn't that such a marvel for progress in Canada. Dale Smith reporting that Brutus and Cassius were having a chat with Michael Chong at QP today, so it's likely that a floor cross is already in the works. Self-interested, sadistic Con moles, malignant and cancerous moles at that. A pox on both their big houses.

    2. Hi rumleyfips...exactly, that’s how it struck me too. Especially since the two Connies kept moving the goal posts. Their behaviour was abominable not saintly, and they deserve no sympathy whatsoever...

    3. Hi Jackie...I very much doubt that the two Connies will sign up with the Cons. They may be naive extortionists, but they must realize that would blow their cheap cabaret act right out of the water. The NDP might be a better fit, but JWR carries some baggage with her from her days as Justice Minister that the Dippers might not want to inherit...

  5. I would seriously like to know who leaked the story to the Globe and Mail ??????

    1. All signs point to Jody of Arc herself. She says she didn't, but why should she be believed on that account when everything else about "her truth" is complete and utter bullshit?

    2. Hi Marmalade...I’m pretty sure it was JWR herself or a very close associate. After reading her outrageous list of demands I have to believe she was capable of anything...

  6. Marmalade:

    One of the things that is a result of JWR's behaviour and inevitable expulsion is that she no longer has party protection. People can now tell the truth about her. This is just one of her miscalculations.

  7. Something is going on with this portal. So called progressives are stuffing beans up their noses and holding their breath until they turn blue. At one time I could comment on Wornouts blog bur no more. Apparently he's a bit sensitive about hearing anything that doesn't deify Doug Ford and Faith Goldy and the rest of the white supremisists. Now Ricky at the Cowering Corner has thrown out a comment about Wilson-Rayboult because it was libelous. Sorry buddy , she's a public figure and fair comment rules.

    1. Hi rumleyfips...yes, the fake scandal has had a weird effect on some so-called progressives. They seem to have forgotten that we are under siege by far-right extremists, and defeating them is all that counts...

  8. Personalities in politics, corporations, etc. are moulded for the camera these days and have been since the 1960s. Look no further than Aung San Suu Kyi, leader of Myanmar. She fooled the world. As Adbusters writes in their edition: The Year of Living Dangerously, ...."in me they've always seen what they wanted to see; I was an outstanding example of the power of the powerless....I'm less popular these days; an object lesson in the folly of hero-worship".

    I for one never trusted her. Just as I don't trust any politicians, totally. Been around too long, too old, seen too much.

    Trudeau does not govern as a populist, but many who support him are acting in populist manner, in my opinion. Populism is not good for a democracy.

    We do not know yet how this whole situation will impact the up coming election. We do not yet know if JWR and JP will run again. Today's Vancouver Sun is reporting many within the Indigenous community believe Trudeau has not kept his promises. He has made great strides in improving matters, however, when we look at how Indigenous people live and the rest of us, there is a very big difference. One could ask the question did JWR use Trudeau or did Trudeau use JWR. At one level its, who cares. Strides were made.

    Here in B.C., some of the Indigenous leaders aren't happy about the "firing" of JWR. if they take their votes to the NDP, that will not bode well for the Liberals. Although the NDP is not doing well on the national stage, in B.C. the provincial NDP is now taking in more money than the B.C. Lieberals. (in no way do I consider the B.C. Liberals to be Liberals, they're lieberCons. there are so many Conservatives in the party, they're just using the name.) On the other hand, the former B.C. Lieberal Premier of B.C. is the ex of a major Liberal strategist, Mark Marissen, and continued to assist and work with the B.C. Lieberals. There is some movement between the organizations as there are between the provincial B.C. Lieberals and the federal Conservatives. so who are the "good" guys and who are the "bad" guys? Using the term "guys" as gender neutral term. For an instructive read of how divisive politics can fracture the left of centre, Allan Garr writes an interesting article in The Tyee, 14 May 2018. Back room boy, Liberal strategist, Mark Marissen. He worked on Paul Martin's take over of the federal Liberal party.

    Trudeau can proudly run on his record. he has done much to improve the life of children in this country. That ought to get him re elected, as it should. His choice of Christina Freeland speaks volumes about his good choices.

    We ought to be careful not to read too much into what has occurred between JWR and Trudeau/caucus. it will splinter the federal Liberals. When people cast aspersions on JWR and JP they divide the party. Continued arguing about the issue makes the Conservatives oh so happy. They see division. this blog which usually deals with any number of topics has been fairly focused on this topic for some times and I have no doubt this blog, like many progressive blogs in B.C., are monitored by "retros". In B.C. those who wrote against the previous provincial government were able to monitor their comings and goings, (of retros) how long they were on there, etc. I don't know if you do that Simon, but you might want to. If you are becoming a blog "spies" are watching, its time to change the dial so you are not contributing to the disruption to the federal Liberal party. Ripping JWR to shreds benefits no one especially the federal Liberal Party. Marriages which result in bitter divorces benefit no one. If everyone can maintain "an adult/responsible" persona, every one comes out of it better.

  9. Hi e.a.f.
    I've been puzzled and amazed to observe that while most of them proclaim themselves progressives there is hardly an unabashed Liberal or pro-Liberal Blog on the entire progressivebloggers platform. Simon, an exceptional exception. I can't even think of the names of the other ones, if there are...
    The progressives, never mind the cons, mostly crow with their litany of complaints about Trudeau.

  10. Anonymous5:21 PM

    Here we are 2 days after the Libs lanced these 2 back stabbing boils and the now festering boils are hard at work continuing their attempt to destroy JT and elect Scheer. Knowing the Con MSM will hang on their every word will empower them even more so this vendetta is far from over. For those who still think they should have remained in caucus, please give your head a shake and get some fresh air, lots of fresh air.
    So now we learn Princess Jody had demands and OMG those demands weren't met. Well boo-hoo and wah-wah. When your ego is as big as Trump's it explains a lot. One would have to be delusional to think that she called the shots and not JT. To think he gave this treacherous, self serving incompetent the opportunity of a lifetime and then have her turn on him like a rabid skunk would be a great case study on the worst possible employee from hell.
    Her and Aryan Andy Pandy will make a great team as they unveil the Con platform of...wait for it comes...attacking JT. What a team they'll make, Sodom and Gomorrha, Syphillis and Gonorrhea, Bonnie and Clyde, Hitler and Mussolini, a match made in hell.

    1. Hi JD...The two Connies and their friends in the Con media will no doubt try to keep the fake scandal going. But I very much doubt that it has the oxygen to stagger on much longer. And I’m also sure that most Canadians couldn’t care less, and are sick to death of this tacky soap opera. The two Connies will soon realize that, and it will be a hard landing...

  11. Anonymous7:22 PM

    Thanks Simon! I agree with many fellow commenters her that the entire prog blogger site is infested with Trudeau haters — what is up with that? You’re the only one that sees this sham for what it is. Do the rest of the so called ‘progressives’ want to see our country set back by decades under that moron Andy — climate change denier and closet white nationalist, anti-LGBT, women et. all his regressive hateful values. The NDP simply will not win this election under their leader who doesn’t have the grit to criss cross this country to build the party back up. I’m mystified how so many could be so blinded by JWR and JP. Trudeau can be criticized for putting an inexperienced rookie lawyer and MP in a top job that was far over her abilities and temperament. If there’s one apology it should be to the country for picking a lousy AG MOJ!

    1. Thanks Simon! I agree with many fellow commenters her that the entire prog blogger site is infested with Trudeau haters — what is up with that?

      The tankies call it heightening the contradictions. People will criticize me for this, call me a Yankee imperialist or whatnot, but the parallels are obvious: just like the CPC is the GOP North, the so-called fauxgressives in Canada like many at the "Progressive Bloggers" network are really no better than the toxic Bernie Bros in the U.S., who did everything to undermine Hillary and elect Trump. They hope to force their mythical revolution on an unwitting populace and punish those who support "neoliberal empty suit shills." It's called the horseshoe theory of politics. Mind you, this is not to be confused with "pragmatic progressives" who are smart enough to recognize the necessity of defeating evil over party purity or tearing down the "star candidate" out of jealousy. I've cut a lot of those Red Rose Tea Party types out of my life over their sabotage and will do so yet again as they prepare their onslaught for the 2020 campaign. Their equivalents above the 49th can yell at me all they want, but they won't convince me otherwise of THE truth rather than "their" truth: Justin was framed, and Hillary should have won.

    2. Hi anon@7:22 PM...I have no idea why Progressive Bloggers has so many toxic Trudeau haters. I suspect it’s because most of them are old geezers who want to turn back the clock to the days before women’s rights or gay rights. Or just support the NDP and are desperate for any issue that might remove that party from the morgue it presently finds itself. I might advise them that acting and sounding like Cons isn’t the way to go, but they are too bitter to listen....

    3. Yes, I tried to reason with MoS on one of his Blog Posts, but, to no avail.

  12. Anonymous7:26 PM

    Frankly, the MSM should start calling JWR for what she is — extortionist or blackmailer? Just what or what was she thinking she could ‘DEMAND’ and extract firings and the ultimate —to control the new AG!! This brazen behaviour just confirms that not only was she not qualified for this job she needs some serious therapy to bring her into the real world vs. some kind of fiction she has constructed for herself as the heroine — she deserves to fall far and hard professionally. Disbarred please. She makes a mockery of the practice of law.

    1. Hi anon...the Con media will never call JWR an extortionist, not after spending nine weeks calling her a saint. But remember, they have done themselves a lot of damage, so they will not get away unscathed. And when they realize how much damage they have done themselves, they will drop the fake scandal story like a hot potato...

    2. Simon, I usually can't bear to watch, but this time I was able to restrain my trigger finger on my remote, (for the most part): The Power Panel on the National last night was looking and sounding a little sheepish, to varying degrees. One or two, awkward, even in their insistence.

      Which reminds me, I must mention that, alas, my TV heroes are outside of Canada, and all on MSNBC. Especially this one: Would that we had someone with a TV news hour like Lawrence O'Donnell. He does not suffer fools. (He reminds me of you, Simon, in the delivery, in the way you both tell it like it is, passionately, except the medium is different and comes with a larger audience.)

    3. @brawnfire

      I don't know who she is behind the avatar, but the Twitter user "Diane Marie Posts" could easily be Canada's Rachel Maddow. Unlike the tired old spin-mongers and opinionators at the Ceeb et. al., she actually brings facts and receipts.

      Wherever "Patty O'Limerick" has gone (a nation turns its lonely eyes to you), she could tear Kinsella a new one on-air... verbally, of course.

      As for real-name people, Stephen Lautens and Dale Smith should have slots or their own programs. Canada should have its own "The View" with Heather Mallick, Althia Raj, Sheila Copps, and Kim Campbell... and pick a token Stepford Con like they have for "balance." Urback, Gerson, Princess Mulroney, any bobble-headed, brain-dead Tory blow-up doll will do.

      Jody, meanwhile, belongs at Fox Rebel, fighting for airtime with Ezra who is just another pathological narcissist, Trudeau hater... and disgraced lawyer.

    4. Hi Jackie,
      If I have a favorite columnist, it's Heather Mallick. Doesn't matter the topic--she provokes and entertains--and I rarely disagree.
      I don't think I've ever actually seen her speak; only read her.
      The lovely Althia Raj I've seen and listened to, many times, on tv.

  13. Anonymous10:18 PM

    I just can’t believe the arrogance of Jody Wilson-Raybould. Who the hell does she think she is dictating terms to a Prime Minister? I agree with Simon, Justin Trudeau was too nice to her. If Bugass had presented that list to Justin’s father, she would have been flying out the door about five minutes later. But at least Justin has finally given both women the boot, and hopefully they will disappear into the obscurity they both so richly deserve.

    1. Hi anon...yes, there is no doubt now that Trudeau should never have appointed JWR to a job she was just not ready for, and that he was far too patient for far too long. But as I said in my post I think he has learned his lesson, and he will be a better campaigner for it...

  14. Anonymous2:37 AM

    Simon, we are in dire need of a little levity in all of this so please allow me to indulge. I heard that someone pocket dialed JWR and were greeted with, "Hi, you've reached JWR. Please be advised that this call may be recorded for quality assurance purposes..."
    Here's some sage advice for JWR's future employers. If you hear a lot of clicking sounds when on the phone with her, hang up. If she shows up to clandestine meetings with wires protruding through her clothing, shut up. If she keeps taking calls from someone called Warren, get her to fess up. If she shows up to work with 5 moving vans full of old baggage, be concerned. If she has a little JT doll on her desk that's full of pins and needles, be afraid. And if she offers to get the steak knives at the company BBQ, run for your lives.

    1. Hi JD...thank you for that, we do need a bit of levity after the weeks of what can only be described as madness, and in the darkness of this bleak Spring. However, it’s going up to 15 degrees tomorrow so I know I’m going to find it really easy to leave the fake scandal behind...

    2. Re: "Simon, we are in dire need of a little levity in all of this so please allow me to indulge

      JD, I quite agree, and I enjoy yours.
      Maybe, you'll enjoy my?

      Letter to the Editor: News, et al

      As rants can’t arouse lackluster lovers,
      your panders leave me cold in gossip's gust;
      the laughable stuff your courtship covers:
      Media, why do you mimic my trust?
      You, bandits of the bedroom serve skim milk,
      while, (hint), I hobnob, blushing, on the blogs
      where the bloody blankets wave—while your ilk
      caters to the hungers fed with your flogs.
      I’m a madcap romantic, that's for sure,
      and lonely for a cold-blooded critic
      who’s secure there’s no two sides of torture,
      and barefaced, scuffles with what makes me sick.
      I’d champion an ode to the obscene
      to have you, News, metamorphose your mien.

    3. Anonymous10:59 AM

      Hi Brawnfire, Glad you enjoyed my folly but to be honest, high-end poetry tends to tie my brain into a knot. I'm like a Con in the headlights. I'm more of a straight to the point, limerick type person such as:
      -Jody and Jane went up the hill,
      to fetch some knives and water.
      They both jumped on their trusty brooms,
      And flew on out for slaughter.-
      Pretty sad example but I'm sure you know what I mean.

  15. This bun fight is out of control. I think we've all led with and then have been led by our conclusions. We're acting like libertarians.

    1. Hi John...It has come to resemble a bun fight, and it has been out of control. Nine weeks of obsessive coverage of a fake scandal will do that to anyone. I try to focus on the big picture, we are under siege by powerful right-wing forces, and if we do not fight back hard enough, we will end up living in the darkness we deserve...

  16. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Hi Simon

    As you have said before the only scandal here is the media. Time to give this non story a rest and move on, the Cons have so much more to give. Would love to see a Quid map showing the major players in the scandal and how they are interlinked. There is a lot going on in the area of natural language processing. The following is just one example and Canada receives honorable mention ... unfortunately its not just the Ruskies but anyone with an agenda and some loose change.

    1. Anonymous12:22 PM

      "Time to give this non story a rest and move on, the Cons have so much more to give."
      Wholeheartedly agree RT. Between Barney Rubble at Queens Park and the hairy Ork Jason Kenney, it's a matter of where do you start. And then there's Trump. Poor Simon. Hope his arm is up to the task 'cause we know his heart certainly is.