Friday, April 19, 2019

Justin Trudeau and the Great Carbon Tax Battle

Justin Trudeau has had to fight all kinds of battles since he came to power. 

He's has to fight the Cons and their grubby stooge media. He has had to fight the racists, the misogynists, the gay haters, and other bigots and far-right extremists who are slowly poisoning this country.

And of course for twelve long weeks he had to fight a fake scandal that has wounded him in the polls.

But the battle that began on Good Friday may be the toughest battle of all.

For it was the day the federal carbon tax came into effect in four rogue provinces. 

The federal Liberal government will begin levying its carbon tax on greenhouse gas-emitting fuels today in the four provinces that have refused to take part in the pan-Canadian climate framework. The tax or levy is designed to lower the country's carbon emissions so Canada can meet the reduction targets it agreed to at the Paris climate summit.

And now he must take on Andrew Scheer, Rob Ford, and the other members of the Con gang of climate change deniers, who would torch the planet in the name of short term greed.

And don't take no or facts for an answer when it comes to carbon taxes. 

So even though Canada is heating up at twice the rate than the rest of the world.

And even though a recent Nobel Prize winner says carbon taxes are one of the best ways to fight climate change.  

These Con clowns still claim that it's just a tax grab...

And they're all lining up to challenge it in court.

While some on the left say you can't trust Trudeau because of his support for the TMX pipeline, even though it's still just a drawing on a map, and may never be built.

And ignore all the other policies the Trudeau government is developing that have made us a global example for climate action. 

In just four years, these and other policies have transformed Canada from a global pariah under the Harper government to a model for climate action under Trudeau. Perhaps the government will build a new oil pipeline and will also miss its 2030 target. But these don’t matter much for the global climate challenge. 

What matters enormously is the continued implementation of Canada’s emerging, effective climate policies, especially those with global influence. And if the resulting intensified global effort more quickly reduces the world-wide demand for gasoline and diesel, which the planet so desperately needs, then the TransMountain pipeline can shift to transporting different Albertan products, perhaps hydrogen produced from the oil sands or sustainably-produced biofuels on the prairies.

Of course much more needs to be done. And that won't be easy because many Canadians are as dumb as spoons, or as greedy as pigs. And many love their cars more than they love their children.

But the Cons have the wrong message and the wrong enemy...

While we have a leader who is trying to help save our country and the rest of he world.

And for that reason alone deserves to be re-elected...

The young people of this country are counting on him to save their future.

And he will not disappoint them...


Jackie Blue said...

He was crucified by the Pontius Pilates at the M$M and was buried.

I hope he can rise again :)

Anonymous said...

He ain’t a messiah, false prophet maybe, but no messiah.

Anonymous said...

He will, Jackie. And we will to as this hauntingly beautiful, made in Canada song proclaims.

Gyor said...

I supported cap and trade, it's better then a carbon tax.

Anonymous said...

A $4.5 billion pipeline subsidy to the tar sands industry, with promises of more spending to come, is a hell of a way to save the future of our young people.

Neither the Cons nor the Libs are serious about climate change. Trudeau's "price on carbon" is play acting. It's far too low to cause the required change in anything close to the 11 years we now have available.

If Trudeau were a real progressive leader, he'd rip off AOC's Green New Deal and run with it. But at a time when people are fed up with a system that is harming them and their kids, the most Trudeau offers is more of the same. Clinton's "lesser evil" campaign failed against Trump and there's no reason to think Trudeau will have any more success with it here.

Steve said...

The problem is people are no longer willing to make personal sacrifices. The fake SNL affair is a case in point. This was easily sold as the connected getting favours. The low IQ voter hears nothing, but sees an illegal campaign sticker on his gas tank, they hear toxic talk radio that ignores facts.

Its going to be an election that determines the collective IQ of the voters.

Steve said...

I am not qualified to argue. However cap and trade seems to have a middleman, its an artificial market. Tax things you want less of is much more direct.

Anonymous said...

The TMX pipeline has distorted Justin Trudeau’s environmental policies. He will be seen one day as Canada’s first environmental champion, and even those who hate him better understand that only Trudeau can take on the Con climate change deniers, not the NDP or the Greens. So all must unite behind Justin.

brawnfire said...

Per the subject of this post, "Justin Trudeau and the Great Carbon Tax Battle" this comment of mine bears repeating, and repeating, and repeating: (until it's ingrained in the brains of compatriots:

Prime Minister Trudeau, who is still our Prime Minister, has implemented a nationwide carbon tax.
This is a FIRST for our country, a huge step, compared to anything Canada has ever done on climate.
What you and the rest of us dissatisfied environmentalists can do is back him up; get behind him on it.
This is a TEST for all of us.
I know what I'll be doing....

In fact, I already did what I said since I wrote this. A situation came up among at least a dozen acquaintances, and when the discussion happened to turn to facetious comments on JT and the carbon tax, I spoke up. In the face of surprise and even teasing, I responded with positive passion and the facts they were missing. I will tell you they paid attention. I know I at least got through, enough to give them something to think about.

rumleyfips said...


Not true. The $4.5B would only be a subsidy if the oil companies were paying no transit fees. They are paying fees that make the pipeline viable and profitable.

Anonymous said...

Correct Anon 10:34. He's trying to wean us away from our carbon heavy dependencies but doing so heavy handedly will ensure defeat at the polls. A tough balancing act when you've got the Carbonated Cons fighting you tooth and nail over a meagre carbon tax that will end up back in the pockets of most Canadians anyways.

Anonymous said...

"Its going to be an election that determines the collective IQ of the voters."
Scary thought but true. I hope it will be the people have spoken and not duh people have spoken.

Anonymous said...

In a perfect world Trudeau would run on a ‘new green deal’ but lessons must be learned from Ontario and Alberta voters — it’s suicide for Canada as the masses are duped and self centered and would punish them and we’d have the moron pieface Andeeee as ruler of Canada with Harper back in the closet giving him his marching orders.

Sadly most people will not sacrifice for the future of the planet which is their children and grandchildren. Canada is inhabited by selfish people easily led by the lies of the MSM. When you live in Alberta you understand the lizard brain of the Con more than anywhere — record 70% of people voted and 55% for Kenney — when his leadership campaign is under RCMP investigation. It doesn’t matter how horrid they are people are tribal and impearmiable to truth and logic.

Trudeau is the best we can hope for at this point in time — the citizens are not ready for real change but baby steps. If he loses we all lose as we will never recover from the Cons takeover of Canada now that they already control so many provinces. Fingers crossed the Greens get elected in PEI even as just ‘faint hope’ for the rest of us. It’s just tragic one of their candidates perished in an accident yesterday with his young son. Universe can be so cruel —heartbreaking.

e.a.f. said...

carbon taxes aside, the news at HuffingtonPost is reporting Ford cut a billion off of health care for Toronto. At this rate people won't have to worry about a carbon tax or even climate change, Ford will be killing them with a lack of health care. Oh, right his advisor Gordon Campbell probably told him to do that. el gordo and his gang did that in B.C. and things didn't turn out so well. Now the new NDP government is playing catch up.

Cutting health care budgets means health care professionals won't be there when children get sick, women who need pre natal health care, seniors won't have the support they need and go into health care facilities, which won't have enough staff and people will die hand over fist from fent. over doses. The people in Ontario who voted for Ford, may think fent won't affect them, but here in the Fraser Valley, B.C. one of the largest groups of people dying are single, middle aged, employed males, alone at home due to over doses of Fent. drug addicts know to not use it when alone. Youth will also be endangered in Ontario because there won't be enough mental health workers. A report from Quebec advises twice the number of youth is being admitted to hospital for mental health. it is doubtful Ontario has a lesser rate. How will the population get through the dougie/el gordo years alive?

With all the reported reductions in health care funds in Ontario you can expect to see more people dying. In B.C. we've had fent here for more years than Ontario. It started here and the government of the day, did nothing. Just increased the limits at the casinos so the dealers could launder their money. Fent. is in everything. drugs people once considered "safe" aren't. They're laced with fent. You can't find "clean" heroin in B.C. any more, its cut with fent. If there aren't sufficient funding for emergency health care workers, people will die. Ford might want to consider a carbon tax because it will bring additional monies into general revenue.

Cuts in health care will mean less money to deal with prevention, rehab, etc. In B.C. it is now law that all party buses much carry naloxone and we have had a program to provide the kits since 2012. If all of that is to be dropped in Ontario expect more deaths. It is of course one way for dougie to reduce the population, if that is his aim.

The voters in Ontario may want to have a long hard look at their refusal to pay such things as carbon taxes. Failure to have carbon taxes will kill you in the short term and long term. A government which is cutting health care won't care if you die of pollution or alters your environment so drastically you'll die from climate change. It has been reported one person has already died in Quebec due to the rains and flooding.

Have a happy easter. Just remember you need health care and a decent climate, you're not rising from the dead in 3 days or any other time and neither are your friends and family.

e.a.f. said...

The news over the past several days out here in B.C. have been reporting the 4 premiers may be out of touch with their constituents. it is being reported Canadians have a keener interest in climate change than those 5 oil supporters are letting on.

Our main customer for this tar/boil is China and they're moving away from it. Yes, they'll need it but perhaps not to the extent they do now. People in Beijing are riding bikes once again and some car lanes will be moved over to bike only lanes once again. Electric car factories are being built at an incredible rate in China. The government of China may not be motivated by concern over early deaths and such due to pollution, but they don't want to incur additional medical costs or loose land, which is in short supply given they have almost 2 billion people.

Climate, change, after this weekend's floods in the east will cause many to think again about climate change. Yes, we've always had flooding, but its getting worse, the storms more intense. People may actually decide they don't like that and decide it might be better to reduce carbon, to avoid have to deal with floods more frequently. Its sort of a pay now or pay later. We can pay now with carbon taxes and reduce our carbon foot print, or we can pay later with flooding, loosing our cars, homes, land, etc. Just the dam inconvence of flooding would be enough for me. More winter ice, staying around longer, then spring rains, a disaster waiting to happen.

e.a.f. said...

cap and trade may not work as effectively as a carbon tax. Some cap and trade programs leave all the efforts up to one group. those with money will trade to get what they want. Carbon tax will impact everyone and the government can reimburse low income people with rebates. Increasing taxes on cigarettes worked, it will work with carbon also. Make it expensive. Of course dougie nad his bros won't want carbon to be expensive because their buddies who support them, like to make money and their profits might be reduced.

Anonymous said...

They'd have no pipeline if Trudeau hasn't bought it! No private sector player was going to take it off Kinder Morgan's hands. Annualized earnings on transit fees amount to $200 million, which will see the government turning a profit in 22.5 years! It's a massive subsidy to the fossil fuelers any way you slice it.

e.a.f. said...

sounds lovely, that uniting behind Trudeau, but remember all of us are one heart beat away from becoming heirs to some thing. If Trudeau were to exit stage left for any reason, we could be left with Con lite in the Liberal party. with out the NDP, Greens, Bloc, where will we be then. Do remember Paul Martin. Wouldn't consider him real Liberals, more corporate Liberals who are interested in peddling Liberalism to the voters, while they get their tax cuts and subsidies.

People can decide to vote strategically as many did in the last election. We might want to talk/write about that instead of calling for the elimination of other political parties. That's how the U.S.A. GOT TO where it is today. Multi party countries have a "sounder" democracy. As we read in the Mueller report, the American system was manipulated by Russia. We have seen how Trump manipulated people with his ads and is doing so again. to prevent that, we need the parties we do have and it is much safer for people to vote strategically. Alberta went to a unit the right position and it worked for the right. it left the left or center left no where. Lets not repeat that. voting strategically is the way to go, while preserving things. There will be people who won't vote for one party under the Liberal banner. they won't join that party, they won't work for that party. if they continue with their own parties, many will if, necessary vote strategically.

I've never voted Liberal, but if I was in a riding where the Liberals needed every vote and the others weren't going to make it, I'd hold my nose and vote Liberal, but financially support them, work for them, NO. Not my party, never will be, even though never is a long time. I like others would become what they have in the U.S.A., the largest political party in the U.S.A. is the "I don't vote party". By having options Canada, people will continue to remain engaged.

Dividing our country into two political parties works for those who would destroy our democracy and/or manipulate it for their own benefit, hello Russia, U.S.A., China, Saudi and more than a few trolls.

Anonymous said...

In a country where there is a sizable proportion of eligible voters willing to ignore the threat of global warming and fight any measure to address the problem, no matter the facts and the outcome, how can we think that more drastic measures will be allowed by a government willing to enact them.

Anonymous said...

What is lost about the TMX pipeline is that it can be converted to other commodities if need be, such as fresh water (which may soon be a precious commodity in the world) or if Doug Ford ever becomes PM, buck a beer. ~ filcher

e.a.f. said...

you can drink that water, but I'd not recommend it for pregnant women, small children, seniors, people with comprised immune systems or those who want to live to old age. To get that tar/oil through the pipes, they mix it with gasoline and chemicals. Back in the day, the americans actually permitted trucking companies to carry one load of chemicals or gas and then food. that is now against the law, people got poisoned. Once they have that stuff the pipeline will never be good for sending anything humans or other animals have to ingest. Wouldn't even recommend sending water for irrigation through it.

Anonymous said...

Good point, Brawnfire. Otherwise decent people who are misinformed about the facts. We know who to blame for that but I believe in spite of them, if we all approach this as you have, then the seeds have been planted and soon they will grow and spread. The truth is out there. Seek and you shall find. I as well have had similar conversations with aquaintances and it's frustrating to see how many are being led astray by the Con bullshit narrative. Time is of the essence people. Spread the word.
Happy Easter Brawnfire. Happy Easter Simon and to all. Even the Con trolls who need to dig deep and maybe find salvation and the road to redemption in this song's message.

brawnfire said...

JD, thank you for acknowledging this post of mine, which I feel is my most important comment since I got here.

Music is tonic, and fuel, to me.
Love your choice of artists and the lyrics.
Happy Easter to you, too, JD, and to all.

rumleyfips said...

The existing Trans Mountain pipeline made $300 million in revenue last year, with a 9.5% return on equity, according to University of Calgary economics Prof. Trevor Tombe.

Anonymous said...

The carbon tax scheme has to be a coordinated Con attempt to take down the liberal government. How else can the stupidity be explained? Ontario had a functioning cap and trade system that encouraged low pollution industry, encouraged others to improve and was a source of government income to reduce pollution in the public sector. Dougie broke contracts at an undeclared cost in order to scrap the program so that he could challenge the liberals on the carbon tax alternative that was introduced in response. Quebec along with California still has cap and trade so with other considerations equal it would seem that low polluters would invest in Quebec to benefit from the credits while high polluters would move to Ontario where all forms of pollution, political included, is free. Alberta had the same type of agreement, a workable carbon reduction program in exchange for a pipeline. Kenney will scrap it in exchange for a carbon tax fight and no pipeline. Welcome to the Con world ... definitely not on your side!

Jackie Blue said...

Obamacare North. Anyone still think the Cons aren't just Republicans doused in dirty tar and maple syrup? Maybe it's time to take a cue from that heroic Australian boy and tar them with the sticky goo of leftover Easter eggs. Folks folks folks, da yolk's on them!

Happy Easter, Canada. Again I hope and, yes, pray that sunny days will prevail, and your Mr. Brightside will rise from the political tomb again. Happy Passover to our Jewish friends as well. As I saw someone say on another site, a brief haggadah or retelling of the tale. "Tell your son":

They oppress people.
They always do.
We need to stop them.
Let's eat.

Mazel tov!

Anonymous said...

An economist who calculates ROE from top-line revenue instead of net income should be fired for incompetence. But then, this is the U of Calgary, Stephen Harper's alma mater and wholly-owned subsidiary of CAPP.

Jackie Blue said...

Happy Earth Day everyone! Save the planet and don't vote CON. 'Cause you don't know what you got 'till it's gone.