Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Andrew Scheer, Faith Goldy, and the Right-Wing Extremists

It was one of the most grotesque interviews I have ever seen. Two right-wing Christian fanatics on the bigot Rebel, discussing  why they could never support a harmless motion condemning islamophobia, not long after a gunman killed six Muslims in Quebec City.

And then cheerfully making plans to go duck hunting together.

Andrew Scheer and Faith Goldy's torrid on-air romance ended abruptly when Goldy was exposed as a neo-Nazi cheerleader at a deadly rally in Charlottesville.

But I'm sure the memories of their time together must have come flooding back the other day. 

When Goldy and some of her far-right friends were banned from Facebook. 

Facebook said on Monday that it would ban several far-right groups and figures in Canada, including Faith Goldy, who ran for mayor of Toronto last year, as part of the company’s widening crackdown on users who espouse white nationalism and other forms of hate. 

The company, which owns Instagram, said the ban would also be applied to the Canadian Nationalist Front and its leader, Kevin Goudreau; the Aryan Strikeforce; the Wolves of Odin; and the Soldiers of Odin and one of its offshoots, the Canadian Infidels.

Scheer must have been shocked to see Goldy and so many of his supporters suddenly vanish...

Which explains why he refused to denounce them when the Trudeau government reminded him of the last time Goldy and him were seen together. 

Federal Liberals are using Facebook's decision to ban a prominent white nationalist to reignite criticism of Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer's appearance at a controversial rally. 

It's a response that the Tory leader called a "disgusting" attempt to divert attention away from the SNC-Lavalin scandal.

Instead Scheer claimed that the fake scandal was more important than his far-right views, and ignored this demand to apologize from Democratic Institutions Minister Karina Gould

"It is of note that the leader of the Official Opposition has been associated with the individual in question and we would call on him to apologize to Canadians, as well as to distance himself from these kinds of views," Gould said. 

But the ugly fact is that Scheer has already had an enormous influence on the far-right movement in this country.

As you can hear, if you listen carefully to what a group of yellow vested extremists were shouting at Justin Trudeau the other day...

For it's clear that what is inflaming them the most is the alt-right conspiracy theory that has the U.N. and Trudeau conspiring together to "erase" our borders.

Which just happens to be the one Scheer has promoted the most...

In order to further stir up the ugly racism he has also encouraged.

Which as you know has led to an avalanche of murderous threats aimed at our decent prime minister.

And seem to reflect only too faithfully the diseased hatred Andrew Scheer seems to have for Justin Trudeau.

Even though CSIS has made it clear that violent right-wing extremism is a growing threat to this country.

The head of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service says his agency is "more and more preoccupied" with the threat of violent right-wing extremism and white supremacists.

Which in my opinion makes Scheer totally unfit to run for office.

Forget the fake scandal, right-wing extremism will be one of the biggest issues of the election campaign.

And it will destroy Scheer and his Cons...


  1. Anti-Racist Canada has more pictures of Squeaky Fromme and her Proud Boys if anyone wants to send an email to the Liberals. I'm sure they have Rebel bookmarked and plenty of goods on Adolf von Dummkopf Scheer, but it's worth a nudge anyway. Time to get tough and start using this material in attack ads, because the M$M certainly isn't going to bother alerting Canadians of the real threat. No more Mister Nice Guy.

    Speaking of Mister Nice Guy, though: Dear God, Justin looks like Bobby Kennedy there. No wonder Michael Wernick was denounced as "partisan" and run out on a rail when he said he was worried that someone was going to be shot. The call is coming from the right side of the House.

    Anybody here seen my old friend Justin? Can you tell me where he's gone?

  2. By the way: This excerpt from a new book by author George Packer deals with what he calls an "elegy for the American century" and specifically to what's called the Pax Americana. The writer argues that the penultimate nail in the coffin prior to the perpetual clusterfuck in Iraq and Afghanistan (and now Syria, Libya, Venezuela... the list goes on and on) was the forgotten war in Bosnia. But one passage in particular hit home for me watching that hate group's video where they attack Justin Trudeau, and thinking back to 2016 with the venom targeting Hillary Clinton.

    [During the 2016 presidential campaign] a woman in Sarajevo named Aida began to experience insomnia. Though she had lived through the entire siege, she never counted herself among the hundreds of thousands of Bosnians with post-traumatic stress disorder, but now, two decades after the war, she lay awake night after night, unable to take her eyes off the American presidential campaign on TV. Something about the people at Donald Trump’s rallies was deeply familiar to Aida — their clothes, their faces, their teeth, the men’s mustaches, the women’s hair and makeup, the illogic of their grievances, their rage, their need for an enemy. She knew these people, and as she watched them her heartbeat raced, her breathing turned rapid and shallow. She began having flashbacks, not to the war but to the years just before it, when things once unacceptable even to think suddenly became commonplace to say, until every boundary of decency was erased.

    Moments in the American campaign brought up uncanny counterparts from those years in the Balkans. Late one night, during the Republican National Convention, Aida suddenly heard the voices of 1 million Serbs in the streets of Belgrade shouting for the head of a Kosovar leader — “Arrest Vllasi! Arrest Vllasi!” — while Milošević cupped his ear and goaded them: “I can’t hear you!” In Cleveland they were chanting “Lock her up! Lock her up!”

    Aida knew where it would all lead, and she tried to warn her American friends that Trump was going to win. They found this hilarious, especially when she offered them a refuge in her country, in her house — a hiding place in Bosnia after the shit hit the fan in America and her Bay Area friends realized that the other side had all the weapons. Trump’s victory inspired no “I told you so”s from Aida. After all, she had refused to see her own war coming.

    This is what third-world dictators do: arrest their opponents on phony corruption charges or put them through the ringer of show trials meant to rile up the "base." Or simply call them out as "crooks" and "traitors" in a cynical ploy to win votes with personal attacks on a perceived enemy. I feel like this woman, Aida, warning my Canadian friends what happens when you don't take racist mobs and their leaders seriously. Or Padmé Amidala. In other words, Cassandra.

    1. Hi Jackie...thank you for that excerpt from George Packer's new book. I have studied the Bosnian horror story, from the point of view of a U.N. mission gone horribly wrong, so I found that excerpt incredibly powerful. The problem with fascism is that so many people see it coming, but fail to act until it's too late. For years it was even hard to label anything fascist, but not any longer...

  3. Anonymous9:26 PM

    Canadians deserve an apology from Scheer. Without it, the Libs actually have half a chance of winning if they go after that racist, mysogynistic homophobe.

    1. hi anon...Scheer will never apologize for anything, but the Liberals should go after him for his racism, his misogyny, and his homophobia. And so should the rest of us...

  4. Anonymous5:25 AM

    "It's a response that the Tory leader called a "disgusting" attempt to divert attention away from the SNC-Lavalin scandal."

    OOOOH! I think they struck a nerve with Aryan Andy and the Panderers. This orchestral vomitorium led by the Pied Piper himself not only led the rats away, they joined his party and now they want our children to. Piss off Andy, you cant have them. Blow your pipes and dog whistles and stoke up your debased base. And don't condemn your BFF(Best Fraulein Faith). Go on your duck hunting trip as planned on the SS Schmear and with any luck, a truly Canadian version of a Dick Cheney moment will occur.
    It is no coincidence that hate crimes have risen sharply while Scheer's been the Con leader. His bullshit narratives about refugees and the UN refugee pact have turned his one toothed wonders into the racist scum they've now become. They pick on our most vulnerable citizens by harrassing, intimidating and assaulting them because of the colour of their skin.
    Scheer can deny that he panders to the alt-right/alt-white, supremacist scum but the facts are there. Connect the dots and they all lead right back to him. This study that so rankled the Cons when they learned of it,

    will, I believe, lead right back to him. Just in time to be brought up in the HOC right before the election. He's really going to HATE that one.

    1. I hope the study tags Marshall as the man behind the curtain. Ezra was about to fade to obscurity after the collapse of Sun News Network and his national humiliation as ringside clown at the Trudeau/Brazeau match. Then along comes Hamster the evil computer chipmunk to "reboot" his two-minute-hate propaganda for the 21st century, and commandeer Android Sneer's drone farm using the same cyber psy-op tactics as Cambridge Analytics used to influence Brexit and the Trump campaign. No wonder Andy likes Brexit so much. When was it ever "cool" except in the eyes of mouthbreathing chavs who send racist harassment to the Duchess of Sussex and want Nigel, Sir Loin of Gammon to be their king?

      Justin's not stupid or computer illiterate. Far from it. He's Canada's most tech-savvy PM in, perhaps, ever. Fighting the good fight is his calling in life. Don't forget he is the distant cousin of Talbot Papineau who he portrayed in the "Great War" docudrama. This is simply a new battlefield to fight the Germans upon. He called out Gamergate as a source of radicalization within days of being elected. He knows what incels are: one of them is running for premier of Alberta. He specifically mentioned internet trolls in his speech following the Christchurch massacre. Andy, the dishonorable member for the riding of 4chan West, is just that: an internet troll, a malfunctioning Rock-em Sock-em Robot who communicates in keywords and memes. He's a script kiddie with a sticky keyboard making the MAGA-appropriated OK symbol with Cheeto-stained fingers. He can call Justin corrupt all he wants. Andy's the corrupt one, and a stochastic terrorist akin to Alex Jones or Trump himself. Justin's a social justice warrior and unabashedly so. Love him or hate him (and a lot of people hate him), he's going to go after that basement-dwelling Proud Boy and his plastic Nazi sex doll every step of the way. If he can't save the world, he damn sure is going to try and avenge it.

    2. Hi JD...yes, I must say when I read that Scheer was accusing the Liberals of using his racism to divert attention away from the fake scandal I didn't know whether to die laughing or explode. Scheer has never condemned the many racists and other bigots who infest his party. And it's only thanks to the callous indifference of the Con media that he has been able to get away with it. But hopefully not any longer. The idea of having a alt-right extremist as Prime Minister is surely a bridge too far...

  5. Anonymous10:13 AM

    Scheer is the leader of the anti federalist divided we fall into a country of cloistered enclaves movement. Towards the end of his interview with his darling Goldy the Smearmonger blurted out his strategy like a love stricken school boy. In summary he said " we cannot change the constitution but for any province that is willing we can ammend it with special clauses" . Essentially if narrow minded regional leaders abhor standardization we have a deal for you.... hello Brexit and piss on any thoughts of building a mutually beneficial inclusive society. His vision is a strong arm federalist government with the subjects bound together by fear of the outside as well as those on the inside that are suspiciously different. Perfectly explains why there are no strong collectively beneficial programs on their official web site. What a vision, a country of local strong arm thiefdoms formerly known as the Afghanistan model. Like the old feudal system its not specifically about white supremacy but more about distrust of others and trust that the strong arm (ha!) leader of a centralized power base will keep you safe while they rob you of your rights and freedoms as well as your standard of living.


    1. Hi RT...yes, it does help explain why he is such a strong Brexit supporter. He doesn’t ‘t like the idea of a mutually beneficial federation. He distrusts secular power and believes it’s a threat to his religious faith. The man is a nutbar and should not even be a Con leader. And Godzilla help us if he ever becomes Prime Minister, for that creepy fanatic would truly take us to a terrible place...

  6. Anonymous10:31 AM

    If you silence the man (or woman) of the pen, you'll have to deal with man of the sword.

    1. Anonymous11:54 AM

      I choose to live in a civilized society which doesn't want to give bullhorns to people wanting to deny others of simple, basic human rights that myself and others have. We saw what happened in European countries during the 1930s and saw how well that worked out. With free speech comes great responsibility. Free speech doesn't allow for an individual to scream "fire" in a crowded theatre. Civilized societies also don't allow for speech advocating discrimination. As for the sword, my experience is those who spout discriminatory rhetoric will soon yield swords if they are emboldened. So bring on your sword. I've had training in edged weapon tactics.

      mr perfect

    2. Anonymous12:51 PM

      Like canaries in a coal mine, minority groups are the first to suffer in a poisonous environment but they are certainly not the last. The sword cuts both ways, its time to turn on the exhaust fans!


    3. Andy is the man of Le Pen. Far from being silenced, he never shuts up. I stand with Justin, the man of the kind words -- and the lightsaber.

  7. Anonymous1:37 PM

    This is all getting out of hand and in no small part due to the MSM neglecting to call Sheer and his merry band of white nationalists out for this outrageous bile they spread. In Alberta this is alive and well and no amount of vote rigging and cheating by the cons UCP will prevent the loyal con tribe/cult from electing the miseries. We fought wars to stop fascism and it is on our doorstep and we are blind to it. It’s all so discouraging. What to do? Get a patch of land in remote BC a few chickens for eggs and grow food and live off the grid? Thanks Simon for all your great posts. They give me a bit of sanity!! Love all the commenters for the most part also! Thanks to you all for keeping my spirit from sinking too low!! FL

    1. Simon mentioned misogyny the other day, in his post about the ridiculous Trudeau haters trying to turn the fake scandal into a gender-politics issue. He brought up Donald Trump using it to defeat Hillary Clinton, and Doug Ford dealing a one-two punch against Kathy Wynne and Andrea Horwath. He forgot Rachel Notley, but she's part of that too, in the crosshairs of Mr. Incel himself. I would add further that the exploitation of feminism being used to target Justin Trudeau is what I'll call misogyny against men, another word for which is homophobia. They spent 4 years priming the Jordan Peterson lobster brigade with pent-up impotent rage, attacking Trudeau as a soyboy cuck who cries at the drop of a hat and has Tammy Faye's mascara streaking down his face. A weaksauce sissy who lets women push him around. Only to then turn around and paint him as an abusive chauvinist pig, the same kind of "alpha male" they claim to look up to (but God forbid not a Liberal one)? Bullshit!

      Look at who's in charge of the M$M and the Stepford mean girls who get paid to toe the line for the dirty old (white) men and you'll see exactly why this is. One, they hate him because he's everything they aren't and no amount of mudslinging gets a rise out of him. He wrote about this already in his book, an anecdote about a school bully who was teasing him with a... well-known picture of Margaret in a magazine. He didn't take the bait and eventually the bully got bored and left him alone. These bullies don't get bored so easily, however. They're either fascist-curious themselves or indifferent to it as long as they get their tax cuts, bailouts and other perks. They won't run out of steam until and unless they don't have him to kick around anymore. Or so they think.

      None of this will stop Trudeau regardless of where his unorthodox career in politics takes him. He's determined. This is his calling in life. He's dangerous to them, an existential threat. Nothing will stop Trudeau short of a full-on JFK operation, which is why the Cons are desperately courting the yellow pests and other crazies to take him out permanently "if necessary." Which would only have the effect of making him a martyr. They know that what's happening in Ontario has turned an entire generation against the Cons and now the OLPC is on the rebound. Ford at least is macho and aggressive enough to be a tinpot dictator like Trump. Scheer is incompetent and insufferable, the mutant spawn of Ted Cruz and Devin Nunes. He can't govern. He couldn't even keep Mad Max on a tight leash or get Rempel to stop drunk-tweeting at 2am. Harper had an iron fist; Scheer has sweaty palms. He's temperamental and a nervous wreck and he can't do much else but oppose, obstruct, shitpost memes like a 4chan troll, and yell at Trudeau. Even when Trudeau isn't in the chamber, he yells at him as though he was. What's next, yelling at Pierre? Hallucinatory hollering at his own brood to get off his lawn, believing them to be Xavier, Ella-Grace and Hadrien and he's Trump shouting at the lawnmower kid?

      Worst-case scenario (and I hope it doesn't come to this point), if Scheer ends up being Canada's tantrum candidate he'll probably get Schat out in a fraction of a Joe Clark duration. Trudeau will be there haunting and taunting him from the sidelines while building up Scheer's worst nightmare: Chrystia Freeland. Hopefully things do turn around for this election cycle and Canada doesn't have to suffer through him at all. But Aryan Andy should be careful what he wishes for, because things didn't turn out so well for his forebears in 1945 either. Right now, get out the vote and hunker down for the long haul. Was it over when the Germans bombed Alderaan? The Axis of Evil will try and try and try to strike down the Jedi Fighter Kennedy, but no matter what, he will become stronger than they will ever know.

    2. e.a.f.2:55 PM

      Remote B.C., sure, but there isn't much remote stuff left because they are building dams and logging. (its changed a tad in the past 30 years) On the other hand, there still is a lot of land laying around not doing much, but much of it is owned by the government. There are lots of people living in remote areas but when the forest fires sweep through, run, because they don't fight them in remote areas. Oh, and bring money. Land is not cheap.

      Nanaimo, B.C. already has a lot of Albertans, well they're actually returning B.C.ers. But sure, if Alberta goes Cons, do feel free to come. Might want to have a look at Vancouver Island. Better weather, less traffic if you stay out of Greater Victoria. The west coast of Vancouver Island is truly amazing. Some of the small towns are great, like Port Alice, Port Hardy, Sayward, They are all looking for new people. Tumbler Ridge in Northern B.C. is great. Of course if you're thinking of Horse Fly, B.C. remember why they named the town what they did. We already have a lot of people living off grid here. Water collection system, you're good to go. Number of tiny house builders also.

    3. hi FL...Thank you for your kind words, and don't lose heart. The situation is grim all over the world. But we are on the right side of history, so we will prevail in the end. I realize it's tempting to try to get away from it all. I frequently day dream about a small hidden valley in the Scottish highlands where nobody could find me. But the truth is as long as fascists are out there we could never relax. So it's better we defeat them first, and then have a great picnic...

  8. e.a.f.2:39 PM

    You made my day with that picture of Scheer and goldy in costume! OMG, it says it all. Thank you!

    C.B.C., on line, is running an article, "Doug Ford & Jason Kenney could be the enemies Justine Trudeau badly needs." The article is worth going to just to see a picture of Pierre Trudeau and Renee Levesque. Having lived through that time and being politically active, what frightened many of us was the thought of our country separating. Many saw Trudeau as holding the country together. His son will be seen as the P.M. who kept the racists and populists at bay. The worse Ford gets, the easier it will be for Trudeau to win in Ontario. Western Quebec may provide ready votes for Trudeau along with Montreal. Not all in Quebec are happy with the new laws regarding religious/cultural ward robe. Some school boards are saying they won't implement the new laws.

    Kenney's threats to pull out of Canada, appeals to his base. Of course with more news this morning that he may not have come to his leadership position "lawfully" may not serve him well. Notley may have called the election at the right time. Kenney is threatening to cut off all oil to B.C. He just doesn't understand we'll get it from some where else. If he is elected and tries that, most seats held by the Conservatives would be lost. Alberta on the other hand will loose a source of export. A land locked province leaving Canada, good luck with that boy. he could run a pipeline to the U.S.A., but the people of Alberta voting to leave Canada???? Must be smoking B.C.'s best product.

    With Ford in Ontario, Scheer in Ottawa, with his 'friend' Goldy, Kenney's pronouncements in Alberta, there is enough there to have improved Trudeau's standing in the polls. First order of business for voters, is what government is going to serve me best or for some it will be what vision of Canada do I want. People will remember that it was Kenney and his Conservatives who tried to ban women from wearing a niqabs at Citizenship ceremonies. Given his religious conservatism, what will be next? telling women we can't wear pants anymore? I'm so old, I remember that was an issue, wearing pants to the office, not jeans, not tights, but pant suits, very similar to what men were wearing a the time. Trudeau/Liberals, N.D.P., Greens are all parties which will stand for women's rights, not the PPC or Conservatives.

    The federal Liberals have built as part of their brand, multiculturalism. Conservatives not so much.

  9. Lets imagine it was JT paling around with haters. The media never makes the weak Andy right wing nut bar connection.

    On a very disturbing note. I think Uncle Doug has promised many good things that I like. Still waiting for the takedown that will surely come. However, for him just to travel a bit in the shoes of the people is admirable.

  10. e.a.f.8:17 PM

    One of the first advisors Ford hired was former B.C. premier, Gordon Campbell. (although his party was named the B.C. Lieberals, they're more Con than liberal" You know how well things turned out in B.C. Now they're going to do it in Ontario.

    The first Canadian every invited to a Bilderburg conference was Peter Mansbridge. the second was Gordon Campbell. It has always been my opinion, they were interested in how to dismantle a vibrant province and turn it into a low wage economy. Now they know. Now they're doing it to Ontario. After 16 years of B.C. LieberCon rule we had the highest rate of child poverty for 15 of the 16 years, less money for public education, more private school, fewer doctors and nurses, conservation officers in short supply, big corporations donating to the B.C. LieberCons in similar amounts to those they "earned" by being appointed to provincial boards.