Sunday, April 28, 2019

The Scheer Cons and the New Far Right Extremists

For years I have warned that hate was on the rise in Canada. And I should know since I first started fighting the hate mongers and other bullies when I was about thirteen.

But ever since Andrew Scheer became Con leader, and started whipping up hate for crass political purposes, I started to feel that the situation was out of control.

And sure enough I was right.

When you sow the wind, you will reap the whirlwind. 

They come from all walks of life: tradesmen, soldiers, a student teacher, a financial analyst, an aspiring lawyer, among others. And they are in every province, in communities large and small. They gather on the internet to strategize and seek pathways into mainstream politics. They are anti-Semitic, anti-immigrant, Islamophobic, sexist and racist. They are young and radicalized. They are the new far right in Canada.

They are influenced by the hate mongering Donald Trump, they are determined to  destroy this country and its values. They couldn't be more disgusting.

The discussions celebrate Nazism and joke about the Holocaust. They contain boasts of racist, sexist and homophobic behaviour on the part of participants. Many of the in-jokes and memes the members share resemble those propagated by the far right in the United States and Europe.

And yes, Andrew Scheer and his filthy Cons must be held accountable for what they have done to fuel the flames of bigotry.

The threat of white nationalism, and the failure to denounce it, has become an increasingly pressing political issue. Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer has been criticized for attending the same United We Roll rally as Ms. Goldy, and for failing to specifically mention, in his initial statement, that the Christchurch attack targeted Muslims. Mr. Scheer has called the criticism baseless and said that he condemns all hateful ideologies, but the criticism continues.

Scheer's deranged neo-Nazi conspiracy theory about how Trudeau and the U.N. are plotting to "erase Canada's borders" has inspired a whole new generation of bigots in this country.

Like this loser in the Globe story...

And as I'm sure you know, led to a flood of death threats against the prime minister.

And mass murder at a mosque in Quebec City...

And the worse thing is, it was all so predictable. Stephen Harper planted the demon seed, and Andrew Scheer watered it well.

His decision to hire Hamish Marshall to be the Con's campaign manager, even though he had helped run Ezra Levant's hate mongering rag The Rebel, should have been seen as a warning...

Suggesting that Scheer himself is either a far-right extremist. Or a man who lost his moral compass a long time ago. Or both.

And definitely not a man who should ever be a Canadian prime minister.

But our shabby bought media normalized the hate, and allowed Scheer to get away with it, so now he could be less than six months away from forming a government.

And although nobody can know to what dark place him and his friends would take this country...

You can be sure that it would be a country where hope goes to die.

If we are serious about fighting those far-right hate mongers, we need better education in our schools. We need to strengthen our hate laws, and make them more like those in Britain.

The police need to be given the power to go after those bigots more aggressively than they do now.

But none of that will work, and the bigot cancer will only keep spreading, if Andrew Scheer and his alt-right sympathizers manage to form a government.

Justin Trudeau is right, this next election is about the country we want to live in.

And failure is not an option...


Jackie Blue said...

Vote ABC. The minimum best thing would be a repeat of 1972.

As for the cesspool swamps these fuckers are organizing in, Facebook and Twitter among others need to die. For that matter, the M$M needs to be purged of its willfully blind elements just the same. CBC makes CNN look worthy of a Pulitzer.

John B. said...

Always vote ABC. Follow and understand the circumstances in your local district. It can work as long as the Liberals don't succeed in turning it into a game of Three-Handed Euchre, as to which they will invariably attempt.

Jackie Blue said...

After checking the CBC Poll Tracker this morning, it would seem that a particular focus of the ABC campaign should be Angry British Columbia. The Liberals are ahead out east, statistically neck-and-neck in Ontario but still slightly ahead. So the Cons' bullshit argument that there's a "surge" in support for right-wing policies falls flat on its face. The only reason they're ahead in B.C. is because people are still mad at JT after Jody's petulant tantrum, and thus the support right now is split among the Tru Grits, the Greens and NDP.